1. tsfairbank

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    Look, Listen, Analyze

    Analyze the camera work: The camera in this scene switches to three different views. One, of the broadcasters which seems to be the main focus of the scene. Two, the workers who are working behind the scenes like the camera guy, the sound people, and the director. …

  2. tsfairbank

    Blake Griffin Highlights


    Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

    Description of Video Assignment: “Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music, and add an intro.”

    The Story

    Blake Griffin is one of my favorite NBA players. He plays for the Los Angeles Clippers but I first …

  3. stephysteffi

    Highlight Reel Tutorial

    How To Create A Video Like This One

    Step 1. Choose an athlete

    (This is Barry Sanders)

    Step 2. Go to YouTube, viewed some sports highlights and then downloaded your favorites (using YouTube video converter).

    Step 3. Imported the videos to iMovie.

    Step 4. Then cut and trimmed the parts …

  4. kenny1352

    Marvel is the Last One Standing


    If you are confused about what my title is suppose to mean for this assignment I’ll explain it for you.  For this assignment we had to pick a theme, create a compilation video about that theme, and then put it to some music.  I think you can guess why I …

  5. kenny13

    Hey, I think those cars need to slow down!


    Like this assignment but it did prove difficult even though the idea seemed simple enough.  For this assignment I had to create a video that showed the change in time throughout the day at a single location.  Simple right, it was until I realized that I don’t stay at a …

  6. kenny1352

    Roger Ebert, you make an interesting point.


    Roger Ebert’s article, which can be found below, does make an interesting point.  I normally only watch movies for their entertainment values, but if I were to watch one so that I can analyze it then I think the method he describe would be quite useful.  He suggests that when …

  7. usman2448

    Fourth Week Summary


    This is the fourth week summary. I have to admit that this was another good week learning great stuff. During this week i learned many new aspects of video story telling. Everyday, I watched many videos; however, before taking this class, i never noticed the techniques that many of the …

  8. aperegor

    Look. Listen. Analyze.


    Bruce Almighty

    No sound 6 or 7 different angles Lighting was fairly normal, being that it was not really a sad or scary scene I would guess The view during this scene did not switch often, I felt that I was pretty much always looking at it as a spectator…
  9. aperegor

    Reading Movies


    I believe that John West’s idea of watching a film and stopping it at different points to observe it is a very smart approach to studying films. I know that if I was told to study a film that there would be no way I could study it just by …

  10. kenny13

    Daily Create 7/16/2015


    For this daily create we had to take an image and using thing hyperbolic tiling generator create our own.  I decide to that some abstract art and see what it would look like.  I think my experiment came out quite well if I do say so myself.

  11. snakesrcool

    A weird story about a star


    A cluster of blue stars fell to the earth, and landed in a boiler room. The room burst into vaper making a high pitch note as if a dog whistle was being used. The star shot back into space from the explosion like a dart going towards a dart board. …

  12. aperegor

    Daily Create 2 – Week 4


    Today’s daily create was to create a story using as many new words that were just added to the Oxford Dictionary as you could. Here is my hilarious story!

    One day, I was looking a HOT MESS in my JEGGINGS swinging a KETTLEBELL at the gym. I decided to take …