1. @SushiSupport

    Week 14 Summary and Class Reflection


    Tough week, tough semester, tough year. Its difficult for me to put my feelings into words, and I think that this tends to cause me more suffering so I am really gonna try and vocalize them this time. The final project for this class brought out a lot of feelings …

  2. @jwcpsc

    Final Project Report


    My final project is done although it came out slightly different then I had planned it. My original plan was to do it in a kind of talkshow manner but I recorded it, it was too personal so it just turned into storytelling about my life. I think I like …

  3. @PabloMccrimmon



    My final project is a short film that explores existential angst and features the questions about art and life that have been plaguing me for months. My original concept for this project was an ambitious multi-media fiasco and I quickly realized while working planning it further that I would need …

  4. @Carrie F.

    Week 10


    Honestly this week has been a struggle. I was not really able to post and complete all of the assignments that were assigned this week. I had a lot of stress on my plate this week and hope that everything does get better! I was able to complete a couple …

  5. @Carrie F.

    Final Summary


    For this final project, I have decided to take the time to reflect on my progress throughout this course. I decided I would show most of my reflection by using my designing , audio skills and my writing skills to demonstrate my growth. In this final project, I have posted …

  6. @haylie5800

    All Four Years of College


    The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106. I have included some …

  7. @Carrie F.

    Interview and the Transcription

    Interview with the New and Improved Carrington!

    Transcript for Interview:

    Welcome to the evening edition of The Reflected Self. We are pleased to  have with us the newly  transformed Carrington F. Carrington is in the final week of Digital Storytelling  and cannot say enough about the growth she has experienced …

  8. @josephineds106

    DS106 Final


    Final summary:

    For my final project, I decided to write an original poem and add a visual component to it. The poem I wrote is about the lack of Black history taught in schools. The title is We Teach We which means that the Black history I learned was from …

  9. @skyler0455

    my final project


    The story I wanted to share with the world was about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many of which I did not expect. It taught me to cherish the …

  10. @Carrie F.



    I shift

    I shimmer

    I change.

    I twist

    I twinkle

    I turn.

    My glimmer brings light to your eyes

    My sparkle fills you with hope

    Do not remember the flaws that are me, world.

    Please remember how I made you feel.…

  11. @Egon2688

    El Fin-Peace & Love


    The past two weeks have been very difficult, my whole family got sick including myself. It’s been a long rode to recovery and we just started feeling well. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to my original outline for my final project. I did have a few pictures from …

  12. @ekardos106

    My Dance Story: Final Project


    For my final project, I wanted to tell the story of my relationship with dance. I have been dancing since I was 3, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing since then. There have been ups and downs and there was even a time where I danced very little over …

  13. @maymaygodek

    Final Project Switchup


    So originally my plan was to provide my family with a documentative video about my great-grandfather however, to use WW2 clips you must pay an absurd amount of money to have the rights so instead I decided to make a video for all of my friends showcasing the funniest moments …

  14. @schoolaccMNL

    Final Presentation and Class Summary


    For my project, I wanted to do something important to me, so I continued with my original idea but I did hit a snag. My Grandma really did not want to be interviewed because it is still a really tough topic for her to talk about.Overall, the video turned out …

  15. @1kid3pets1hub

    How do I measure a year? In love!!


    The semester is coming to a close, and the chaos and panic of every class’s final project or paper being due in the same time frame has finally come to pass. The week we students all dread and look forward to simultaneously! The completion of a semester, and the anticipation …

  16. @MasonOberle

    Week 14


    This week, I finished the last components of my Digital Storytelling course. I published my game on Squiffy and detailed my creative process in a post on my blog. Then, I uploaded a short trailer for it on YouTube and posted about it.

    Through these projects, I tried my best …

  17. @KendraB999

    Final Project/ Final Summary: My Fitness Journey

    My Fitness Journey

    The video above, is something that is very near and dear to my heart. This is something that I do not think I would have discovered, had there not been a pandemic. While yes, the pandemic has had very negative impacts, its had some positives come out …

  18. @wchiltonumw

    Our Growth Using Social Media


    The final straw…… I can not believe the end of the semester is here. I have put a lot of time into trying to improve and expand my creativity and knowledge within this class. I have had a great time learning about new platforms and using those platforms to share …

  19. @mgedney

    my final ds106 story


    As the semester winds to an end, so does my final ds106 project. As I mentioned in my progress post, Walker and I created a video explaining how this class compares to and has expanded our utilization of social media platforms. We included segments on Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and …

  20. @grace_long88

    Week Fourteen Summary


    This semester I have learned a lot about using different forms of media to tell a story. Now when I see pictures and watch movies, I see them in a different way. I am thinking about the photographer/videographer and trying to see the message they are trying to tell. I …

  21. @grace_long88

    Final Project


    Recently I have been thinking a lot about my college experience. I am so happy I came to Mary Washington and had so many great classes and met so many good people. I am also thankful for how much I have changed throughout college. Looking back, I am nothing like …

  22. @HumIsDum

    Final Project Outline


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    This week has definitely my busiest yet. With multiple papers due, it was exceedingly difficult to find the time to put together a plan for what I’d like to do for my DS106 final project. That being said, my brain has been working in overdrive for the …

  23. @HumIsDum

    Close Playing – Little Nightmares II


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Little Nightmares II, released in 2020, is the prequel to 2017’s Little Nightmares. In this video game, players take control of Mono, a tiny, paper bag-wearing boy who’s name is never actually mentioned within the game itself. Mono teams up with a girl in a yellow raincoat …