1. rachelburel

    DS106 Assignment (C)- Love: In Three Frames


    For this assignment, I had to use three photos to tell as story about a relationship between myself and something that I love. So, I chose to do a story board of my cat, Ponyo. I really enjoyed doing this project because aside from the graphics that I got to …

  2. rachelburel

    DS106 Assignment (B) – Not Quite Norma Jean


    For this assignment, you remake the classic “Marilyn Monroe Expressions Sheet” with your own self portraits. I tried to get mine similar to the original, but I added in my own silly personality. No make up, no editing, just the many faces of me!

  3. rachelburel

    DS106 Post (A) – Lyric Typography Poster


    For this assignment, you’re suppose to pick your favorite lyric from a song and use different forms of typography to illustrate it. I chose to use my favorite Mayday Parade lyric, ” And knowing that for someone you’re an angel sent to save…” It’s a lyric that means a lot …

  4. Keri Tomlin

    ds106 Choice Assignment C


    Compassion by Keri Tomlin

    I am asked a lot why I am going into teaching. There are a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest one is because no one was really there for me growing up and I felt pretty alone. My parents were in the military, so …

  5. Keri Tomlin

    ds106 Choice Assignment B


    Times are a changin’ fanfic pic by Keri Tomlin

    These are some of my closest friends. We went to visit Duke University in North Carolina to visit a chapter of our fraternity (co-ed). While walking around, we found some railroad tracks. I thought it was funny that no matter how …

  6. thisisjeska

    DS106 “Cat Breading”


    This assignment was a simple one. It was to follow the random craze of “Cat breading” by taking a picture of your cat with a piece of bread around it’s head. I’ve really never paid much attention to these weird things but felt like I might as well. My cat …

  7. aloradanielle

    GIF from Blade Runner


    The assignment was to create a GIF from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. I chose a scene from Blade Runner  which is one of my favorite movies. The scene I chose is when Roy delivered his famous “like tears in the rain” speech minutes …

  8. aloradanielle

    Makeup Your Pet




    This is my sister’s, tiny-toy poodle, Panda.





    This assignment can be found here. I took a picture of Panda and photoshopped some makeup and accessories on her.


  9. sjhthompson2013

    DS 106 Assignment A (Hayden Thompson)


    It took some time to find the perfect childhood photo to bomb, but I found one. Pictured are myself and my Aunt Beverly, apparently singing or something. My picture was from when I bombed my cousin’s “look what I got for Christmas” picture. It goes without saying that I’m kind …

  10. mcalisterbailey

    ds106 Assignment B


    This assignment was simply to write as many things i am thankful for as i could in ten seconds. It seemed easy enough, but when i actually did it, i realized that i ran out of things to write before my ten seconds were even up. I guess this just …

  11. pmdelong94

    ds106 Assignment B- Splash the Color


    I chose to recolor the corsage my boyfriend got for me for my senior prom. The ribbon in it was such a vivid blue, that I thought it would be a really pretty picture to make black and white and then color splash it. I uploaded my picture to this …

  12. pmdelong94

    ds106 Assignment A- Makeup your pet!


    These are two of my cats, Mr. Whiskers(left) and Socks(right). I chose to make them look like sassy women even though both of them are boys I used pixlr to edit them, I uploaded my picture and then just used the paint tools to put their makeup on.

    Link to

  13. lexysmolko

    Ds106 Assignment B–Cartoon The Head!


    For this assignment, I take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. One of the best cartoons of all time is The Regular Show, which features a blue-jay named Mordecai & his best friend, a raccoon named Rigby. I took real photos of a …

  14. hshanise

    What A Crappy Font Can Do (Assignment A)


    The assignment was to take a popular logo and use a “crappy” font to see how much the logo would change. I chose to take the Google logo and use Windings for a couple reasons. One, I hate the font and think it’s terrible. Two, it sort of goes with …

  15. tyvee

    Ds106 Assignment B : Six Word Memoir


    The purpose of this assignment was to have a six word autobiographical quote and a picture that illustrated it. I decided on this assignment because I tend to be very wordy and I wanted to see if I could adequately sum up some aspect of my life in a mere …

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