1. @josephineds106

    Radio Listen


    When I tuned into Tuesday night’s radio show broadcast, I already knew that hearing my voice or the background static would be weird. I think our radio show came out really interesting and personal and knowing the work that Pablo did to edit our parts together, it was really cool …

  2. @HumIsDum

    Weekly Summ9ry


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    I’m surely pushing it with these titles at this point. Anyways, that’s a wrap on another week of DS106! This week was definitely the lightest yet in terms of workload, which is nice after working so hard on our radio shows. (It’s also perfect for me since …

  3. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Nine


    I definitely appreciate having a light week after the last two to breathe and relax. I didn’t realize just how close it was getting to the end of the semester so I also appreciate bringing the final project to my attention so I can start figuring out how I want …

  4. @jwcpsc

    Future Project Ideas


    I think the message I want to share with the world for my final project is “don’t make assumptions about people based on their outward appearance”. There are way too many people out in the world who will take one look at someone and form this whole negative hypothesis based …

  5. @HumIsDum

    A Tale of Three TDC’s


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Believe it or not, it’s once again time for more Daily Creates. This week, however, there’s a twist: All of these TDC’s are part of an overarching plot! How riveting. Our story starts with Wednesday’s prompt to write something on the National Day of Writing. Wanting my …

  6. @jwcpsc

    Revisit Work 2: Tattoos That Describe You


    I am definitely a big tattoo fan and I have multiple ideas for tattoos that I’m going to get so I decided to remake this assignment using another tattoo idea and try to find a way to get different designs other than using instagram filters. This time my focus tattoo …

  7. @HumIsDum

    Revisiting BatDonald’s


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    The second assignment I’ve revisited today is the prompt I’d completed to depict a superhero in a mundane situation. Rather than a revision, this image is more of a sequel that allowed me to show off more of my Adobe Photoshop capabilities. This time, Batman can be …

  8. @jwcpsc

    Revisit Work 1: Contradiction Creation


    I redid this assignment because the motto of my life is still “I Hate People” but I recreated the picture using a background of a sunset that I took some years ago, back in 2916 to be exact, when I was in the car driving around with my mom. It’s …

  9. @myclassaccount

    Assignments for Week Nine


    Here I did two rework assignments. This week we were tasked with choosing two assignments that we had previously worked one.

    Create a Logo That is Simple but Interesting and Favorite Movie Quote are the assignment names.

    How I made them: I just created an even more fitting logo because …

  10. @myclassaccount

    Project Ideas


    I have been thinking all semester what I want to focus on for my final project.

    The prompt: What is the story you want to share with the world?

    It is such an open question and you can take that so many different ways. I love that it allows us …

  11. @myclassaccount

    Radio Listening Party


    We all got together this week on the class Discord to chat as we listened to all of our radio broadcasts. Last week, we all finished up our radio shows and turned them in.

    Our show was broadcasted on Wednesday and it was a terrific time talking to the class …

  12. @skyler0455

    final project ideas


    I was not expecting it to be so hard to brainstorm ideas. There are so many directions we could take the project! An idea I’ve been thinking about that keeps with our Bob Ross theme is maybe recreating one of his paintings following one of his videos. I want it …

  13. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    This week was definitely a light week and a nice change of pace after working on the radio show the previous two weeks. This week we were asked to tie together the daily create we did, do some revising/remixing of 2 previous assignments we’ve done, brainstorm on ideas of what …

  14. @eendip

    Radio Show Broadcasting: Roy Rogers Show


    So I did not have time to listen live to the radio shows, so I had to do so on my own time. I did want to highlight one radio show in particular that I really enjoyed. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the rest, because I definitely did. …

  15. @eendip

    Looking Ahead


    I’ve spent a little bit of time thinking about what idea I’d have in mind for the final project. There’s one idea I have in mind that I think embodies ds106 as well as people in general. I think it would be cool to share the story of how there’s …

  16. @eendip



    So for the rework, I went back and updated 2 writing assignments that I previously did. One was writing about my life as a spy and the other was writing a letter to my past self. For the life of a spy post, I added another journal entry to make …

  17. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    This week was relatively light for me all around. I did not have too much work to complete this week. I also had the opportunity to listen to a radio show and reflect in a blog which can be seen below as well! I was able to complete my three …

  18. @Carrie F.

    Dear Carrie Take 2!


    For my second rework assignment, I had decided to take one of the writing assignments that I had completed in the beginning of the semester. I believe for this assignment I had to wrote a letter to myself in the future. So, I figured that now that I know how …

  19. @PabloMccrimmon



    I decided to remix my previous audio assignment, “Nightmare Serenade,” which was itself a remix of “Moonlight Serenade” as recorded by Frank Sinatra. In its original form, I was attempting to take the beauty of the recording and create the creepiest, most unrecognizable version I could. In this remix, I …

  20. @PabloMccrimmon



    I would like to create some sort of audio-visual experience that details my artistic journey throughout life. It would display my artistic identity and its evolution, with me beginning as primarily an animator and filmmaker and eventually finding a passion for music which propelled me to UMW. It would be …

  21. @Carrie F.

    Mommy Dearest Take 2!


    I have decided to revise my “Mommy Dearest” post. I decided to take the letter I had written to my mom and paste onto a background that I had found soothing/easy/appealing to the eyes. I felt that at first the original post was a little boring or dull without a …