1. @Katie___Donovan

    Week Three Summary


    This week, I created four new blog posts and connected with people through twitter and discord. First, I watched Kurt Vonnegut’s video and wrote the Shapes of Avatar blog over it. I talked about my favorite show and connected it to his shapes of stories.

    Next, I worked on Daily

  2. @Katie___Donovan

    Assignment Bank Part 2

    Dream It…Write It!

    Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

    I had a nightmare where I couldn’t get away from this scary girl with long black hair. The dream began at Walmart. I ran to my car but she still followed. I quickly drove home. When I went inside, she was standing …

  3. @ashstvnz

    Week 3 Summary


    This week we focused on the storytelling side of digital media for our main projects, and kept things spicy with some more Daily Creates throughout the week.

    Watching Kurt Vonnegut define a story’s shape was both entertaining and enlightening. I doubt I’ve ever thought of a story in graph form …

  4. @ashstvnz

    Week 3 Daily Creates


    This time around I did what we were supposed to do and went with whatever the Daily Create was posted for each day that I completed one. From now on, I’ll stick to this process. I definitely see the benefit of viewing what others create in real time, rather than …

  5. @ashstvnz

    The Wordy Foodie


    Ok. I will preface this post by saying that often when I study or do homework in general, I like to listen to various classical piano playlists on Spotify. There’s a reason that what I wrote has the tone it does and it’s no accident, though I didn’t totally realize …

  6. @ashstvnz

    Haiku of Champions


    The moon in the sky

    Shining bright on the water

    Flowers bend to wind

    And here I will sit

    Ponder with me if you please

    Not the sparkling stars,

    flying comets, or

    your existential questions.

    Instead let us ask

    What we yearn to know.

    Is this “haiku” enough yet?

    The …

  7. @ashstvnz

    The Shape of Fallout 4


    Fallout 4 is easily identifiable as a tragedy. The main character, aka the “Sole Survivor”, aka you, does not start out in unfortunate circumstances, however.

    Your house, pre-war.

    In the game’s first few cutscenes we see that you have a nice home in a nice neighborhood, a spouse you …

  8. @Katie___Donovan

    Week Two Summary


    To be honest, I underestimated how long it would take me to do all of these assignments. I’m not much of a writer, and it was hard for me to find the motivation to complete this week’s blogs as well as a bunch of writing assignments for other classes. I …

  9. @Katie___Donovan

    Daily Create Activities

    This Song Does Not Exist (Until it Does)

    Recently, I have seen a lot of AI creations on social media. People have been asking AI’s to create paintings and write stories. However, this was the first time I have seen an AI song write. I think this website was intriguing. …

  10. @ashstvnz

    Week 2 Daily Creates


    In choosing between various ds106 Daily Creates, I decided to use the Random option with the idea that I’d commit to whatever came up.


    This helped to keep my creates different enough from one another and forced me to work with whatever I was given.

    After I completed each …

  11. @thisist00hard

    Week Two Summary


    Looking at the assignments for this week, I felt pretty overwhelmed. Skimming the page, it looked like we had a lot of readings to do and a lot of blog post to write. Mistakenly, I didn’t even really start on anything until Wednesday. If I would have started on Monday …

  12. @thisist00hard

    Daily Create


    This week we had to choose 4 daily create prompts to do. They don’t take too long and are pretty easy to make. The 4 I did include, your hand as a flag, Godzilla Haiku, a song, and Sashiko art. To create these, I mostly used Picsart and Google Draw. …

  13. @thisist00hard

    Left Shark is a Big Deal Apparently


    So everyone remembers left shark right? If you don’t, I’ll sum it up for you. At the 2015 Super Bowl, pop sensation, Katy Perry, did a high energy performance, including a beach themed version of her hit single, “Teenage Dream”. As her shark costumed backup dancers performed along with her, …

  14. @thisist00hard

    Assignment Bank


    This week, we were assigned to pick 3 projects from the DS106 assignment bank. I chose to do a video assignment, gif assignment, and a design assignment. At first I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to do based on its …

  15. @Katie___Donovan

    Assignment Bank

    Sports Play Gif

    For this assignment, I created a gif of my favorite sports play. I decided to take pictures of my brother shooting a layup. He may not be a professional player, but I am a fan of his passion for the sport. I continuously shot 12 photos and …

  16. @Katie___Donovan

    Creating from Ideas


    I thought Everything is a Remix was very educating. The video started off by stating that everything is a remix, just like the title says. Kirby Ferguson says that the highest-grossing films are remakes or adaptations from books or comics. This made me think about what movies I have watched …

  17. @ashstvnz

    The Perils of Public Domain


    I remember hearing about a photographer who was suing Getty Images a few years ago, but I had never looked into the details. After reading an article from 2016, which presents the case and what lead to it, I became a little more invested than when I’d simply heard …

  18. @thisist00hard

    Remix (not finished)


    Write a reflective blog post on what you learned from the film. What is the basic point of view of the creators of these films regarding copyright? Who might hold the opposite point of view? In what ways does copyright impact creativity? What questions did the films raise as you …

  19. @thisist00hard

    Share MY Creativity


    This week’s assignment started out with reading Austin Kleon’s article, Share Your Creativity. Overall, he talks about different ways to share your projects with others, but also observe and learn from other projects. The idea that resonated with me the most is to never quit. This phrase has been …

  20. @Katie___Donovan

    Week One Summary


    The first week of class has been interesting. I have never made a blog before, but I enjoyed working on these assignments. I was frustrated at first with creating my website. WordPress made it difficult for me to move elements in my page to where I would like them. I …

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