1. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Day One, the Journaling App, Joins Automattic


    We’re excited to welcome Day One to the Automattic team. Day One is a private journaling app that makes writing for yourself a simple pleasure. A beautifully designed user experience has earned the app prestigious awards including App Store Editor’s Choice, App of the Year, and the Apple Design Award, …

  2. @mto_morgan

    The Apocalypse is Here


    I’m all alone.

    My companion has not returned as he has a million times before. Something is wrong. My dad put me in this cold place underground and left me here. He gave me some pets, told me he would be right back.

    That was when the big explosion happened.…

  3. @mto_morgan

    My New Friend


    My new friend and I met in an ally way. I found this innocent pup beaten and battered, so I nursed him back to health. He did nothing to be treated this way, but I’m glad I was able to find him. We were now both orphans, lucky to find …

  4. @mto_morgan

    Another Perfect Day


    As I sit on my porch, I am watching the snow blow with the breeze. The slight changes in the direction and power of which the snow blows intrigues me. The flakes themselves are massive, indicating the temperature must be at or above freezing.

    The grass peaks ever so slightly …

  5. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 5

    Who Inspires You

    If you‘ve read my about me page or any of my assignments, (because half of them are about him) you would know that I work for a boy with a cognitive disability and he is my entire world, so who else would I write about here.
    I …

  6. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 4

    Changing Fortunes

    “Live Each Day As If Tomorrow Is Your Last.” – I just wrote that fortune, and although it is really basic and vague, I am finally going to take my own advise. I sit here all day writing amazing fortunes for other people while nothing good has ever …

  7. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 3

    Up-Goer Five Your Writing

    Last week, my boyfriend, his little brother and I went to a school near their house to play in the cold water that fell from the sky. There was a tall piece of land, so we took our small beds and rode down it. We went …

  8. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 2

    TV Guide Remix

    Ratatouille – A poor man kidnaps and uses an innocent rat to fake his way into the workforce to ultimately take over the entire restaurant enterprise. …

  9. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 1

    What’s in a Name

    I created this website based around my favorite nickname. My full name is Madeline, but I have gone by Maddy for as long as I can remember. My mom named me Madeline after her grandmother, but always intended that I would go by Maddy. Everyone in …

  10. @rm_giles



    By: R.M. Giles

    I did not lose my great-grandmother. I have no memories of her. She was a particularly unkind woman from many accounts. Vicious, even, at times. She would be disappointed in me, thoroughly. Both for a lack of Catholic devotion, as well as a surplus of queer behavior. …

  11. @llilli5163

    Join Us in Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance


    Today, November 20th, people around the world pause to bear witness to Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day dedicated to honoring the memory of those murdered because of anti-transgender prejudice. Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds us to fight against forces that devalue transgender lives every day. To bring awareness to this …

  12. natalie

    Leonard Cohen – Poem (Full Employment p 27 Flame)


    I see you in the windows
    that open so wide
    there’s nothing beyond them,
    and nothing inside.

    You take off your sandals
    you shake out your hair,
    your beauty dismantled
    and worn everywhere.

    The story’s been written.
    The letter’s been sealed.
    You gave me a lily,
    but now I have …

  13. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Improved Offline Publishing


    The best technology is invisible and reliable. You almost forget it’s there, because things just work. Bad technology never disappears into the background — it’s always visible, and worse, it gets in your way. We rarely stop to think “My, what good Wifi!” But we sure notice when the Wifi …

  14. @shika_f



    Not much time has passed since Harima’s and Catherine’s wedding. They had found each other when they were both at rock bottom and life was kicking them while they were down. They built each other up throughout their hard times until they had a unbreakable bond and newfound hope in …

  15. @shika_f

    End of Week 2


    I feel pretty down and disappointed in myself for not giving myself enough time to complete everyting in a timely manner. Although there’s the famous quote, “It doesn’t matter if by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.”, I feel that I could have prefromed a bit better on …

  16. @shika_f

    My Biggest Fear?


    Me? What do I fear? I suppose it would have to be death; not fufilling any of my life goals, never finding love or a person who truly liked me for who I was, letting my family down, yeah. I guess that’s something reasonable. But the thing is, I used …

  17. @shika_f

    Who Inspires You


    The one person who inspires me the most, to work hard and do my very best every single day is my girlfriend. We met a little more than a year ago and have been talking non-stop since the day we met day-by-day. She gives me courage to fight and to …

  18. mfieldswriter

    Should an author kill a main character?


    I’m sure those that managed to slog their way through the novels Game of Thrones (or more likely enjoyed the cinematic version in all its bloody, lusty, much more engaging glory) are familiar with the notion of an author killing off one (or countless) main characters. But I am struggling …

  19. natalie



    Saturday morning 10 o’clock: sunny, cloudless sky, 32°
    – bikini perfect fit.

    Sisley and Mel are standing in the warm sand looking at the horizon of the blue ocean. Mel: “Oh, what a day, how amazing is this? Look at the guys they are already on the boards, surfing!” Sisley: …

  20. natalie

    After Eight – secret numbers


    The two girls sitting in the Italian restaurant. Tina starts talking about last time she had been here with a girl-friend who came to visit her for a weekend. At that time there had been a similar waiter, who they, later on, had met in one of the clubs and …

  21. natalie

    Drop off &Liverpool


    The weekend was over.

    After dropping Nicole at the airport Sisley took the M3 towards the North to Macclesfield near Manchester where she would start her new job.

    At 11 pm she had finally arrived at her hotel. The first two weeks she would spend in the hotel and then …

  22. @schooltaylorr

    An Adventure to Remember


    *Submission for Taylor Malone and Elizabeth Finto. The three elements we used were Writing, Design, and Photography.

    *Disclaimer: Kenneth L. Davis is a real person, however nothing stated about him is true, and the picture is not of him. I’m sure he’s a wonderful man. Enjoy!

    It’s day 86 of …

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