1. paul bond

    The legendary radio shows


    Some people inevitably won’t be able to make it to the ds106 radio tweet-along broadcasts of the class radio projects. So I’m providing links here to the shows and background on the characters. Ideally, people should listen in and interact. But if you can’t, give a listen to the other …

  2. paul bond

    The art of listening to art


    We’ve had some great turnouts for our #ds106radio tweet-alongs this week, and some great insights as well.

    I feel like I’m missing the video… such realistic audio but I keep zoning out or losing track of who’s speaking! I’ve never listened to straight audio so this is hard for me …

  3. paul bond

    The emerald letter


    I want to muse on how A Study in Emerald fits in with our theme. I think of superheroes as a kind of modern mythology, with the tales of adventure and triumph and good vs. evil all mapping to ancient hero myths. While not quite explicitly stated, Gaiman’s story is …

  4. paul bond

    Old Blue Eyes


    I was inspired to do this because Emily did one. I had forgotten all about this assignment. The cat lives up the street. I don’t know his name, so I call him Frank, after Sinatra, who was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes.” He only acts friendly when my wife …

  5. paul bond

    Sledgehammers at ten paces


    Since we’re looking at the idea of myth and legend this time around in ds106, I watched Walter Hill’s 1984 commercial flop Streets of Fire. The subtitle, “A Rock n Roll Fable,” is what caught my attention. It’s your typical psycho biker kidnaps rock star and her drifter ex …

  6. paul bond

    The legend of ds106


    I had the idea to base this semester of ds106 around legend, myth and folklore. That’s probably too broad to be called a theme, but whatever. It connects to many previous themes from ds106 – westerns, superheroes,  horror, apocalypse. It gives a lot of options as to where we can …

  7. paul bond

    Week One: Bootcamp



    All work is due by midnight on Friday, 8/31/18

    Welcome to ds106! This first week is dedicated to getting set up: set up your domain and Web hosting; install your WordPress site; and create other social media accounts such as Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. Complete introductions via posts, twitter, …

  8. paul bond

    Rock Pockets


    “It’s Hot Pockets Day on the Daily Create!”
    “Didn’t we already talk about this?”
    “I’m making Rock Pockets.”
    “What – you’re going to put Aerosmith inside a Hot Pocket?”
    That wouldn’t be a bad idea, and could be a whole ‘nother meme. But I thought the Hot Pocket …

  9. paul bond



    by Bob McLeod, from The Incredible Hulk #339

    I’ve been pretty consistently blown away by the reflections on the readings in this season of ds106. This week brings us design thoughts, something that’s usually a bit of a struggle. Too often people confuse decoration or templates with design, when …

  10. paul bond

    From screen to page


    So I had this idea to use design to turn movie scenes into comic book pages. Not exactly reverse engineering storyboards, but rather using the language of sequential art, panels and layout, as part of the storytelling. This is challenging on a number of levels. The first is a matter …

  11. paul bond

    What are your powers?


    If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

    I posted that to Facebook, just to see what people would say. Some responses were unsurprising: speed, agility, flight. One person said skepticism and another wanted the Lasso of Truth – not quite the same, but both represent a power …

  12. paul bond

    Super ds106 – a trailer


    I made a logo, so I figured I’d make a trailer of sorts. I had seen the Dr. Bees video (YT) recently. It uses the “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” tagline from various Superman shows, and since my logo was a parody of Supe’s, it seemed like …

  13. paul bond

    Season of ds106


    I was never much of a Donovan fan, but I like Alice Donut’s version of Sunshine Superman and Goodfellas’ version of Atlantis. Now we can add Cogdog’s Season of DS106 to the list. The secret great thing about it is that it reminded me to check the schedule on ds106radio. …