1. @FaulconerKyle

    Radio Show Progress: Completion


    This week my entire focus was on studying for exams and completing my group podcast assignment. Last week found my group planning and organizing meeting times, recording times and the overall theme of our show. This week we finally met together as a group on Wednesday afternoon and finalized our …

  2. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week 8 Summary


    Daily Creates

    As the old New Yorker cartoon goes, “On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.” For today’s Daily Create, imagine what a tech savvy dog would do with its online access.

    If my dog had access to the internet, he would order his favorite dog treats, steak …

  3. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary


    Another week in DS106 is over and we are about halfway through the semester. The weeks are going by fast as we focus on different themes and assignments each, but overall, the course is very enjoyable. My favorite assignment to work on thus far has been the daily creates because …

  4. @FaulconerKyle

    Week 8 Daily Creates


    This weeks daily creates were somewhat challenging to complete, much of everything this week was challenging. I had several exams and a radio podcast to work on so finding time to do daily creates was sometimes hard. I ended up completing two daily creates, one was a look into the …

  5. @maci_winebarger

    Weekly Summary – Week 8


    Half way through the semester! Woo hoo!!!! But the my group’s radio show is FINALLY done! I’m so excited for you all to hear it! Big tanks to Madeline Morris for putting all the pieces together!

    Here’s the radio show!

    Also is a hyperlink to my twitter tweets and replies …

  6. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 8-So Many Sounds!


    In terms of again checking to see if this week follows the pattern of easy-hard-easy-hard, etc., I would say that this was easier than last week for me personally since I was less worried about getting everyone done on time. There might be a pattern again, but reversed from the …

  7. @OraMyAura

    Radio Show Week 2 Progress – complete!


    Our group, Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations came together and finished the job off this week.  We were pretty productive the first week and so this week was all about everyone besides the 2-3 who had already, finishing up their own personal stories and uploading.  Lastly, Maggie did a great …

  8. @mbm87776980

    take two: radio show progress


    as my group and i come to a close on our radio project i feel really proud of myself. from the initiation of the project i took lead, on creating a group google doc, planning a day to meet in person, following up with folks through email chain, creating a …

  9. @Tyra13748487

    Second Week with the Return of the Radio Station


    This week, our main focus was completing our radio show project. Along with that, we only had to complete two daily creates. I was happy and relieved that we didn’t have to complete any other assignments from the assignment bank. This gave me the chance to fully focus on my …

  10. @fatolliecat

    Halfway There


    Semester is halfway done!  This was a busy, short week between making the show and all my other classes. I’m not often (if ever) creative in a group setting, so this was a new experience. It went really well, which was great. It could have gone horribly, which it didn’t. …

  11. @fatolliecat

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


    I continue my attempts as minimalism. As another professor stressed yesterday, less is more. Whitespace is your friend. I think she mentioned it being soothing? Anyways, I wanted something simple and to the point, and I thought of the movie in four icons assignment. And then, as I was wondering …

  12. @fatolliecat

    Radio Show Week 2


    It’s DONE! Yay!

    I had a fun time doing the show. It was nice interacting with the group, and developing our characters. Script writing was a bit like pulling teeth, but I get that. A lot of things really came together kinda late in the game as we were writing …

  13. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Eight Reflection


    There’s not too much to write about this week.

    Here’s our radio show!


    All of this week was spent working on the radio show. I put together and mixed all the audio and wrote a lot of music for it as well as voice acting as a gnome which …

  14. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Progress 2


    This week was A LOT.

    We all talked over the weekend about what we were going to do, we all met on Wednesday and created the script, recorded separately on Thursday, and I put together the audio today! That part took a lot longer than I thought it would. Just …

  15. @Tyra13748487

    Week 8 Radio Progress

    This week my group has been working to finish up our radio show project. We were able to meet up together on Wednesday and discuss our view points as well as the backgrounds of our characters. We decided on the main topic and have been putting together a script that…
  16. @EmilyHutchins8

    Week 8 Summary


    This week went really well after I finished my story. I communicated through slack with my group and we uploaded all of our information to that. Maddie then put it all together. The hardest thing this week was putting my show together and using Audacity. Editing my show was difficult …

  17. @FCMaisano

    Radio Show Week 2-It’s a Wrap!


    For Week 2, there was less decision-making between the whole group and more individual work, since our parts were individual stories, bumpers, and commercials. The only thing we really decided on this week was that to have an intro before each story to explain a little bit about it and …

  18. @EmilyHutchins8

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week was kind of odd because we didn’t have a lot of assignments to do. My group was great and communicated through slack. We all added our commercials, bumpers, and stories to the feed. If any of us had any questions we were able to answer them through the …

  19. @Alexis54552906

    Second and Final Week of Radio Show


    Well! We finished our radio show! It was a long process, but we did it!! The way we did it was from a few steps:

    We created a google doc and explained/discussed what we would be doing. We then, each on our own, created both our commercial and our radio …

  20. @MaddieM02790291

    Radio Week Round 3


    I found this week somewhat stressful… Once again working with a group entirely online and editing in Audacity were two things I am not used to, so they made me learn some new skills.

    The easiest part of the week was the TDC’s:

    For the first one, I had fun …

  21. @tifamonster

    Radio Show


    Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations!

    That’s right. Below, you will find my group and I’s finished radio show.

    To create our radio show, we communicated through a private Slack channel and decided what everyone was to work on. After everyone completed their individual parts, Madeline put together the radio show.…

  22. @MaddieM02790291

    Radio Round-up


    I am glad that this is the final week of this project! I have found it stressful, although I guess I am impressed with what our group was able to put together for the final project having never met in person.

    Last week, we started compiling all of the files …

  23. @maci_winebarger

    Radio Show progress Part 2!


    It’s almost time for you all to hear our show!! Everyone has gotten their bumpers, commercials, and stories together (sorry mine was the last to come in team, it’s been a rough week). Everyone uploaded their pieces to Soundcloud so Maddie could put it all together (thanks Maddie!!!). It will …