1. lpickel0809

    Playlist Poetry


    This DS106 assignment asks you to venture into a playlist of musical proportions that you have stored on your computer. Once you’re there, you have to arrange the songs from your files into a coherent sentence, poem, or funny story based on their titles. Then save the photo via uploading …

  2. timshel10

    Skills Video Tutorial





    This is my video tutorial for the create a skills video assignment. I used screen-o-matic to record a video of a video.  This is a tutorial on how to complete the skills video assignment as well as how to use screen-o-matic when you are in a pinch…

  3. aubricmiddleton

    Six-Word Memoir Tutorial


    For this tutorial, I used an app called Studio on my iPhone. I started with the picture above, and opened the app on my phone.


    To upload the picture to the app, I pressed the green button with the ‘plus’ sign in the bottom left hand corner and selected …

  4. lindseymeown

    Supercut It: DS106 Video Assignment


    This assignment asked that I “create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure.”

    The first thing I thought of was Obama’s repetition of “let me be clear,” but it turns out that TIME magazine and the …

  5. timshel10

    Full Metal Jacket


    For this assignment you create a misleading T.V. guide synopsis of a movie or show that uses actual facts to distort the story.  I chose the film Full Metal Jacket and make it sound almost patriotic or noble in its portrayal of Marine life.  I think Stanley Kubrick had different …

  6. timshel10

    Atomic Apocalypse





    For this assignment you were supposed to create a visual of your biggest fear outside your window. I am not actually really that afraid of an atomic winter, but typically rather than look at actual (internal) fears, people like to find some external to attach their …

  7. gbeetsch

    Sardonic Mashup


    For this assignment you are asked to do the following:

    “The concept is to mashup something along the lines of a public apology, a commercial, a pandering political speech or anything you’d like to mock for the public good.”


    I used Academy Award Acceptance Speeches from Cuba Gooding Jr, …

  8. aubricmiddleton

    Six Word Memoir



     “As an autobiographical challenge, the six-word limitation forces us to pinpoint who we are and what matters most – at least in the moment. The constraint fuels rather than limits our creativity.”

    -Larry Smith

    For the Six Word Memoir Assignment, you have to think through how you would …

  9. gbeetsch

    Recipes with Haiku


    For this assignment, you are asked to create a recipe using haiku.

    “Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions!”

    When I think of recipes, there is one that stands out in …

  10. Olivia Teague

    Illustrated Lyrics Post


    I loved seeing different photos and getting to choose what lyrics I wanted to put on it because so many people use lyrics already written to compare and express themselves through. I loved doing this assignment because yes I am one of those people who listens to music and each …

  11. Olivia Teague

    DS106 Assignment #1.


    The assignment says to pick a historically significant event and write a journal entry as if I traveled back in time and took place in it.

    Dear Journal;

    Today has been a very long day. What with the North attacking the South. If only they knew how lovely us women …

  12. britta315

    Illustrated Lyrics


    I chose the My Favorite Lyric assignment where you amplify a lyric that stands out to you by turning it into a visual.  To do this, I added the lyrics to an edited picture that I had saved on Pinterest by adding a text box to the photo in a …

  13. britta315

    Shakespearean Cats


    I chose the Shakespearean LOLcat assignment where you combine a cat picture with an appropriate Shakespeare quote.  Because I don’t particularly like cats, I chose a Shakespeare quote with a negative connotation and found a picture by searching for “mean cats” on Google images.  I then added text to the …

  14. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #10 – Digital Teacher Identity


    I think the first step in establishing my credible online identity as a teacher is to evaluate my facebook page, and likely make a new one. I made facebook when it first came out and used it often like many from my generation, but I fell off of it quickly. …

  15. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #9 – Reading and Writing Online


    Here is a trajectory of what a typical 3-4 page research paper looks to me.

    What’s irritating in this whole process for me is my inability to focus on a task. I have the uncanny, and terrible trait to procrastinate for as long as I can humanly get away with. …

  16. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #8 – Transmedia Franchise


    For my discussion of a transmedia franchise, I chose Star Wars, a franchise I am very familiar with. Since the franchise’s inception in the 70′s from the mind of George Lucas, it has spread like wild fire to every available facet of interpretation whether literature, gaming, clothing just to list …

  17. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #7 – DS106 Assignment C


    For the third ds106 assignment I did the Animated 2600 assignment under the gif category. It appealed to me because of how simply ridiculous older games look and seeing how far we’ve progressed in terms of what we can animate with machinery, and it’s a sort of homage to an …

  18. heathermarietee

    ds106C: Post”Secret”


    For my last ds106 post, I chose the visual assignment, Post Secret. The task is not to write a secret at all, but to write a dream or aspiration on a post-it note– in my case, I used flower post-its– and take a picture. I had two ideas for …

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