1. @KendraB999

    Storytelling Through Text

    Is Our New House Haunted?

    For this assignment, it allows you to tell a story through text. I decided to get one of my friends to help me with our scary, but funny story. We acted as if we were in a new house we got and were hearing weird …

  2. @Egon2688

    Número Dos


    10-Step Photo Challenge [Remixed]: In Another Language-Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. Think about angles and lighting to create interesting photographs. Create a collage in a photo editor. Remix Card: “In Another Language” Translate the story or add a foreign language to …

  3. @Egon2688

    Changing it up!


    The remix I decided to do was Your favorite Photo? The instructions were to choose your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much. Then the remix card said to “Mood Swap”- Flip the mood of the assignment. If it’s light, make it dark. If …

  4. @MasonOberle

    The Mario Movie


    In honor of the recent announcement of the Illumination Animation Mario movie cast, I decided to attempt the Photo Mash assignment. For this assignment, I wanted to make an edit of an image from the original 1993 Mario movie, replacing Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo with Chris Pratt and Charlie …

  5. @kjax18271

    Remix 2


    For my second remix, I chose another visual assignment. This one’s goal was to reimagine what a scene would look like outside of a road sign. I chose the falling rocks sign and drew a skier escaping an avalanche. When I hit the remix button, it said to create the …

  6. @kjax18271

    Remix 1


    When I first read about the remix assignments, I was a little confused. I explored the assignment bank and clicked a random assignment and hit the remix button to see what happened. Once I got a feel for how it worked, I emailed Dr. Bond to make sure that we …

  7. @kjax18271

    Wait What


    The goal of this assignment was to mash up two iconic movie scenes to make them flow together and look like part of the same frame. I started out by doing a google search of iconic movie scenes. I chose an iconic scene from The Shining and Home Alone. I …

  8. @kjax18271

    Emoji Friends


    For my first mash up of the week. I decided to do a friend and emoji mash up. As I was scrolling through the assignment bank, this one looked pretty fun. I asked three of my friends if they would be willing to help me with this assignment. I let …

  9. @wchiltonumw

    Complete 180


    Flip the mood of the assignment. If it’s light, make it dark. If it’s sad, make it happy. If it’s exhilarating, make it not so exhilarating.” REMIX

    I will show my original assignment that I created for this first.

    The Mystery Flower

    For the original assignment a flower was provided …

  10. @grace_long88

    Happy Holidays


    Many people combine Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years or they celebrate them all in the same season so I decided to mash up these holidays in a gif. These are also three of my favorite holidays.

    I created a scene of a turkey celebrating Christmas in a snow globe on …

  11. @mgedney

    I can’t choose my favorite holiday


    We all have favorite holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! For this assignment, use a photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop to mashup your top THREE favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. Use whatever elements you would like from each holiday, creating a character or scene with the images/symbols …

  12. @mgedney

    you look just like this emoji


    For this assignment you are to take a picture of one of your friends or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji and then mash them together for comparison.

    For this emoji mashup assignment, I had to to take a picture of someone posing …

  13. @mgedney

    be yourself, but make it pink


    Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically

    For this remix assignment, it told me to make everything pink. The original assignment I had chosen was a sarcastic motivational poster. It said “be yourself; everyone else is …

  14. @mgedney

    where’s waldo?


    Where’s Waldo?
    For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment. If you can figure out a way to make this work for Video, God Bless You.

    For this remix I hid Waldo. …

  15. @mgedney

    weekly summary twelve


    I had a lot of fun creating the assignments for this week. I started with my 8 stars of mashup assignments. The emoji one was pretty simple and straightforward, but the editing multiple holidays together one was difficult. There were a lot of images I had to crop and overlay …

  16. @josephineds106

    Weekly Retrospection #11


    This week I made two more video assignments that were related to movies. You can see my changes to the movie Mean Girls and the trailer to a movie that will never happen over here and here.

    Here are my three TDCs

    Arnold would be a space shark finned chicken …

  17. @josephineds106

    Mash Up Trailer


    I do not understand how people make videos for a living. Once I finished this assignment, I literally had to put my head down on my desk. There was so many parts to this, I swear this video was like 40 minutes long.

    So first, I needed an idea. I …

  18. @josephineds106

    Alt Movie Ending


    This assignment called to reimagine a different ending to a movie and whenever I hear “alt ending” or something along those lines, my first thought is a character dying. (Sounds morbid, but think like video games with a “bad ending”!!) I didn’t want to make something super sad, so instead …

  19. @HumIsDum

    Week1y Ref1ection


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    With week 11 coming to an end, we’ve brought our focus on video and movies to a close. I’m glad we got to spend two weeks on this subject rather than just one, since there’s so much to explore that just can’t be covered in a single …

  20. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week I had a lot on my plate. I had to complete a couple other projects from my other classes at the beginning of this week, so I did not really have too much time to really complete some of …

  21. @Carrie F.

    My Night Routine!


    So, for this Assignment, I was tasked with recording my night time routine! It is weird to have the camera on you as you are completing your routine, I do not understand how these Youtubers do it. However, I must say that I did enjoy creating and editing the video. …

  22. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    This week I continued with doing 3 video assignments from the assignment bank. I did a video poem, a vacation video, and a chipmunk-style video. I also did 3 daily creates this week. These assignments have helped me get into the creative mindset as I prepare to do the final …

  23. @eendip

    Video Poem – Strength


    I did the “Video Poem” 3-star video assignment where I record myself reading a poem out loud and use that as a voiceover for a series of clips or a video that relates to the same theme as the poem. I decided to read a poem about strength. It’s called …

  24. @Carrie F.

    How to be a Healthier you


    In this assignment, I believe it stated to give tips on anything you want to. So, I decided I would take the tips that my mom has taught me while I was growing up. To this day, I still follow these tips that she has taught me. I mean these …

  25. @HumIsDum

    Dolly Zoom Supercut


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    For my final assignment bank task of this week, I’ve chosen Michael Branson Smith’s 5-star prompt to create a supercut montage of something that’s overused in film, be it a quote, song, or filmmaking technique. As someone who has a lot of appreciation for the technical side …

  26. @Carrie F.

    What do YOU do on an everyday basis?


    This assignment, I had to record myself performing an activity that I do on an everyday basis. I had to record myself for 8 seconds, so I decided to record myself texting. I mean I am not going to lie and say that I do not text on an everyday …

  27. @eendip

    It’s Vacation Time – Cancun 2021


    I did the “It’s Vacation Time” 3-star video assignment where I had to create a video showing somewhere I went on vacation. I decided to do the video on the trip I took this past summer to Cancun, Mexico where my family and I saw underground wells, snorkeled with sea …