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  1. @BalladofE11442

    Summary 2


    I learned that design has different elements and several different parts to make an image or advertisement. What was harder than I thought would be was one of the daily creates because I didn’t understand it at first. What was easier was taking pictures of advertisements that I found. What …

  2. @BalladofE11442

    Tee Shirt


    Looking for a DnD shirt that fully expresses that is all your personality is. Then here you have it. This shirt perfectly expresses that DnD is always on your mind but shows you can never find a group or have a normal schedule.…

  3. @BalladofE11442

    Redesign Book Cover


    “Throne of Glass” is the first book in Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series. The story follows Celaena Sardothien, a former slave and deadly assassin, as she is pulled from her imprisonment in the salt mines of Endovier to compete for the chance to become the King’s Champion. As she trains …

  4. @BalladofE11442

    My Story as a Video Game


    In the enchanting world of Ballad of Ellements, embark on a grand RPG adventure set in a medieval fantasy realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests. As a courageous hero, you must restore balance to the kingdoms that have fallen into chaos. Harness the powers of fire, water, …

  5. @KellyPratt27125


    Dominance Minimalism & Use of Space Balance Proportion Metaphors & Symbols Color Typography Rhythm


    Every image has dominance, I think. It’s the first thing in an image that draws your eye. For this image, I chose a picture that also metaphorically showed dominance, having bush in it that was …

  6. @BalladofE11442



    Color- The use of color in the Bogo buy one get one free sign is shown by the orange that fades into yellow. These are warm colors that are a symbol of impulsiveness and energy. What I think this advertisement is trying to do with these colors is to grab …

  7. @BalladofE11442

    Vignelli Canon


    The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli is an important work that explores the fundamental principles of design. Vignelli, an influential Italian designer, presents several important concepts for designers across various disciplines. One of his key concepts is the virtue of simplicity. Vignelli advocates for clean, minimalist design elements and focuses …

  8. Reverend

    Reclaim Karaoke at the Rockaway Club


    It’s been a little while since I blogged, and that’s due to a combination of factors, including visitors, conference preparation, and a little bit of karaoke experimentation. The last of those will be the focus of this post, cause I’d rather just ….SING!

    There have been a bunch of different …

  9. @KellyPratt27125

    Face The Odds


    This design assignments resonated with me. As a Black woman, I am often a double minority in my chosen field of work: cemetery preservation. Many times, the caretakers and groundskeepers for historic cemeteries are white men. It is rare to see a woman, and rarer still, a Black woman. I …

  10. @KellyPratt27125

    Thoughts On The Vignelli Canon By Massimo Vignelli


    This short booklet, the Vignelli Canon, speaks to some of the aspects of good graphic design. As a past multimedia major, my classes often focused on graphic design for websites, logo design, video game design, video creation, etc. But, in all my classes, I don’t recall ever going into the …

  11. plowenthal

    Educational Technology Conferences 2023 & 2024


    The following list was adapted from Clayton R. Wright’s Educational Technology and Education Conferences List #48. Please refer to Wright’s complete list for other conferences as well as each conference website for more details. Each year I attend AECT, AERA, and 1-2 other local or regional conferences. I use this …

  12. Downes

    Larose Forest


    May 22, 2023. This is my bicycle on day three. I made my way home along the Prescott Russell trail and then south through Larose Forest.It was tough because I had to ration water until I got to Bourget. I thought I might have lunch there but all three of…
  13. Downes

    Cobbs Lake Creek


    May 21, 2023. This was the view from the old rail bridge along the Prescott Russell trail. I rode it for a short distance along my endurance-level 70 km ride mostly into a stiff breeze on a sunny but cool day. I was completely wiped out by the end of…
  14. Downes

    Domaine du Sapin


    May 20, 2023. This is my campsite for the first night of my weekend trip, at Domaine du Sapin near Greenfield (just soiutheast of Maxville). Though it rained most of the day (and most of the night) it held off just long enough to enjoy a campfile and nice dinner.…
  15. @KellyPratt27125

    Visual Assignment Pt. 3D: Draw It


    Prompt: Take a photograph of something (If you take a picture from the internet, make sure to be nice and cite the original) and transform it through GIMP, Photoshop, etc, into a drawing.

    This is a 2 star prompt.

    Last week, I started my archaeology field school. My class of …

  16. @KellyPratt27125

    Visual Assignment Pt. 3C: Mixing 2 Worlds


    Prompt: Using an editing software, edit a photo and crop to an 11×17. Then add text for the location or something fun.

    This is a 3 star prompt.

    For this assignment, I wanted to do something slightly fun. Being a lover of architecture, I decided to use this image of …

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