1. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Final Project


    The final project required me to use at least three different media forms to tell a story. I wanted to create something that young children would enjoy listening to, watching and something creative for them to do. My project consist of a 7-8 min radio show that includes  a story, …

  2. @Tyra13748487

    Video for Final Project


    For my final, I decided to do one big video to tie my story together. It tells the story of how my Character Deidra spent her major holidays as a college student. To tell my story, I began introducing the story like I had planned with my index card video …

  3. @chloversgarden

    Week 14


    This project was interesting to make. I didn’t really have an idea on how to combine the different types of storytelling into one so I decided to do multiple different things. Before I started creating the content I had to make all of my previous character posts fit together. Since …

  4. @chloversgarden



    My name is Aitana Rorcshen. I started as an archeologist, I wasn’t famous, I just followed my passion. Along the way, I happened to find someone who shared that passion with me, her name is Rama Deloid. Rama was also an archeologist, but as I came to find out, …

  5. @suzzcat

    Bye Bye Tade, Bye Bye You ALL!


    For my final project, I created a multi dimensional movie. I used pictures, a voice audio, a video, and songs. I got all my music from mp3juices, and the explosion from freesounds. I really enjoyed making this. It didn’t go exactly how I planned it at first because …

  6. @FaulconerKyle

    Final Project Summary


    For this final project I had a great time creating it. Initially I was a little stumped on how to go about the process and at first spent a decent amount of time just brainstorming ideas and figuring out what all I wanted to incorporate. Like I previously mentioned in …

  7. @maci_winebarger



    After watching this, you will know how much I struggle with technology. This course has taught me a lot…and also taught me I’m not all that great with computers.

    Have a great winter break everyone!


  8. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Fourteen Reflection :(


    I am sad.

    I really loved this class. I had a great time taking time out every week to create things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I loved the daily creates, I love the assignment bank, I just truly love every aspect of this class. I think I created some …

  9. @ArthurDrag1

    DS106 Final


    Here is my final project! I decided to create a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. I accomplished this through film and some stills that I FINALLY GOT BACK YESTERDAY. All of them are pretty environments that I’ve edited to be distorted …

  10. @OraMyAura

    Final Project!


    My final!  So as mentioned in last week’s post, for my final, I used audio/images/design and created a Part II of my radio show story about my character named Gallapher.  If you recall, Gallapher is a horse who, in a nutshell, revitalizes children w/low self esteem by sweeping in, in …

  11. @richelleholnick

    Final Project Summary


    For my final project, the story unfolded over four separate posts. They are all linked in the last post, which was an interview with my character.

    For this project, I created a news cast to start the story, using the video skills I gained this semester. The video is introducing …

  12. @richelleholnick

    Bumblefeed Uncovered

    Who is James McArthur?

    By Bumblefeed Uncovered

    The nation’s attention has been captured by the story of the rescue of Linda Lamplight in Ridgefield. It was first brought to the public’s attention through a news story. 

    Then, during a radio show with a witness, someone called in, possibly knowing who …

  13. @fatolliecat

    The Last Week


    It’s DONE! Yay! I really enjoyed some parts of this class! I may continue doing the occasional Daily Create, and I know some people I am going to pass it along to. I’m very happy with my final project. I had some ideas that I couldn’t make work, but others …

  14. @richelleholnick

    Ridgefield’s Daily News


    For the last part of my trilogy of a story, I have written a cover story on my character, James. She has been the talk of the town this week as she (accidentally) saved Linda Lamplight from falling to her death. James prefers to stay under the radar, and never …

  15. @richelleholnick

    Ridgefield Radio Show


    For the second part of this story, I created a radio show. Because it’s almost finals week, when I was recording this, I didn’t have anyone available to help me out with a different voice, so I recorded all of the different characters myself. To distinguish between the different people, …

  16. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 14-Goodbye, DS106!


    Wow, I can’t believe is the final week of DS106!

    So, for this final week of DS106, it follows the easy-hard pattern. The last two weeks were a bit harder than this week, only because I didn’t have to do as much this week!

    Like last week, I didn’t want …

  17. @mbm87776980



    this place seems of a time bygone
    any yet
    the steps on this side walk
    the trees all around
    the wind that blows
    are privy to a fact people turn away from, history does
    not change but repeats

    mo sat
    mo inhaled-exhaled
    mo thought

    questions arose:
    what has brought her …

  18. @EmilyHutchins8

    The Ultimate Finale


    The scene prior to the rescue:





    Well this is the end! This class has taught me so much about the various forms of digital media and how to use each one. For the final project I gave my character, Kate, one of her hardest missions yet. …

  19. @Alexis54552906

    Week 14-Final Week!


    This week was a ton of work! I am so happy I finished it a day early!! I had the idea of creating this finale part of Olivia’s story. I thought it would be interesting if you look at my blog as a whole and see the character change. Here …

  20. @justzaying7

    Final Fantasy


    Alright so let me explain how this adventure is going to work! I’m excited about it and I really feel that it’s a culmination of what I learned this summer. The first thing I’m going to do is paste a link to a webpage, which is a remixed Regal Cinemas …

  21. @KaraDS106

    Final Project Write-Up


    WE DID IT! We survived a crazy DS106 crash course! This semester has been absolutely insane for me and this class was nothing like I expected, but I’ve learned a lot! I decided to have a bit of fun with my final project instead of just replicating multiple assignments from …