1. @ashstvnz

    Shooting Desk Toys


    I wasn’t able to go anywhere particularly interesting to take some pictures, but rather than use photos from previous trips, I decided to try out some of the composition tips right in my office. . . with desk toys!

    I have several different desk toys and decorations to keep me …

  2. @Katie___Donovan

    Visual Assignment Bank

    Colorize it

    Rating: 3 out of 5.

    For the Colorize It assignment, I had to adjust multiple colors in an image. I edited the photo using Adobe Lightroom. The settings I changed the colors to are in the photos above. Bob Ross says, “Isn’t it fantastic that you can change …

  3. @Katie___Donovan

    Photo Manipulation


    I love photo editing softwares and I edit all of my photos. I think it’s okay to use photoshop to enhance people’s features, but not change who they are and how they look. There is a difference between photoshopping artistically and photoshopping for likes.

    Before After

    A lot of people …

  4. @Katie___Donovan

    Reflecting Photography


    I have been familiar with the majority of these tips for a while now. Every time I photograph I always consider my subjects location, surroundings, and angles. On Thursday, I had a little photoshoot where I used these photography tips. I enjoyed this assignment

    Lines & Cropping

    These two shots …

  5. @ashstvnz

    Week 4 Summary


    It’s digital photography week! I have to say I was excited when I read the week’s topic. I have always had some interest in photography (haven’t we all?), but it usually was something I did with friends when I was younger or since did on my own. I definitely enjoyed …

  6. @thisist00hard

    Week Four Summary


    This week was all about photography and photo editing. We had readings about modern photography, famous photographers, photo manipulation, and photography tips. We were also supposed to connect with others in the class on discord and twitter. I didn’t do this very well, because it’s a little uncomfortable to comment …

  7. @thisist00hard

    Daily Create – Week Four


    Three daily creates for this week again. I did “dot day”, “please_____________thank you” and. For dot day, I found a picture of a simple connect the dots on Google and drew it in my notes app on my iPhone. I screen recorded myself connecting the dots and posted it. For …

  8. @thisist00hard

    Assignment Bank – Visual


     For this week’s assignment bank, we had to do eight stars worth of visual assignments. Like last week I picked two assignments rated at about four stars. They didn’t take long and I actually finished both in one night. I prefer the visual assignments over the writings we did last …

  9. @thisist00hard

    Photo Manipulation


    Photo manipulation has come a long way over the years and is now accessible to everyone. Photoshop is the main app used for photo manipulation, but many alternatives are available as well. With all of these tools available, we are able to change our photos by adding filters, fix blemishes, …

  10. @thisist00hard

    Jim Richardson


    Jim Richardson is a photographer and his photos appear frequently in National Geographic Magazine. His work has taken him all over the world. His photos primarily focus on nature and traditions from different cultures around the world. I chose some of my favorites from his Small World Gallery. In all …

  11. @Katie___Donovan

    The Art of Photography


    As much as I love taking photos, I prefer to live in the moment at events that are special to me. A lot of friends and family ask me to bring a camera, but sometimes I want to be apart of the excitement rather than snapping photos in the background. …

  12. @ashstvnz

    Week 4 Daily Creates


    For International Dot day, I used one of the cupcakes I’d made the day before! I considered trying to use food dye in some manner to create dots, maybe even a tie dye dot effect, however I knew this would take me longer than it should (not to mention, I’d …

  13. @ashstvnz

    Something Unexpected


    This evening I found myself wandering around looking at everything I passed by wondering how each object might look super close up. I was trying to find just the right object (or animal, but my dog’s a bit squirmy) to take a very close-up photo which could trick an audience. …

  14. @thisist00hard

    Photography Is (not) Dead


    Photography plays a very big role in our lives, even if we’re not a photographer. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much storage I have on my phone, my camera roll seems to take up the most storage. We take pictures all of the time – screenshots …

  15. @baseball_noochy

    The Memo

    This is a “malaphor” (a combination of metaphors) and I chose a familiar “I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it”…
  16. @baseball_noochy


    After doing some research, I was tasked with recreating my own attempts at photography. Following the research I realized I had a picture that already followed some techniques on the far right. Then I brought a buddy and went looking for a good picture. The two on the left where…
  17. @baseball_noochy

    The Celtic


    Jim Richardson, a renown nation geographic photographer known for over 50 article contributions to their website captured these incredible images. He has such a good eye for depth and balance within his images. I love his sense of scale and how he uses the image to show you what you …

  18. @baseball_noochy

    The Camera Captures

    Photography has and will always evolve with it's respective era and circumstance. I was tasked with reading The Guardian's Article on "The Death of Photography", and give my personal evaluation on the issue. From my stance a photographs more common purpose is social; to share what you've done or where…

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