1. heathermorris988

    Common Everyday Object – ds106B


    I use these headphones all the time so I thought they would be the perfect object to mess with. I placed them on the top of my laptop which gave a really cool background manipulate. The colors were originally pretty bland, but now the overall picture stands out really well.…

  2. eatmatzi

    D6106 Assignment 1


    Unlikely Intersections: For my first assignment, I wanted to post a picture of an ironic street sign. Besides the fact that money and cash are incorporated in the sign, this actual stop sign is in Vegas, where money/cash seems to come and go faster than you realize.


  3. tyvee

    Multiply yourself ds106 assignment 1


    Here is my “failed” attempt at the Multiply yourself assignment, I chose this one because it seemed really cool and I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it turned out to be. Either way it’s more than one me in the picture so I still completed my task…

  4. laurenbowne

    Haiku Recipe


    Making ginger tea

    is spicy relaxation

    in the afternoon

    Water heats until

    bubbling in the kettle

    it steams wet, humid

    Water is poured

    cup filled, hot to touch

    a saucer helps

    Spoonfuls of honey

    yes, dissolve in hot waters

    add the tea bag now

    It’s hard waiting

    fifteen minutes is …

  5. lexysmolko

    DS106 Assignment: Unlikely Intersections


    The assignment is to take a real life, photo-shopped free photo of an ironic street name. Cemetery Street & its dead end are found in Athens, Georgia.



    Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/unlikely-intersections/

  6. aloradanielle

    GIF animate your day like Ben.


    Here’s my attempt at animating my day through GIFs. The assignment can be found here. I didn’t do my entire day, but a pretty good portion is represented.

    I usually begin my day frantically flipping through my daily planner to see what homework I need to finish. On this …

  7. rachaelcarlea

    DS 106 Post #1 Splash the Color


    I choose to take a picture of my godson and change it to black and white. Then after that I took his shirt and made it have its color again. I choose his shirt because it has a lot of colors in it and it brings the picture to life.…

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