1. djacks21

    Musicless Music Video


    This was another fun one for me–music videos can be some of the strangest films, even when the actual music is playing. Just like the actual song, a music video is often a piece of art and an artist’s expression in and of itself. That’s why I like this assignment …

  2. djacks21

    Do The Hitch Cut!


    I gave this one a shot because I just think there are endless possibilities. This technique, as Alfred Hitchcock describes, is a way to use editing to change the emotion of a scene. As he describes, the same reaction can appear very differently depending on what you cut to/from. …

  3. djacks21

    Look, Listen, Analyze!


    For this blog, I chose to watch a clip from one of my favorite movies–Ocean’s 12 (the first one was better, but I still love this scene!). This particular scene is great because it is a perfect demonstration of why I love these movies so much. The on-screen chemistry between …

  4. djacks21

    Reading Movies


    When I was in college, I took a couple film classes. While I enjoy occasionally going to the movies, I certainly never considered myself a film buff. I enjoy the action, the comedy, the emotions of film, but I didn’t realize how little I appreciated those things until I took …

  5. youblueit

    FlickrWicker n 5 4 3 2 1


    I have been trying to figure out this assignment for some time now. It finally connected when I read the course materials in the daylight. My problem was resolved when I took several days vacation off from work and used natural daylight to read instead of indoor light at night …

  6. youblueit

    Visaviewl – Make it old


    For this visual assignment, I took a a picture in the study hall and changed the color of the table to sepia to give a modern table an old fashioned look. I also cropped separated the table and cropped it from the original image. In the process I learned how …

  7. youblueit

    Are you studying…..no Sleeping!


    Is he sleeping or studying?

    I don’t really think you can get much studying done while laying down. Thus, the picture of a student trying to study with his eyes closed. This is something that definitely is not done correctly. How many times I can remember trying to study for …

  8. kkarras2014

    Camera Almighty


    For this assignment I took a look at a clip from an oldie but goodie, Bruce Almighty. I am huge Steve Carell fan, so this was the perfect clip for me to analyze.

    I took a look at this clip from three different vantages to fully appreciate the various …

  9. ctwilker

    My new friend! Thanks Westin Hotels.


    For this two week segment you should complete two more ds106 video assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized. All videos should have an opening and closing title/credits sequence.

    For the second assignment I was looking around the possible items and came across the one

  10. ctwilker

    Charlie the Animal Whisper!


    Write up a blog post embedding your new version of the story. Explain where the idea came from, and include reference URLs for all media you used. Also include a screen shot of your video editing interface.

    I knew this assignment would be challenging and it lived up to it. …

  11. cbedross1

    Weekly Summary: Project Recap


    My final project revolves around storifying the instructions from IKEA. I first introduced this idea back in week 4 and received a lot of good, useful feedback. Just a few weeks prior to first introducing this idea, I purchased a bed frame from IKEA and had a great deal of …

  12. cbedross1

    IKEA Instructions – From Irritating to….Encouraging?


    Chris is an intelligent man, a professional engineer excellent with tools and carpentry work, and savvy when it comes to thinking dynamically. He has an impressive resume with constructing things, from a 500 sq/ft tree house 50 feet up; to the most beautiful wine cellars in the villas of Tuscany, …

  13. bcodelson

    Idea Poaching


    Nawwwww, I’m not going to steal anyone’s work.  However, I hope that my perusal of other student’s work will help me to zero in on my final project idea.  We are an ambitious bunch! A lot of our ideas are over the top – tackling large, complex topics.  I suppose …

  14. number1fio

    Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – Week 5


    In case you haven’t noticed by now I try to name my weekly summary titles after movies. OK, I didn’t do that for week one but did for all the other weeks. This being the fifth week I had to name if after the fifth movie in a series. Surprisingly …

  15. acruz12

    Lucky Number Sleven…


    I’m not talking about the movie, but rather the merger of weeks 6 & 7 that seem to have gotten the best of me in a good and less-then-good way.  I didn’t underestimate the time it would take to edit a movie, I had done so years back with …

  16. youblueit

    Relaxin my way


    After working on the final project it seems like I am finally getting it. This was my first sound post that was in draft. I couldn’t figure out how to get it posted. After working on the project I remembered that I wasn’t using the application correctly. I think I …

  17. chronicwndrlst

    Week 6 and 7 Summary


     I’m glad we had two weeks to complete the video assignments, because I need that time (and  more) to not only make sure I had all the necessary tools but that I also knew (or remembered) how to use them.  I did not realize until last week that I never …

  18. kkarras2014

    How Can Two Weeks Fly By So Fast?


    I had worked on these assignments here and there throughout the past couple of weeks, particularly in the brainstorming phase, but did not have any idea of how much time it would take to make my ideas reality.

    A lesson learned is that I will try to borrow a Mac …