1. scottc1094

    So you want to take DS106?


    If would were like me, you may be thinking of taking DS106 to get your art credit out of the way. DS106 truly was a fun and educational class to take, but you shouldn’t go into it thinking that you will be able to breeze by without putting in some …

  2. headreaper

    ~~~Advice for the Next Generation of Reapers~~~


    Dear Future Gen,

    You will see this class as something really cool that will force you to finally unleash the creative turbulence that possesses you from time to time and yes this is the case with this class. You will find yourself beaming with pride after accomplishing a particularly difficult …

  3. mmiranda

    Have fun…


    The most important thing to remember when taking DS106 is to have fun and that you are never wrong you just make it in a different way. I learn a lot through out this class, I am a very shy person and this class took me out of my comfort …

  4. mmiranda



    I did not remember we have to do it by Friday and for this reason, I will apologize and I will only post one tutorial I need before which is related to a assignment. We needed to explain our mother to use technology I choose it to do a tutorial …

  5. mmiranda

    Assignment creation


    The assignment I created for the FanFic Assigment is to put your host character and one important historical character (of your choice) to meet and to interact to each other. If you can make it fit to a real history event even better have fun…I did this assignment and it …

  6. ewindley

    Words of Wisdom


    Reflecting back on my own trials in this class I will leave you with three parting suggestions that might have made things go a little smoother for me.

    I wish I had made myself a cheat sheet for the simple things I kept forgetting.  It would include the following: Post…
  7. ewindley

    TDC Idea


    Find or take a picture of someone who can be recognized even when showing only one body part (that is not their face).  Such as Santa’s hand reaching for cookies, Ronald McDonald’s feet, Big Birds tail . . . you get the idea.  Tweet and share your image.

    Merry Christmas!…

  8. nforknal



    All I can say is this is the final weekly summary! The end is in sight! We all made it through a tough semester full of ds106 work. I can say that I am glad it’s over, but next semester, I won’t know what to do with all of that …

  9. nforknal

    The Final Doomsday


    IT IS HERE!! WE DID IT!! We made it through a semester of ds106!!!!!

    An entire semester full of hard work and long nights editing to perfection, and it all culminates with one final project: the final nightmare.

    For our final project, we had to use a variety of …

  10. catscarnival

    Are you considering DS106?


    Are you considering taking the DS106 Digital Storytelling course? Well, take it from experience and pay close attention to the WARNING email you will receive from the professor. I am an adult student who worked full-time and carried 9 credits – 3 of which were DS106. This was one of

  11. feliciads106

    TDC Ideas


    1st TDC: what was your best birthday gift you got so far in your life?

    2. What would you like to do when you won the mega millions lottery?…

  12. feliciads106

    Tutorials Ideas


    Tutorial 1

    Bring Your Pet to School (Visual Assignment 3)

    1. First, take/find a photo of your school that you want your pet to go to.

    2. Find you pet’s cutest picture that you are going to use in the assignment.

    3. Upload your school picture as the background by …

  13. feliciads106

    2 Assignments Idea


    Assignment Idea 1 Bring Your Pet to School (Visual Assignment 3)

    Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dreams to come true. You can use GIMP or …

  14. ahardy2

    Weekly Summary/Progress Report


    This week was all fast past for me. I had to fit in all of my last minute recordings and editing. I am really glad that we really didn’t have to do anything else, because this was a pretty stressful week. There, once again, isn’t much to talk about since …

  15. ahardy2

    Final Project


    These past two weeks were pretty exciting for me, I was able to pull together my final project, which is the video link above. It interprets my love for technology and all the gadgets that I now possess. What I was hoping to portray in the video is my dependency …

  16. feliciads106

    Final Project


    Emily is a sweetheart to her parents. She will turn nine years old in a month. Her parents want to host a big birthday party for her. Her mother, Judy, has been planning this party for months, just to have Emily be happy and enjoy her birthday with all her …

  17. gcaron

    Weekly Summary Final Week


    As for my summary of the week, I think it went pretty well. I am satisfied with my work and my time management of the project. I think everything went smoothly (besides the audio part of course) and now it is time for my to create my daily creates, tutorials, …

  18. gcaron

    Advice for Future Students



    No but seriously. I literally did this every week and I told myself every week I wouldn’t do it the next week. It really made things so much harder. The work is not that bad if things …

  19. headreaper

    Spooky Scary Thriller


    (^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special ^)

    So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would …

  20. gcaron

    Dear Future Husband


    Dear Future Husband,

    Our future can be found in a mixture of the new Megan Trainer song “Dear Future Husband” and the song “Forever and Ever Amen” by Randy Travis. It should be the perfect mix of fast and happy and slow and romantic. But also it should be a …

  21. gcaron

    That’s Not What I Expected


    I created my own assignment for this category. I chose to do a visual assignment where you had to take a picture of something close up and have other classmates guess on the object in the picture is. For this picture, I took it of something that could be used …

  22. gcaron

    Final Project and Final Week


    This class I think has been pretty interesting and it was a lot of work but it was enjoyable work. I’m glad to see it come to an end but going to miss the cool things I got to learn at the same time. For my final project, I decided …

  23. gabatron15

    DS106 Advice


    My approach for giving advice for the future students was to create a YouTube video a diary if you will of all that I have learned and how to approach this class! I hope that what I said in the video will shed some light on what is in store …

  24. gabatron15

    TDC ideas!


    Here are two screen shots of my future daily create ideas! I hope that at least one of them will eventually show up for the future digital storytelling classes. The first is dealing with your weakness when it comes to food. The task is to take a picture of the …

  25. gabatron15

    Week Fifteen


    This is my last weekly summary video and I also created a ds106 advice video so I hope the future students will enjoy them!