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  1. thelonius

    Reflecting: Gardner Campbell


    I recently watched and read both a video presentation and a short essay by father of the DS106, Gardner Campbell, and I must say that he hit many topics right on the nail that I would agree with.

    First off, I would like to express that I am firmly in …

  2. sgtsocks

    Tis The Season


    Of wrapping and remixing! Wrapping up of the Fall 2012 school semester, the end of DS106 Fall 2012 Semester, and presents of course! Over the past two weeks we’ve been to Thanksgiving with remixes, and now into December with mashing!

    Thanksgiving seems like forever ago at this point, but I …

  3. kmatthe2

    Final Project Planning


    Okay, so I really like SNL. Obsessed is a better description. So, I do my own voices too. This involves character creation. One of my voices is a gravelly one, similar to Roz in Monsters Inc. The voice is actually inspired by a real-life woman I will call Aunt Judy …

  4. Tom Woodward

    Seeking a Blessing


    I’m semi-happy with how this turned out. I lost a track twice thanks to not paying attention and some help from my kids. You might think hitting save a lot is a good idea but it also wipes out your undo options. It might have been better but waiting for …

  5. cogdog

    Tools for the Trade

    cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Marshed Must Haves for ds106 Below are things you should have packed and prepared for your ds106 experience. A sturdy duffle bag is not required, nor is a shiny briefcase. But...
  6. Peggy Herrick



    Design Safari

    My safari took place in my small Florida island village that has a population of 588 registered voters. Most of the population lives a simple life: fishermen, crabbers, and people who farm clams. There is a small group of retired people, artists, and writers.

    As I studied the …

  7. Keelin

    Final Reflection


    Over the past Spring 2012 semester, Digital Storytelling has taught me a lot about your identity on the web and how to share your creative work through different media. Over the semester, I learned to create different medias such as visual, design, audio and video using different software that allowed …

  8. melodie

    Video Assignment: Swede A Scene


    For this awesome video assignment I chose to swede parts of The Hunger Games. I figured it would be good to do since I had kid cousins visiting. First, I decided what scenes we could actually do with who was available.  I had to change the cornucopia line from Hamage …

  9. Mira Vogel

    Weather at my desk


    The Digital Storytelling MOOC ds106 has an assignment brief to use whatever is to hand at your desk to simulate a weather condition. Using two tea bags and an emery board (lucky I stopped biting my nails last month), my headset mic and the open source audio recorder and editor …

  10. Tarage Baker

    Gardner Campbell Assignment


    Why do people not want a bag of gold? It seems that because it is not a norm people do not want to think outside of the box, even for a richer experience. Gardner gave the example of them asking what were they supposed to do with it and even …

  11. Chris

    The Gardner Campbell assignment


    Gardner Campbell describes Digital facelift is the newspapers trying to do what they do but they put it on the web. It would be what they had before but they would add some hyper links. It also asks if the digital facelift can stand up to what we belive in …

  12. Emily Heyden

    Why do you wanna do that?


    We watched Garner Campbell’s lecture on personal cyberinfrastructure and how it can be incorporated into classrooms.  If you would like to see this video check it out here. He is able to use the actual jargin and Im pretty sure he knows what he is talking about.

    I want …

  13. antoinette

    The Seven Wonders of Education


    Bag of Gold


    I really enjoyed Gardner Campbell’s webcast. The one thing he said that really stuck out to me was, “education needs to be about discovery and not about instruction”. Too often students sit in class and are told what they should be learning in class. The students …

  14. Samirah A. Tamimi

    Weeks 1 & 2 in Review



    It is just like me to be playing catch up in the beginning of the class. From the look and sound of our classroom, I could guess many of my classmates are doing the same. Partly, because this class is a bear to get rolling. I’m no IT expert, …

  15. Samirah A. Tamimi

    Weeks 1 & 2 in Review



    It is just like me to be playing catch up in the beginning of the class. From the look and sound of our classroom, I could guess many of my classmates are doing the same. Partly, because this class is a bear to get rolling. I’m no IT expert, …

  16. Sarah Messmer

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    In this video, Gardner Campbell speaks about the importance of implementing the use of personal cyberinfrastructures in the classroom. I have to admit that before viewing this video and reading his essay, which you can find here, I was extremely skeptical about the use of blogs and otherwise web-related …

  17. Brian Metcalfe

    Reflections on Gardner Campbell’s Ideas


    The purpose of this post is two-fold. Although I am reflecting on both an article and a video by Gardner Campbell as part of my DS106 online course, I also want to introduce regular readers to the concept of a “Personal Cyberinfrastructure” that is definitely going to empower University students …

  18. khrystie

    Cyberinfrastructures and Facelifts


    Technology is always changing and with each advancement it is molding the world around us. I think it is never too late to learn technology or begin to utilize it for our own purposes. Yes, learning something new makes us vulnerable or nervous… but it is to what extent we …