1. @KylieHeronemus

    Radio Show Update


    Recently, my Digital Media class has decided to do a radio show within the upcoming week. Each of us were asked to contribute and create a segment for the show. After consideration and discussing with the group, we have no idea what we are doing. Though asked to make it …

  2. @KylieHeronemus

    Radio Show Poster


    Our Digital Media II class will be doing a radio show on the DS106 website soon, so we were asked to create a poster to represent our show. Here is mine:

  3. @brimac106

    Radio Show “Progress” Report (Week 07)


    This is getting close to the end of week one of our Radio Show and I am supposed to be giving an update to how that is going….pretty sure that we (as in the class) hasn’t actually recorded anything for our 5-7 minutes of material, but I’m sure that now …

  4. @brimac106

    Giving “Helpful” Comments


    This week were told to make comments on students/people’s tweets or blogs or anything related to Ds 106. Any work that they had done on Ds106. At first I’m going to be honest here, I comPLETELY forgot about this until like right now as it is Monday, October 10th, 2016 …

  5. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 7


    This week was once again very productive. We focused on audio and commenting on social media. I tried to stick primarily to design comments, some involving clothes while others involved a RV. We were assigned ten stars in audio assignments for the week, and thankfully audio assignment are usually worth …

  6. @justin_zamecnik

    DS106 Radio Bumper


    This assignment was one that needed to be done for our class. I decided to work together with one of my classmates to create this radio bumper. We knew about the hey owl from youtube and we knew we were wanting that incorporated into the mix. We also knew we …

  7. @justin_zamecnik

    Remaking We Will Rock You


    This assignment was pretty easy to accomplish, but it’s all I needed to get to the ten stars for the week. This assignment was worth two stars. The instructions were to remake the We Will Rock You beat with anything I really wanted. I decided I wanted to go with …

  8. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 7: My comments


    Here is a list of comments I left on Twitter and ds106bond this week. I don’t know of any way to link to a specific comment, so for the blog-posts, I just linked to the post I commented on. Most of them have less than four comments, so my comments …

  9. @brimac106

    Rad.io Bumper Sticker


    For this assignment, I made a bumper sticker to promote our radio show that we are making. And since at the current moment, I do not know exactly when our radio will be broadcast across DS106rad.io, I didn’t add any specific details. I just promoted people to check in and …

  10. @justin_zamecnik

    Theme Song


    This assignment was a fun one for me. The instructions were easy, make a theme song for yourself. I chose to use one of my favorite beats, which is from the song Colours by Skizzy Mars. I jumped onto Adobe Audacity and I remade the beat and chorus by finding …

  11. @brimac106

    What Genre?


    For this assignment, Remake That Genre!, you were meant to find a song from one genre and then find the same song but in a different genre. People may think that this is hard, but I found this to be fairly easy for an odd reason. Since I used …

  12. @KylieHeronemus

    Assignment Bank – Theme Song


    Today I completed an assignment bank item asking to create a theme song for yourself. Being the usual me that I am, I used a dubstep generator to remix a song and then opened the song in Audacity to slightly remix it more. The song I used was “Gospel” by …

  13. @KylieHeronemus

    Lab 05 – Network Simulation




    Discussing and understanding the process of data encapsulation.


    String Envelopes Folders Markers Different parts of a network for group members to represent

    Notes and Observations:

    To start, each group member had to pick an item they represented (required items were: two routers, two switches, a printer, and…
  14. @BigWillyM9001

    Weekly update 6


    Took me forever to get into the admin area of this site, I forgot the admin url. Finally did, though. Got my designblitz posted, I’d saved it as a draft instead of posting it. My daily creates are on my twitter(@BigWillyM9001) and all my design assignments are below!…

  15. @BigWillyM9001



    I never had Digital Media 1, so my understanding of the design elements is a little rough. Here’s my take on  a few elements.

    This is my hat that I’m required to wear for work(in the meat dept. at Dillons). If you look, you’ll notice the whit discoloration on the …

  16. @Kyleeh25

    Typography images


    For this assignment you had to create an image using typography and text.

    I used quotes said by the chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland to create the chesire cat. I used illustrator, and arched the text to get it to bend like the image. I also used the pen …

  17. @Kyleeh25

    Lyric Typography poster


    For this assignment you had to use a line from a song and illustrate it using typography. Using music philosophy posters as inspiration.

    I used a line from the song lampshades on fire by modest mouse. I blacked out the image of a tree, flames, and the lumberjack and resized/stuck …

  18. @Kyleeh25



    For this assignment you had to  make an image out of a bar code.

    Using an image of a giraffe I blacked out in Photoshop and an ordinary barcode I was able to cut the barcode around the outline of the giraffe and earase any remaining, unessecary barcode to create …

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