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  1. stellameme

    Kipling Baby Diaper Bags


    kipling baby diaper bags large tote bag very berry pink room themes gender neutral.

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  2. @brimac106



    I quite enjoyed the movie “The Winnebago Man”! Mostly to the part that I had already seen Winnebago man video online a number of years a go and I loved it then. Now it only reminded me how much I loved the video. I was nice to see what the …

  3. zenas suitcase

    Party Bags And Supplies Review


    Princess turned 3 last week, and she had been waiting for this day for about 6 month’s.  It wasn’t the birthday, per se, but the idea of a party that had captured her imagination.

    She’d been to a few now, and was looking forward to one of her very own.   …

  4. sfrench2



    Goldilocks is taking a nap after just getting in from running some errands earlier that morning. She looks happy and satisfied as she gets up to read the morning paper, looking through the advertisements. This poster can be seen pinned to the wall behind her:

    She scans the ads until …

  5. Reverend

    Bagman for President


    I’m pretty swallowed up by ds106 right now, I have been pulling in what seems like an endless stream of feeds. My hosting account is about to fall over cause I am pushing it so hard, and ds106 is off to the races and taking no prisoners. Let there be …

  6. Cris2B

    Finding Gold


    We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race.  — Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody

    Where do you find time for bags of gold? — Gardner Campbell

    There is gold in “them thar hills”!  But creating the conditions for …

  7. cogdog

    Freediving For Gold


    Bear with me on a metaphorical stretch. Seat belts are not required, but we will practice our breathing.

    Wikimedia CC licensed image

    As a kid, I always liked being in the water- I never enjoyed swimming per se, but I loved seeing how far I could go, how many laps …

  8. sgrubbs2

    Skeptis, Skeptisisme, dan Lotere


    Skeptisisme bisa menjadi keyakinan Anda bahwa tidak ada yang namanya kepastian dalam pemahaman manusia dalam nama domain tertentu atau di publicpublic. Mungkin. Namun demikian, jawaban kasar yang saya peroleh dari orang-orang skeptis dan ketidakmampuannya untuk menghubungi mode pemikiran saya, membuat saya berpikir dia memiliki strategi pemberhentian yang tidak adil yang …

  9. @IezziHannah

    Character Movie Trailer


    In order to continue creating my ’80’s girl Lindsey’ character. I completed the discuss a film’s plot assignment to expand on some of the things she discusses in the radio show. 

    As well as this, I completed a trailer to introduce her and her character. The things that I felt …

  10. stellameme

    Mustard Yellow Comforters


    mustard yellow comforters photo backdrop wedding ideas quilted throw.

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  11. maryamqadir

    What makes me happy?


    What makes me happy ? Easy question right. WRONG! I’m an over thinker so that means that I’ll probably spent too much time thinking and second guessing my self so here are few things that make me happy. Its rhymes with DUDE.

    FOOD!!!!!!! Food Food!

    Food takes the number spot…
  12. @RiannaL05

    Hamilton: An American Musical


    What is Hamilton about?

    Hamilton is about the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. The story tells his life from young to adulthood and how he participated in historical American battles and wars. We find out more about how he became come of the founding fathers of America. We …

  13. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 14-Goodbye, DS106!


    Wow, I can’t believe is the final week of DS106!

    So, for this final week of DS106, it follows the easy-hard pattern. The last two weeks were a bit harder than this week, only because I didn’t have to do as much this week!

    Like last week, I didn’t want …

  14. @FCMaisano

    A Dorm Room’s Symphony


    For creating this assignment, which is creating a place just using sound, I decided to take inspiration from real life and make my dorm room. How I came up with that, I have no idea. Perhaps its because I was sitting in my room when thinking of ideas. I wanted …

  15. @cypherpunk106

    You’ve Got Mail


    Hello everyone! Week 6 is over and that makes me sad because I really liked this weeks’ work. I really did enjoy thoughtfully creating and using the skills I learned through our design lessons.

    I started this week off with a high as the mandatory Daily Create was the one …

  16. B. Short

    A Dad Explains How He Got Into Genealogy


    It all started as a family story from my mother-in-law. Many times she had recounted a family story regarding her former husband’s family. The story went that there was a bust of one of my wife’s ancestors situated in the lobby of the University of Edinburgh.

    The story remained nothing …

  17. @curtisaleigh

    Reading Reflection


    I just logged onto my Goodreads account and recorded 6 more books for a grand total of 60 so far this semester. I know, that sounds like an awful lot of books for only being about one month into classes but I am hoping to triple that by December. There …

  18. @saragdigitellsit

    In and Out of Tune


    I can hear the floor boards above me creaking, dust floats down in and out of the golden streams of sunlight beaming through cracks in the rotting wooden ceiling. Someone has pulled the door open and is walking down the stairs. I can’t help but feel a tinge of hope, …

  19. @jbkbean

    You know you’re a Girl Scout leader when…

    There is a mysterious bag full of random recyclables, lids, and plastic straws, hidden somewhere in your kitchen. You have stashes of to-be-reused plastic zip bags on your desk.  Next to your purse, and also in your Girl Scout bin. If you had a penny for each time a parent…
  20. @vd678

    Let’s go on a Trip


    Cassie felt like she woke up mere minutes after she had fallen asleep. When she looked at her clock though, and saw it was 8:32, she knew it had been at least a few hours. In the city that never sleeps, it was easy to stay out late. Especially on …