1. gabatron15

    Dear Sixteen Year Old Me Tutorial


    I thought that since this was one of my favorite assignments of the class that I would give a run down of how I approached this assignment!

    Step one: Open up a word document. When you are writing a letter to yourself in the past there is no way that …

  2. gabatron15

    Favorite Actor Highlight Reel Tutorial


    I had so much fun creating this video that I thought that it would be fun creating a tutorial to give people a little insight on how to do it! What you have to do first is decide what actor/actress you are going to pick! For mine I did Tyler …

  3. jamerive

    Weekly Summary 15 — The End.


    Well, I can’t really say too much about this week other than goodbye to you all. It’s been a wonderful semester and I’ve truly learned a lot about the craft of digital storytelling!

    If you want to see some of the work I’ve done this week (aka the final project), …

  4. jamerive

    Week 15: The Final Spookening – Final Project INBOUND.


    It’s here.

    To give you an idea of what my final project’s all about it, it’s this: Victor’s past is being revealed! Throughout this semester he’s been a real hard one to pin down and interview. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn’t seem to talk much …

  5. adyke

    Week 15 Summary


    This week was all about doing the movie piece of Letters to Home. I filmed a lot of clips and also recorded a lot of audio clips to overlay in the video (see Dennis’ Final Monologue here). Combining those thing created a lot of editing to produce the final

  6. adyke

    Letters to Home


    I, Dennis, am a freshman at university but things aren’t what I want. I wish to be free and as you might  see I could find a way out.

    This movie is a correlation of letters Dennis has written home,like this one, as well as letters his parents have …

  7. adyke

    Letters to Home Movie Poster


    No proper movie lacks a movie poster. Letters to Home, being a proper short movie, deserved a movie poster. I chose to go with a handwriting font to give it a letter feel. I also chose to go with a photo in which Dennis looks to be leaving which might …

  8. adyke

    Final Monologue


    Dennis’ final monologue in Letters to Home is about him leaving his standard life to go out zombie fighting. It involves him being happy about what he is about to do but at the same time kind of sad because he isn’t sure about the issues that may arise in …

  9. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    Week 15


    So I just realized that our final projects are due next Friday! This is great but so terrible at the same time. I was up until 12:30 last night working on my project and have been adding what I thought would be the finishing touches for the past 2 hours!  …

  10. jamerive

    A test post (for now).


    I wanted to let you all know that your patience has been appreciated. While we’re all starting to wind ourselves up for that final stretch of exams, I wanted to give another update for my final project.

    I’ve finished my InkleWriter story, which will count as a Writing component for …

  11. kmgeckle

    Last Weekly Summary!


    WOW did this semester go by quickly. Honestly I can’t believe it. I’m not going to lie though, I’m really excited to be finished and go home to Richmond next week! I’m really missing all my friends and family there. Well on to the good stuff, cause I know that’s …

  12. kmgeckle

    A Day In The Life


    Ever wonder what The Headless Ballerina does on her weekends off from her horror hosting job? I’m sure you do (I’d hope so at least!). I’m going to take you on a little day in the life of my host character The Headless Ballerina’s weekend (as told by her)!

    The …

  13. kmgeckle

    Mashing Friends And Emojis Tutorial


    Here’s a how-to for this simple little assignment!

    Step 1: Pick the emoji that you want to use. You can find them all here!

    Step 2: Once you’ve picked your emoji, find a friend (or yourself) who would be interested in helping out!

    Step 3: Find a picture of …

  14. kmgeckle

    Color Changer Tutorial


    Here’s a tutorial for the Color Changer assignment!

    There’s another tutorial for this assignment using computer software, but incase you don’t have any picture editing software here’s how to do it on the web!

    Step 1: Pick a picture that you want to edit. Try to pick one with a …

  15. kmgeckle

    Rhythms With Things – 2nd Assignment


    For my second assignment submission I decided to make an audio assignment!

    Recently I was watching the Pitch Perfect movies, and they honestly inspired this assignment. I thought it would be super cool to have people recreate different “versions” if you will of the cup song. Really just take any …

  16. emorelleum

    The Penultimate Week


    Crazy stuff is happening this week. What with a ton of final projects being due.

    Morlium told me the final project was due this Friday. He has been having me create a lot of set pieces, taking video, all sorts of crazy stuff. Fortunately, I learned Wednesday evening that the …

  17. emorelleum

    Honest Morlium


    Look what we dug up here!

    I have been looking for things that meet certain criteria (this will become clearer when I present the final project). This internet meme fits them nicely.

    Source: http://weknowmemes.com/2012/07/dont-believe-everything-you-read-on-the-internet/

    So, we took the picture, blanked the left side and the quote attribution, and put in …

  18. emorelleum

    To Make a Maze


    Making a maze might seem like an incredibly tedious task. Depending on how you go about it, it very well can be. However, one of the beauties of digitizing content is that you can generate some very bizarre and difficult mazes rather quickly. As a forewarning, if you want to …

  19. braze

    Weekly Showcase #2


    Hey guys! This is your host, Eve Winters, and this week I wanted to focus on all of the hard work we have all put into this class. As we all focus our efforts on finishing our final projects, which all sound amazing and exciting, I wanted to look back …

  20. scottc1094

    Week 15 Summary


    This final week of ds106 was focused on completing our final project. My final project, titled All About Edward, can be found here. We had to use at least four different types of media for our final project, and I ended up using video, audio, writing, and design. Some …

  21. scottc1094

    All About Edward


    This is my final project for DS106. I have used various types of media, and both old and new assignments to give everyone a better idea of who Edward is. Everything should be read/played in order from top to bottom. My discussion as to how everything was created will be …

  22. myoung3

    The Final Summary


    So I finished up all the extra stuff I had to to for the class this week.  The only real work I have left to do is to make a few more comments and maybe update my final project if I get some good feedback.  I didn’t see a whole …

  23. myoung3

    I Made Some Comments!


    Final Project Progress 2
    Final Project Idea
    Final Project Week 1 Progress
    Progress on The Final Show Time
    Updates on The Final Project

  24. feliciads106

    Show Case


    For this week’s showcase, the best five works will be picked throughout the semester since only a few people are putting their work out during the holiday week.


    1. Gun Commercial

    This commercial was so funny and it made me laugh every time I listened to it. It was …

  25. myoung3

    The Legend of Spooksy: Part 1


    So, I was screwing around on the internet the other day, and I found this video

    Just some crazy crackhead right? That’s what I thought too, but I had some time, so I started googling. It turns out, this guy actually went missing. I found this in a public records …