1. kmgeckle

    GIFs Reflection



    ** I just want to start of this post saying that I’ve been pretty sick for the last week, it seems to be some strain of the flu. Unfortunately I have been unable to make it to class many days. Because of this, I didn’t want to pull my …

  2. kmgeckle

    Working on Gifs


    I made two gifs! First, I made one with imgflip.com and then secondly with Giphy.com! They both ran pretty similarly, and were easy to use!

    first gif: https://imgflip.com/gif/yn4v2

    second: http://giphy.com/gifs/americanpie-4OScH8TOkPzKE

    Some note-taking:

    Gif stands for “graphics interchange format” It’s a bitmap image format Supports up to 8 bits per pixal…
  3. kmgeckle

    New to Gifs


    Hello all! I’m actually posting this on my blog much later than it was written because I’ve had issues logging in. But without any further ado, here we go!

    For my first module, I have chosen the Animated Gifs. I have two main goals for this module, to learn more …

  4. alicemutch

    Through the years

    A Changing Character

    “For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best).  Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time.  Try to make …

  5. kmgeckle

    Hello World!


    Hey everyone, welcome to my page! Feel free to explore the place a bit. My home page is an “about me” blurb that I think will help you all get to know me a little better! I set up my domain my freshman year here at UMW as a computer …

  6. alicemutch

    It’s a tad roomy in here…

    Create Your Own Room

    I thought this assignment would be easy, all I’ve ever wanted to do is build and create my own house, including the bedroom! however, I forgot how indecisive i am… This assignment really interests me because ever since i was young I used to move house …

  7. alicemutch

    An illusion of sound

    Emotions Through Sound

    “Try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. They can be human sounds, such as crying with laughter in the background, to maybe express someone’s fears or being embarrassed, or you can get really artsy and try to convey …

  8. maike



    Hello everybody.

    Yes. I am going to write in English for the next weeks.

    The reason is simple: I will take part in the DS106 Online course. Learning about Digital Storytelling. So here we go!


  9. kmgeckle

    Advice To You All


    Hello everyone interested in taking ds106 next semester! Buckle in now……it’s going to be a long ride. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “that doesn’t sound good.” Well you’re definitely wrong! Imagine getting in the car in Virginia and not getting out until you make it to Orlando, Florida. …

  10. jamerive

    Assignment Idea


    Professor Bond gave me the idea to use part of my final project as an idea for future DS106 assignments! So I wrote up a short set of instructions for an assignment and posted it here!

    The assignment involves using Inform 7 to create a short game! In this …

  11. nforknal

    Dear ds106ers…


    Dear future ds106ers,

    This course can be a lot of fun, if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  However, this course also requires A LOT of time commitment and work in order to complete all of the assignments.

    If your class has assignments due on Fridays, don’t wait until Friday …

  12. ahardy2

    This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment tutorial


    For this assignment all you had to do was take an iconic object from a movie and somehow fit it into another movie photo. So I decided to put the Titanic in the back of a scene from Forrest Gump. So I went onto the internet and I got a …

  13. ahardy2

    The forrest Gump Project Tutorial


    For this assignment, what i did was find an old image of an event online and use that as my background. If the photo isn’t black and white or sepia that can easily be changed with an everyday photo editing app. Next I had someone take a picture of me …

  14. braze

    Advice for Future DS106ers


    First things first, if you thought taking this course would be an easy online A…have I got news for you. This class is a lot of work. That being said, it is a lot of fun work. If you throw yourself into the class you will get through it and …

  15. braze

    Final Project


    It’s done!!!! The final project for this crazy class. This project was crazy and hectic but I think it turned out better than I imagined it would. I ended up working on this project with my friends Ashley and Gabby. We wanted to combine our host characters and make a …

  16. gabatron15

    Asylum Murder Mystery


    So here it is the final project! Brittney, Ashley and I really put a ton of time and effort into creating a story that hasn’t been thought of before. We started out by trying to figure out how to link all of the characters and came up with having the …

  17. emorelleum

    A History of Morlium


    (A man in suit and fedora, leaning on an axe stands before you)

    Good evening.

    Currently, you are reading these words on a web browser, a program designed to convert the chaos of “the internet” into…flickering lights forming words and pictures that you can understand. Needless to say, this is …

  18. emorelleum

    Enter Morlium


    Ah yes, it was…some time ago, I don’t bother to look up the date (detectives are…suspicious of people interested in the event). I used to…wander the Alaskan Wilderness. I was self sufficient, between hunting, woodwork, and…a few other skills, I was able to feed and shelter myself. Unfortunately, things in …

  19. emorelleum

    Close Encounters


    I was not sure what had…happened to me, all I know is that I was experiencing something I had…never experienced before. I had a vague sensation that I was…interconnected with electronics. As I would later learn, the information I rode eventually reached Asia, and thanks to my…disorientation, I was swept …

  20. emorelleum

    Mistaken Identity


    Now that I was on the world wide web, I occasionally encountered…’web surfers’. I found these people to be extremely…immature, so I tried to offer advice where I could.

    Unfortunately, I found that these surfers were quick to…draw conclusions about who I was. At that moment, I realized that…a top-hat …

  21. emorelleum

    Flexing Muscles


    Movement on the internet and electronics is…not at all how you would expect it to be. It is in fact quite complex and difficult. Even after my previous forays, I still had…a significant bit of trouble. I had vowed I would train myself until I was…completely comfortable moving around. I …

  22. emorelleum

    The Dark Origins of Nyan Cat


    Once a wanderer…always a wanderer. I was wandering on a mountain of some game…called “SkiFree”. The particular computer I was residing on at the time was owned by a…certain environmentalist whose name I cannot quite recall. Needless to say, I was busy deforesting the mountainside when he…stumbled upon me. The …

  23. emorelleum

    Invading Other Worlds


    Sometimes, it is a…struggle to survive. Recently, however, a large number of people have been creating…resource-rich areas called “MineCraft Servers” on the internet. These areas offer…plenty of resource for me to harvest and utilize, as well as some…novel ways to harvest them.

    However, one day there was a little…misunderstanding …

  24. emorelleum

    Morlium’s Recent Exploits


    In September of 2015, I made a residence agreement with a certain…computer owner with username Emorelleum. During my stay…he abused my goodwill, exploited me, and blamed me for things he was responsible for.

    He tasked me on a certain “final project.” I made sure that it was sufficiently…self-serving to recover …

  25. emorelleum

    Animating Morlium


    As you can see, the animations were drawn by hand (err…computer-hand). The basic images, such as the trees and Morlium in different poses, were drawn using MS Paint. To mass-produce images for animation, there is a need for reuse. For the Dancing sequence, I drew Morlium in 7 different poses, …

  26. Alexis Zirpmoulis



    This semester was an eventful one! When I saw the syllabus the first week of class I was afraid for what I had gotten myself into. I thought signing up for this class was the biggest mistake. But, boy was I wrong. I absolutely loved this class. Yes, when looking …