1. hjohnson

    No Media?


    Media fast

    -The Before-

    I woke up the morning that I was going to do the Media Fast and my first feeling was dread. No media meant no cell phone and that was going to be the hardest part for me. Its not that I need to be in constant …

  2. saramariee39

    Media Fast


    For my digital media class we were told to give up media/electronics for a 24 hour period. This doesn’t seem to hard but it actually is in the world we live in now. I am always on a computer or on my phone so this assignment seemed impossible. Here’s how …

  3. a7xpetrock

    Black History Month – Essays


    Gordon Freeman was born in Fort Scott, Kansas. He was the first African American photographer for Life Magazine. He was interested in photography when he was around 25. He was a freelance portrait and fashion photographer for a while. He wrote a book called “The Learning Tree” and adapted it …

  4. a7xpetrock

    Media Fast


    For this assignment we were to abstain from all forms of media, including music, cell phones, television and the internet for a 24 hour period. I started my fasting when I finished class on Friday at 1:30 p.m. I headed back to my dorm room. I felt relieved in the …

  5. supracharged

    My 24 Hour Media Fast


    Alright so I’ll start out by saying, I kind of cheated on this whole Media Fast deal. I chose to start it at 10:00 pm Thursday night, just as I was going to bed. Oh well, it all worked out in the end. So obviously I slept all night, and …

  6. saramariee39

    What I Learned 2


    I learned quite a bit in class this week. We learned the different topologies and the difference between LAN and WAN. Another thing we learned was about hubs/repeaters and bridges/switches. The last thing we learned was the layers of the OSI model and what they are. All of what we …

  7. saramariee39

    Lab 2


    Objectives: To learn how to make straight-through cables, crossover cables, and patch panels.

    Equipment list: Crimp tool, wire cutter, 3-foot length of CAT5 UTP, two RJ-45 connectors, simple network system, and something to check that cables are working properly

    Notes and Observations: When making straight-through cables and crossover cables the …

  8. saramariee39

    Hattie McDaniel


    McDaniel was born in 1895. She was a native of Wichita, Kansas. She was known for her acting and singing/songwriting. When she was 5, her family moved to Colorado. She graduated from Denver East High School. Her brother was also an actor. He was the butler in a shot film …

  9. saramariee39

    Gwendolyn Brooks


    Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1917. She was an African American poet. Throughout her life she faced racism with her neighbors and at school. Brooks attended high school at Hyde park High which happened to be the leading high school in Chicago in whites. She had transferred schools …

  10. saramariee39

    Benjamin “Pap” Singleton


    Singleton was born in 1809. He was a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up he was a slave and had been sold several times. He managed to escape each time and finally fled to Canada. He had then traveled to multiple different towns before returning after the end of the …

  11. greyartist

    Week 3

    I didn’t do as well this week as I did in the first 2. I’ve had some issues locating the blogs of my classmates and I ran short on time to complete everything I would have liked to. I’m finding it hard to keep up working 4-5 days a week…
  12. saramariee39

    Week 3


    This week has been a pretty easy week homework wise. I didn’t come accross any struggles or obstacles. Everything seemed to flow by perfectly. A few future assignments I have took time to think about and get ideas for. As for assignments I have actually finished this week I did …

  13. a7xpetrock

    Black History Month


    My first idea for doing a Black history month poster would have to be with the famous and successful american photographer and filmmaker, Gordon Parks, who is from Fort Scott, Kansas. He was the first African american photographer for Life Magazine, wrote and adapted to film “The Learning Tree” as …

  14. hjohnson

    This Week..


    Since I missed last week, this will be my first reflection.

    This week in class we took a look at audio sampling. We compared analog Vs. Digital. I honestly had not thought that much about it. I know I had heard music enthusiasts complain how digital doesn’t capture the fullness …

  15. supracharged

    Black History Month Poster Ideas w/ Reasons


    In reference to my previous list of ideas for our Black History Month posters, I’ve been asked to give some background information on each topic, and expand on my interests relating to each. So here you go…

    1.Brown vs. Board of Education- My interest in this stems from the fact …

  16. supracharged

    Week 3 Summary


    Things were a lot simpler this week. Didn’t feel any sense of being overwhelmed. Although I haven’t done much on here.. I did a couple of ds106′s daily create assignments, which can be found on my flickr account here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/supracharged/ .. Otherwise, you can see the other posts I’ve made …