1. @madelinewelsh2



    I decided to do a tutorial, not for any specific project, but for the use of audacity in general. When I first started using audacity, I struggled IMMENSELY with it. It’s kind of funny how much I struggled with it because it’s so incredibly simple when you get the hang …

  2. @madelinewelsh2

    Mash-Up #2


    For this one, I needed to show the character growth of anyone from tv or movie. I chose Rachel Green from Friends. I feel she has shown serious growth from season 1 to season 10.

    In season 1, Rachel was a spoiled woman who had never paid for anything in …

  3. @madelinewelsh2

    Remix #2


    For this remix, I had to take a really close up picture of something AND THEN, act as if I’m a really stuck up art critic. So here we go!

    The artist really doesn’t seem to understand art. What is this supposed to represent? Art is supposed to mean something …

  4. @madelinewelsh2

    Remix #1


    Here is my first remix! I love it. I loved the show Scooby Doo growing up (still do) and I thought it would be a fun chance to mess around with it. In my opinion, if it’s not Scooby himself, Shaggy would be the one most likely to go missing …

  5. @michaeldgs106

    Mega doom


    This mashup I merged the first Doom game and Mega Man into one cover. These are two games that were before my time and probably past my time since i’m not compelled to go back and play them. There are newer versions of these games formatted to today’s algorithm for …

  6. @michaeldgs106

    10 second mashup


    This is my 10 second mashup of some songs that made the 80’s, and a certain song that is arguably one of the greatest songs ever created! Tell me which one you think it is in the comments, and which one from this selection is your fav.…

  7. @jupiter_pop



    ? People just love to play with words/images/audio/video
    People just love to play, haven’t you heard?
    People just love to play with words/images/audio/video
    People just love to play, haven’t you heard? ?

    Melody(Men) at Work

    This week was perhaps the best week of Ds106, because we got to make mashups, …

  8. @megds106

    Weekly Summary 11/15


    This week was super fun! My remixes were especially interesting! I had trouble incorporating the theme this week. I might be a little sick of the 80’s now. I tried to squeeze it in but my assignments just didn’t align with the theme too much this week.

    Mash-ups were funny. …

  9. @megds106

    Storytelling Through Text…


    Here I present my 5 star text story! My actual suite mate Melody helped me form this silly horror story filled with twists. I WAS SO SELF-CONSCIOUS OF HOW BAD I WAS AT TYPING. Thank goodness we have spell-check. All I did was write a script and then screen record …

  10. @carly g

    Weekly Summary 12- Mashup and Remix Edition


    For this week, we focused on remixing and mashups. This was a lot of fun to do but also challenging me to think outside of the box and be creative with the assignments. The first thing we did is mashups. I did 10 stars worth of assignments that correlated with …

  11. @grace-ds106-2019

    Weekly Summary


    The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

    Daily Create #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-creative-road-block/

    Daily Create #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-art-is-interesting/

    Daily Create #3: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-emoji-book-titles/

    Next, I did two 5 star mashup assignments. Both of these …

  12. @grace-ds106-2019

    Poster Tutorial


    Visual Assignment: Sports Poster

    Stars: 2.5

    I created this poster through Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle. This is a free program I have access to through my mac.

    First, select images you would like to use and save them to a folder on your computer.

    Second, once you have all the …

  13. @grace-ds106-2019

    My Dream 80s Bedroom – PINK!


    I remixed my previous assignment my dream 80s Bedroom. The remix told me to make it more pink. Please see my original written assignment below, but edited.

    My dream 80s bedroom includes bright pink color schemes, wallpaper borders, window seat, window curtains, carpets, my favorite 80s band posters, and of …

  14. @grace-ds106-2019

    Collage Remix


    I took my previous project and remixed it! It was originally the collage of my dog chloe. I noticed she was wearing a read collar in all the pictures. Since the remix told me to create an advertisement, I created an advertisement for red dog collars. I have three phrases/slogans …

  15. @grace-ds106-2019

    Animoji Karaoke


    I created an animoji karaoke on my iPhone. I chose the tiger because I liked it the most. Also, the tiger’s face is rounded and color yellow. This matches me the most since I have a rounded face and blonde hair. The song I chose to sing along to was …

  16. @grace-ds106-2019

    Funny Drunk Story Through Text


    I created a funny drunk story. It was fun and creative to come up with a story that could happen in real life.

    I used an online text creator to make this happen. I hope you enjoy the story!

    #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments2390…

  17. @carly g

    Remix it~ Cool Letters Style


    For this assignment, I chose to remix the cool letters assignment because I had fun customizing that one. The remix that it came up with was to add a “Zomboy” style to it. Honestly, I did not know what that is but I think it was to make it look …

  18. @carly g

    Unhappy Holidays? Remix!


    For this remix assignment, I really enjoyed mashing up the holidays, so I decided to remix it as well. The remix that came up was to make it “emo”

    I thought this would fit perfectly with the assignment. I went back to Pixlr and edited a lot with the picture. …

  19. @megds106

    Create Your Own Character INFOMERCIAL REMIX 2


    So this is my second remix assignment. The original is a fanfic assignment where you have to design an original character! However, my remix was to make it sound like an infomercial! I thought this was an interesting e challenge so here we go:

    Are you tired of boring, good …

  20. @carly g

    Holiday Mashup~


    For this assignment, for 4.5 stars, I did the Holiday Mashup. We were to mash three holidays together into one photo. For mine, I decided to choose the 3 holidays that we have/will be celebrating over this semester. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These are also my favorites. For the assignment, …

  21. @carly g

    Beetlejuice texts!


    For this assignment, for 5 stars, I did the Storytelling through text assignment. For this, I used my laptop and my phone, which ultimately didn’t let me see it as from another user unfortunately, to text about the Beetlejuice movie. I thought this would fit well with our theme considering …

  22. @megds106

    Another Hideous Day REMIX 1


    For my first remix assignment, I clicked on writing prompts. In the original assignment, you are supposed to go outside and let yourself be inspired by nature and write about the beautiful world around you. I got the perfect remix to that. Make it emo. I wanted to write about …

  23. @camowalker22

    Week 12: Weekly Summary


    This week I got to use iMovie some more which I really enjoy. Making the tutorial was fun to do because I always see other tutorials online for stuff I look up like this, so it was cool to make one. The remixes make the assignment bank assignments more fun …

  24. @camowalker22

    Week 12: Mashups and Remixes

    Remix It: Put a ‘stache on it.”
    Song: Tequila by The Champs
    I had to create myself in the animoji app and then I found the facial hair section and chose the classic mustache. Its basically Christmas now so I had to put the Santa hat on. Remix It: Cancer…

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