1. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    The Lemon Poem

    For this DS106 Daily Create we were to write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour. It was challenging avoiding these words. I had several false starts and edits before finally getting my idea across, which is…
  2. @klw_colorfulco

    Digital Story Critque


    This week I completed a critique about a TED talk featuring data collection and presentation.  I thought this to be an effective way to present material in my own works later, so I decided to watch and learn more about data visualization.

    “Data is the new soil”

    Presentation & Performace:…

  3. @cilantro_12

    Eating Brains: Feeding the Writing Hunger


    As I draw nearer to the creation of my own digital story, I find myself drawing inspiration from some of the well-known and the lesser-known authors of the horror genre. I have been “picking their brains” for tips, tricks, ideas, and words of wisdom for how to get started writing …

  4. @cilantro_12

    The First Wave


    What happens to the soul when a human being dies? Moreover, what happens to the soul when a human being becomes one of the walking dead? Both of these questions invite sensitive conversations usually involving religion, science, or philosophy. Yet, despite decades of talk, both of these questions remain to …

  5. @klw_colorfulco

    Scholarship Response: Week 11


    This week I found a piece about advanced eLearning through digital storytelling.  This scholarly review was well written and organized, presenting digital storytelling as the “modern expression or ancient storytelling” this article expressed types of digital storytelling, learning environments, Types of digital stories, and current models for and engaging digital …

  6. @cilantro_12

    Holding Out Against the Zombie Apocalypse?


    Look no further than Machu Picchu! Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth while the rest of the world goes to hell? If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the reasons by 99Covers.com below for sticking out the apocalypse in this …

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