1. @belwood303

    Nothing like a New Hair Cut


    I think I am honestly just trying to figure out how to live my best life. And I want to believe that setting intentions and monitoring goals will help, the books I keep reading at least make it seem like that’s possible.

    We went a a short trip to Wyoming…
  2. @belwood303

    Kaleidoscope of a Journal


    As I think about my role as a teacher I wonder what the point of learning to write… The main reason I can think of is that it helps us express ourselves. Writing is the output of the self, where reading is the input of other. So how do you…
  3. @belwood303

    It’s not been a Month, and I’ve been busy!


    So, the desire for posting is seated in the knowledge that to be successful in reaching your goals you have to be held accountable. The murky internet realm and anonymity it affords is about where my comfort level is, I’ve shared some things with actual people in my life but …

  4. @belwood303

    I was doing so well…


    And I did have things ready to post on… the 15th! Okay I guess I only procrastinated two more days after putting things off for -tsk, tsk- six days. Still if the purpose is to collect data, be honest, and put something out there than I’m still doing better than …

  5. @belwood303

    I honestly am trying…


    To make one video teaching students how to take notes for a piece of informational writing…

    But it has been four days and I have three or four things going right now, and nothing is finished. A week ago I started on this massive project because my team at school…
  6. @belwood303

    Taking some notes, reading some books


    I’ve talked about following your curiosity and using that to help journal about things. I’m not sure where the list for awesome women musicians came from but I know I have a few books on my To-Read list and I recently read this one by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, …

  7. @belwood303

    Today I shared with the students…

    So I made this PowerPoint today to share with the students… My student had made a volcano and made a video to share with me, that was inserted in the slide above:

    I shared the video I already posted on this blog a few days ago…

    And I showed them…
  8. @belwood303

    The Catapult Challenge


    So, I went to the school early today. They finally let us back in the building today so we could bag up student belongs that were left behind before the COVID closure.

    And I did remember to scan the instructions but I FORGOT to open the file and download it …

  9. @belwood303

    Good Job You


    It’s okay to not be productive right now

    But it is also important to celebrate when you feel like you are accomplishing something, even if it is just steps in the right direction of your goals…

    I am feeling really good about how I worked my way through some …

  10. @belwood303

    Taking a Risk


    Some of the readings that have inspired me to be a flawed, tepid writer…

    First, we have the work of Brene Brown – Daring Greatly

    Look if you have put yourself out there and failed, this book will make you think you can do it again. When I think about …

  11. @belwood303

    The Catapult Challenge


    The Video with the Catapult…

    So in my head I have this idea for a video where I put this Catapult together…

    I want to start by talking about how I got this a few years ago when the DMN&S had a daVinci exhibit… which turned out to have only …

  12. @belwood303

    The destinations I want to stand in (a travel wish-list, work in progress)

    • Victoria Falls, (Lozi: Mosi-oa-Tunya, “The Smoke That Thunders”) is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  • Moscow, Russia • https://whenonearth.net/padlocks-trees-love-moscow-russia/ • The church of S. Croce in Florence – the final resting place of Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Galileo •…
  13. @belwood303

    Let the Curiosity take you…


    Three months? Well, not bad comparatively. Feel like I need to go back and explain that the silence didn’t mean I wasn’t working but I don’t want there to be any mistake – I have not been writing like I keep saying I need to.

    *Note, wish that was in …

  14. @belwood303

    Better Later Than Never


    Realizing it has been two years since I last posted, and longer still since I was forced to keep a blog while finishing my Master’s degree, might make some people feel it would be better to start over from scratch. But I like the name of this blog and I …

  15. @kristinvossler

    Job Interviews…

    When I was typing the words, Job Interviews, for this post I thought of Beetlejuice, "Sandworms? Hate ’em right? I hate ’em myself!" but insert job interviews there instead of sandworms!

    Job Interviews are a necessary part of life and I’ve noticed lately that they are getting more and more…
  16. @learningpath

    Surgery of the Spirit: Crushing Isms

    The National Memorial to lynching victims opened last week. Sometimes it feels like the terror of the past never stopped. We just have Smartphones now to expose it. I’ve sat with heartbroken families and communities as they bury their beloveds today. My gut has gripped in fear that my male…
  17. @learningpath

    What Starbucks Should Do Next

    As I was reflecting on the bold move of Starbucks to close 8,000 stores May 29th to provide “racial bias” training I sensed the willingness of the CEO, Kevin Johnson to adjust the sails at Starbucks. I felt concern for him as he vowed "this will never happen again at…
  18. @DPettit_edu

    Winding down!


    Phew. It’s March 28th, and that means that the 5th semester of the ILT graduate program is coming to an end for me. I’m not sure why I’m feeling a bit retrospective tonight, but I’d be lying if I said I was anything but ready to complete these last 5 …

  19. Kristin

    Instructional Design in Real Life

    Now that I’ve finished grad school I am faced with the task of finding a new job, which is just slightly stressful. I had my first job interview recently for an Instructional Design job and it was… interesting to say the least. I’ve applied for jobs consistently for the last…
  20. Kristin

    Mr. Robot and how to be an amazing introvert.

    Recently I started watching the show, Mr. Robot. Aside from the hacker turned vigilante trying to take down a capitalist conglomerate storyline I notice how Elliott, the main character, is treated because he’s an introvert. In the first episode there are moments when he’s a work and the other people…
  21. @DPettit_edu

    Minesweeper 53, Dustin 0


    Well, this cycle took me back to being 10 years old, and 12, and 17, and 21… and 29. Why? Because the game Minesweeper has haunted me for two-thirds of my life.

    I’ve got lots to talk about for this Play Journal, but before I get to my triumphs (or …

  22. @learningpath

    The Courage to Change – MLK 2018

    There is no great reconciliation, unity and peace to come without truth, without amends, without real apologies and ownership of wrongs. One cannot slap forgiveness unto pain like a Band-Aid on puss. It just won’t work. We are not wired like that. The wound must be cleaned first. When I…
  23. @learningpath

    Communication – What Works

    Click on Picture for excellent tools to communicate effectively This is so true. I had a conversation with a client last year that taught me a valuable lesson in communication. We were working on a project with a killer deadline and a lot at stake for my client. I had…
  24. @learningpath


    The #meToo movement moved me to create a course addressing gender equity. Companies often flee to sexual harassment training when gender roles, stereotypes, masculine codes, history, implicit bias and empowerment to stop harassment and inequity is what’s really needed. Women will soon be the predominate demographic in the workplace and…

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