1. whcalhoun

    Exploration: Radical Design – INTE 5100


    It seems that a lot of our instructi9onal design projects involve bringing some sort of technological improvement to an organization or community. This was certainly true in our case. Hey, here’s a great idea, efficient cookstoves, we’ve designed them and now we’d like you, the Low-Tech Gurus, to design a …

  2. whcalhoun

    Notes on Radioactivity & Particle Physics


    Cross-posted from Teaching Is . . .

    BP Tech Applied & Advanced Physics

    Some notes on how we could approach teaching radioactivity/nuclear structure


    The State of Massachusetts has revised its high-school science curriculum finally. But there is an orphan unit: radioactivity. I think this must be a new unit …

  3. anniemelzer

    Toasting to Creativity


      This week I viewed two different videos pertaining to drawing. Ole Qvist-Sørensen’s TED Talk Graham Shaw’s TED Talk video Both of these videos touched on the fear that people have surrounding their ability to be able to draw.  In my opinion this is almost a self-conscious feeling that is …

  4. anniemelzer

    Infographics – Stay Focused!


    Decisions.. decisions… it is week 3 of the 6710 Creative Design and Instructional Materials and we are talking about CARP in relation to infographics.  My first major project for this class is designing an infographic for a topic of my choosing.  I have been mulling this over for a bit …

  5. whcalhoun

    WWW Drive


    All the files I have generated in the course of my Master’s Degree program are located on Google Drive. Sometimes this is required because there will be collaborative writing or editing of documents, or because an instructor wishes to leave comments on a document. Until recently, I have been able …

  6. emilysmayy

    Games and Learning: Final Reflection

    As I close out the last semester of my graduate program, I reflect.

    My Games and Learning course forced me to face something I’ve always hated. Today, I still don’t particularly like games though “hate” might be a little strong. The past fourteen weeks have challenged me to think …

  7. anniemelzer

    Minecraft: My Journey


      This video walks you through my experience learning Minecraft and engaging with the MinecraftEdu educators. Thank you for viewing! Tagged: #ILT5320 #Minecraft #MinecraftEdu #games4ed…

  8. burgoynem

    Learning Reflection

    If I recall correctly, the first couple of cycles in this course seemed to explore the definition of gamification, discuss the benefits of video game play, and introduce us to the world of affinity spaces. For me, these topics were new or a little over my head. Defining gamification…
  9. burgoynem

    Assessment Through Achievements

    “Assessment through Achievement Systems: A Framework for Educational Design” is an article by Monica Evans, Erin Jennings, and Michael Andreen of the University of Texas at Dallas that explores the importance of achievement systems when designing educational games. I pondered on this concept during the last cycle when we read…
  10. anniemelzer

    Playing like a kid


    Easter Sunday provided a perfect opportunity to learn a new game.  As I was walking out of my car on Sunday, I was worried that I still had not blogged about playing a new game.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw “Pop the Pig” sitting in the living room.  …

  11. anniemelzer

    Pondering higher ed and the future


    Scholarly Critique #6        According to Rani Kanthan and Jenna-Lynn Senger, “the ultimate success of digital games as a medium for learning will depend on their adoption and implementation by teachers. (p. 141 2011)” The article I selected this week was based on my desire to read about how games and …

  12. anniemelzer

    Say goodbye to static print materials


    As the weeks fly by, I am finally feeling like I am settling into my affinity space.  I cannot believe how much my opinion of Minecraft/MinecraftEdu has changed over the course of a few months.  At this point, my main interactions have been attending my weekly #MinecraftEdu chats and the …

  13. anniemelzer

    Ethics: Who draws the line in the sand?


      Learning Reflection:  How ethics comes into play in the classroom. For anyone who may not have read the Ward Game, here is a link to a Vimeo movie that describes it. I have never considered how dramatic the use of gaming in school could affect students attitudes.  As a …

  14. burgoynem

    The Art of Terraria


    Meandering around through the Terraria Community Forums (TCF), I have found, generally, what one would expect to find in an online gaming forum: lots of posts on tips and tricks, version or update announcements, and other general orientation through the game. Not only that, but the depth at which these …

  15. nubowski

    An Identity Crisis and a Fresh Start


    Spring break is officially over. The light is at the end of the tunnel; 8 weeks until summer. And here I am sitting at a crossroad in my professional career. For the last 6 years, I have identified as an English Teacher. For the last 3 years, I have identified …

  16. anniemelzer

    Uncovering Minecraft


    This week’s readings had me thinking about my affinity space and my where my learning through games really began. I participated in another #MinecraftEDU chat, this past Wednesday.  This weeks theme was Learning Center Communities or LCC’s.  I had no idea what these were so I educated myself on this …

  17. anniemelzer

    Recognizing my own Shortcomings


    Based on the Tweet on my Instructor’s post, I attended a #games4ed Tweet chat last night.  I didn’t find out this chat was going on until about 20 minutes before it began.  ** In my head I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to go blindly into another Tweet …

  18. anniemelzer

    What Motivates a Gamer?


    Scholarly Critique #5 After learning about ethics and motivation in this week’s readings, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into gamer motivation.  From an outsiders perspective, it appears there are countless reasons why a person would want to participate in game play online.  The article I chose to write …

  19. anniemelzer

    Minecraft the unknown world


    Engaging in Minecraft:  From excited to feeling out of my league. For me, Minecraft has been a steep learning curve.  Right off the bat I was completely clueless how to play.  I suppose I was under the assumption that I could jump head first and play.  I downloaded the game …

  20. burgoynem

    Affinity Space Update: Life in Terraria

    As a complete newcomer to Terraria, and to video-gaming in general, I give you some of my initial observations both playing the game and perusing the forums: Playing the game Watch out for the green blobs! I think they call it slime but they move like blobs. Unassuming on the…

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