1. supracharged

    Lab Exercise 6 (Packet Sniffing With Wireshark)


    Objectives: We were to download Wireshark to use it’s packet sniffing capabilities on our network. Then we were to do the following activities while Wireshark captured the incoming and outgoing data:

    Browse a webpage on a server outside of campus Perform a file transfer to an FTP server Test our…
  2. saramariee39

    Java Story Book Application


    For my sophomore project class, I have decided to make an interactive story book application by using java code and my own drawings. I had started my project by doing research on children oriented applications and animation java code. My idea for the story pictures is: Picture Storyboard. My …

  3. supracharged

    Mid-Semester Progress for Digital Media Project


    I am about to hit the road to Sealy, TX where the TX2K14 event is being held, as tradition. This is the 15th year of this event, and I’m excited to be attending for my second time. I have been studying the videos posted by 1320Video, HighTechCorvette, and ThatRacingChannel on …

  4. a7xpetrock

    Lab 6


    Objectives: We downloaded Wireshark so we could start packet sniffing the activity on our computer. We were then supposed to:

    Browse a webpage on a server outside of campus do a file transfer to an FTP server test connectivity to a host with Ping Acquire a network address with DHCP…
  5. a7xpetrock

    Mid-Semester Progress – Beauty and the Beast


    I am working on the “Transformation Effect” for the Salina Community Theater’s version of Beauty and the Beast. This project requires me to work mostly in Adobe After Effects, which is essentially Photoshop for video editing. I have made a lot of progress in learning the program with the help …

  6. a7xpetrock

    Lab 5


    Objectives: We downloaded our Web Server software and tested to see if it worked accurately, then we downloaded FTP daemon for file sharing across the webserver.

    Equipment List: at least two computers, Apache Web Server Program, and Filezilla FTP Daemon. I also remembered to bring my brain. 

    Notes and Observations: …

  7. supracharged

    Lab Exercise 5 (Web & FTP Services)


    Objectives: Download the software for a web server, and create one that is locally hosted on our computer. Use multiple web addresses to reach the same page. Create a new page in a text editor and change the html file for the homepage. Download an FTP daemon and create a …

  8. supracharged

    Lab Exercise 4 (Exploring TCP/IP Networks Part 1)


    Objectives: We were to build an operational TCP/IP network using IPv4 addressing. We worked in groups to create two separate networks, then configured a router so the two networks could be connected to one another.

    Equipment List: Multiple Computers, a router, two switches, multiple CAT5 cables

    Notes and Observations: We …

  9. a7xpetrock

    Lab 4


    Objectives: We constructed a stand-alone, operational TCP/IP network using IPv4 addressing. So we had to work in groups to create 2 separate networks and then configure a router so our networks were connected to each other.

    Equipment List: Several computers, 2 switches, a router, and a plethora of CAT5 cables. …

  10. supracharged

    Lab Exercise 3 (OSI Model)


    Objectives: Our goals in our third lab were to learn about the OSI Model in order to better understand modern computer networks.

    Equipment List: A computer with internet access.

    Notes and Observations: Our first task was to open the command prompt. Once in the program, we entered “ipconfig / all” …

  11. a7xpetrock

    Lab 3


    Objectives: Our objective for the third lab was to learn about the OSI model as a method of understanding modern computer networks.

    Equipment List: A computer connected to the internet.

    Notes and Observations: I used windows as my OS for this lab. The first thing I did was open up …

  12. supracharged

    Optional Cable Making Lab Exercise (Lab 2)


    Objectives: The objectives for this lab were to create a straight-through cable, which is used to connect a computers NIC to a Hub. We were also to create a crossover cable which allows two different computers to share files while connected. 

    Equipment: Crimp tool, wire cutter, 3-feet of CAT5 UTP, …

  13. a7xpetrock

    Lab 2


    Objectives: Our objectives for this optional lab were to create a straight-through cable, which is used to connect a computers NIC to a Hub. I also created a crossover cable which allows 2 computers to share files. 

    Equipment List: Crimp tool, wire cutter, 3-foot length of CAT5 UTP, 2 RJ-45 …

  14. supracharged

    Networking Lab 1


    Objectives: The objectives for our first lab were:

    1. Create a blog.

    2. Join/ Edit the Networking Class Wiki.

    3. Create a Diigo account and join the KSU Networking Diigo Group, then share a webpage on that group.

    4. Write a lab report and post it here.

    Equipment List: A …

  15. a7xpetrock

    Nicholas Simpson 2014-02-09 12:41:14


    Objectives: Our objectives for this first lab were:

    1. Make a blog

    2. Edit the Networking Wiki

    3. Join Diigo and the KSU Networking Diigo Group, and share a webpage on the KSU group

    4. Write a lab report(aka this) for the lab.

    Equipment List: A computer connected to the …

  16. shelbyweidner

    Pop Art


       Pop Art is the movement in art when artists  began to create art with the subject of things that are the iconic in nature  such as famous people, advertising, and movies. The British and the American  people were responsible for setting off this type of art in the 1950′s and  …

  17. a7xpetrock

    Working Digitally Topic


    Photoshop has always been an interest of mine. I think Photoshop artists are some of the most creative people and I would like to learn more about them. Not many people realize it, but Photoshop artists are pretty important in todays world. They create amazing works of art and keep …

  18. supracharged

    Living/Working Digitally-Social Media Marketer


    I’ve been doing some research into what Social Media Marketing can do for a business. It is such a critical factor now that Digital Media has taken over the world as we know it. It’s been stated that it is even harmful to your business if you choose to try …

  19. saramariee39

    Video Clips of Living Digitally


    For the next part of my project, I have to collect video clips on my topic (3-D graphic design) and also on living digitally. These video clips should show how the world has became more digital. Also, it will show you what 3-D graphic design really is all about. So …

  20. supracharged

    Living Digitally Topic


    Social Media Marketer

    I have chosen to cover Social Media Marketer because it is what I intend to do in the future as part of my career, I also am already managing the Social Media presence for my current employer.


    Business Owners Speak Out on Impact of Social Media-…
  21. a7xpetrock

    Living Digitally Research


    My project I’m researching is Photoshop Artists. I have had an interest in photoshop for a while, and I love learning about different aspects of the program. I think it is amazing that people can create such beautiful works of art in a computer program. I am having a difficult …

  22. saramariee39

    Working & Living Digitally


    What is working and living digitally? Well lets break the words apart. Digitally refers to something that is done using technology. Working and living, well that is simple enough, it is what you do and where/how you live. Now to put them all back together you get something you do …

  23. shelbyweidner



    This photo represents Fear. It is supposed to show how one is scared of the weight of the world falling on them.

  24. saramariee39

    Networking Lab 8


    Objectives: To edit a video

    Equipment: computer, Sony Vegas, YouTube

    Notes and Observations: First I downloaded the Hitchcock video given to us in the lab by typing pwn in front of the url and then downloading it as a mp4. Next I found a quick Gangnam Style video and downloaded …

  25. greyartist

    Networking Lab 7


    Objectives: To build a network and include subnets within it. To configure the router(s) so all of the terminals can be connected and utilize the subnets.

    Equipment list: Routers(3), crossover cable, cat5 cables, computers, downloaded a hyperterminal to configure the routers

     Notes and Observations: This proved to be a difficult …