1. @MonicaG71488057

    Week 12 Summary


    Almost there!!!

    I think this week in DS106 was my favorite thus far in the semester! I had the absolute most fun with all these remixes and mashups, and they weren’t hard to complete! To add, there were loads of creative options to choose from! Now that I think about …

  2. @carly g

    How I did: Played from Another Room


    Hello! In this post, I will show you how I did my assignment “Played from Another Room”. Essentially, this is how to change audio on Audacity to make it sound like it’s coming from another room. First, to get familiarized with the process, I watched a video on Youtube that …

  3. @MonicaG71488057

    Animoji Karaoke


    A lion singing Every Breath You Take?!

    For my animoji karaoke, I decided to lip sing one of my favorite songs from the 80’s, Every Breath You Take by The Police. Yes, I know there is a lion singing the song! I wanted to use a lion animoji instead of …

  4. @MonicaG71488057

    Mashing Friends And Emojis


    My roommate looks exactly like that one babyface emoji!!!

    My roommate Stella, helped me with this Mashup assignment by mimicking the babyface emoji on Apple phones! We even used the snap chat baby filter to enhance the baby looking aspect of the photo! I can’t stop laughing at how identical …

  5. @MonicaG71488057

    Create A T-Shirt [Remixed]: Dr. Suess It



    For this assignment, I had to design a t-shirt with an added remix of Dr. Suess! So, I decided to create a shirt based on my absolute favorite book by Dr. Suess; Green Eggs & Ham! One of the classics!

    ? Here is the front!…

  6. @butterball_4567

    Weekly Summary: Week 12


    This week was a lot of fun creating tutorials, doing remixes, and completing the mashup assignments. It really helped with my creativity. My most difficult assignment this week was an assignment called Animoji Karaoke where you sing or lip sing your favorite song using Apple’s Animoji. It was difficult because …

  7. @MorganNebel

    Make That Money! Tutorial


    Step 1: Come up with an idea! Do you want to paste another person on the currency? Do you want to distort the image already on the money? Do you want to draw, or use software to complete this assignment? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

    Step 2: Find an image to …

  8. @danielleerika4



    Here are my two chosen remixing projects!

    For this project I utilized google search and audacity.
    First I chose the assignment, pressed remix and then went on my google search.

    30 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

    Then, I chose the commercial to do, recorded myself and implemented some sound effects to …

  9. @MorganNebel

    RL Stine REMIX


    For this remix assignment, I remixed my RL Stine book cover from the beginning of the semester. The task was to change the theme of the photo to fit the 80’s sitcom, Happy Days! Here is my final version!

    I got the images from Google, and used Photoshop to create …

  10. @tlengel2

    Tutorial: Logo Switch-Up


    I love how creative and diverse this assignment can be. While there are many ways to make this happen, I decided to use Snapchat, as it is very user friendly.

    First, pick a photo that will be different from what your desired logo is advertising. For example, I chose a …

  11. @abbcass100

    Week 12 Down


    The mashup assignments were really fun to do! My favorite was probably Changing Character because I really liked getting to revisit Harry Potter and get to see the characters grow up again.

    The remix assignments were cool to do as well, I ended up doing both of them as random …

  12. @tlengel2

    Close-Up Fun! [???? and a half]


    Alright, this challenge was a lot of fun too!

    Instead of using GIMP (I detest it so much), I used…Snapchat!

    This is a combination of two of my favorite things: Johnny Rose from Schitt’s Creek and an adorable dachshund

    Details of the challenge can be found below:

    I’m Ready for

  13. @tlengel2

    Scary Story Through Text [?????]


    This assignment was a lot of fun!

    The challenge behind this was to approach storytelling through a text conversation. Everyone has seen text message stories online. Now, I created one!

    I used an online creator to make this happen, and I really enjoyed how user friendly it is.

    Hope you …

  14. @michaeldgs106

    You make me feel like ice


    This mashup is all about taking music and merging it with another song plus the video. Today I was talking with my friend about how Vanilla Ice decided to do a tv show about being Amish and it somehow lasted for a season and a half. Thankfully ice ice baby, …

  15. @IezziHannah

    Peaceful Sounds Tutorial


    This week we were assigned with creating a tutorial for a previous assignment. I decided to look back on my experiences with assignments. I reflected on weeks that I felt were the hardest to complete in my opinion. I know that tutorials and videos from my instructor were a big …

  16. @IezziHannah

    Storytelling Through Text Messages


    For the next part of our mashup assignments I chose to tell a story through text messages. Now this took a lot more planning than I would have thought. I most certainly got caught up in the process because it ended up being a 12 minute video.

    First I borrowed …

  17. @IezziHannah

    Animoji Karaoke


    For this assignment we were asked to make our Animoji or Memoji sing one of our favorite songs. I chose to sing Material Girl by Madonna to not only fit in with our theme but because I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I filmed …

  18. @michaeldgs106

    How to put yourself anywhere in the world


    Photoshop might be one of the best requirements for this course because it allows the user to actually create something ridiculous or funny that didn’t exist before your brain thought of it. Those imaginative events likely would never happen in real life, but with Photoshop you can breathe life to …

  19. @njchic16

    Weekly Summary 12


    This week has been different than the rest. This week has been different because we have done mashup assignments and remixes of old assignments. I found the mash up assignments to be easy and allowed me to be super creative which I enjoyed and the remixes were fun because I …

  20. @megds106

    Sadcat Superimposition

    When you finish a really good video game and you don’t know what to do with yourself

    This is a 4.5 star mashup assignment where you have to superimpose images over another one. Personally, I can’t take superimposed photos seriously. They all look like memes. So I made a meme.…

  21. @ds106_mckayla

    Weekly Summary #12


    This week we are doing mash and remix!! These assignments were challenging and exciting all at the same time. I learned A LOT from these assignments and even the present projects for me to look at to understand how remixes and mashups work. I had to look up a lot …

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