1. jmcmahan46

    Remix #2


    This remix required an advertisement.  So tomorrow you can get a free DS106 hamburger. You can find the assignment remix at the remix link.  Every time you click on it you will have to do something different.

  2. jmcmahan46

    Remixes #1


    This week we are to remix 2 of our assignments.  The remix generator asked me to add Waldo to the bumper sticker that I made.  You can follow the link to the remix assignment, but every time you go there it will ask you to do something else.

  3. kochnick

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    Here is the link to the assignment on DS106: Link

    Star Value: 4 stars

    And here is my photo! Can you spot the different movie that is incorporated?

    The reason that I chose Christmas Vacation, is because Cousin Eddie is my host character for this class. Hopefully you enjoy this …

  4. jmcmahan46

    10 Second Song Mashup


    This assignment is from the ds106 assignment bank and is worth 3 stars.  Your supposed to mix short pieces of 5 or six songs and people are supposed to guess the artist or band.  This one should be pretty easy to figure out.

  5. jmcmahan46

    The @IamTalkyTina Headswap


    It looks like Talking Tina has been etched into history and is now a part of our national park system.

    This assignment is from the ds106 assignment bank and is worth 2.5 stars. It was not that hard to do,  I just cropped Tina’s head and added it to Mount …

  6. jmcmahan46

    Mashing Friends And Emojis


    This assignment was to mix an emoji with a friend.  We also had to work our host character in this weeks assignments.  The good news is you can now see how the Anonymous Host really feels.

    This assignment is currently worth 3.5 stars.

  7. jmcmahan46

    #tdc1402 Bridge over troubled water


    This is my bridge over troubled water.  The way the photo turned out it looks like you might be able to find a body under that bridge.

    I took this with my cell phone tonight since I didn’t have my camera with me.  actually the way I see it the …

  8. HOME

    the love of speed final


    This is the wrap up of the love of seed. This week I worked on final editing of the short. I used mostly Adobe Premier Pro cc. I had hoped to do a bunch of stuff in Adobe After Effects. My computer however, had different plans. I think this project …

  9. kochnick

    Week 11 Summary


    So this week was actually very easy. For me it was all about video editing and getting my mini-documentary ready to go. So in this blog post, I am going to go over some of the things that went well for me and a few challenges.

    *I am not going …

  10. jmcmahan46

    DS106 Winter Hat


    This is the new DS106 winter hat.  The exterior is pretty plain because all of the awesome is on the inside.

    This is what it looks like on the inside.  Do not remove until spring!

  11. kochnick

    Week 10 Summary


    Yes, this is a day late but the KANSAS CITY FREAKING ROYALS WON A WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, let’s get to this week.

    The first thing that we were to do was the video assignment/scene summary. You can click here to find that.

    The next thing we were to do …

  12. kochnick

    Video Assignment


    This scene is coming from one of the greatest produced movies of all time. Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors and directs all in the same person. This scene is one that especially stands out in my mind. The camera work is just what you would expect from …

  13. HOME

    week in review 11-1-15


    This week, I will admit, was one of my favorite. We have been tasked with filming a documentary. My documentary is going to be called “The Love of Speed.” It is about a guy who as a teen had a bright future in the motocross world. Unfortunately, he broke his …

  14. jmcmahan46

    Week 10 summary.


    Week 10 is down. I have started and have a plan to make my documentary.  I had to run a couple of miles this morning to get video of my target.  I don’t really want to say much about my target I want it to be a mystery until the …

  15. jmcmahan46

    Video essay of Shaun of The Dead.


    The photography methods used in Shaun Of The Dead was simply awesome.  Throughout the film Shaun is pretty mush the main focus of the camera.  As Shaun goes on with his ho hum life an entire story is filmed in the back ground that he seems unaware of.  In the …

  16. jmcmahan46

    Create a missing poster.


    Help me find Pat the Pig.  He ran away recently.  He has three legs and a wooden peg leg.  He lost a leg last Christmas.  We would like to have him home for Thanksgiving Dinner. If you find Him call 1-785-EAT-PORK.

  17. jmcmahan46

    Create a missing poster.


    Help me find Pat the Pig.  He ran away recently.  He has three legs and a wooden peg leg.  He lost a leg last Christmas.  We would like to have him home for Thanksgiving Dinner. If you find Him call 1-785-EAT-PORK.

  18. HOME

    week in review Oct 25, 2015


    This week was an easy one. We were sort of left to our own devices. Most of my assignments revolved around design. I made a center fold advertisement, a Art piece and a poster using the likeness of my instructor, I hope he enjoy’s it.

    Here is some of the …

  19. kochnick

    Week 9 Summary


    This week was very easy in regards to the actual assignments that we needed to do, but very stressful in my day to day life. To start off the week, we were to listen to the radio show that we made  and to the other class’. Click here to read …

  20. HOME

    Daily Create’s for Oct 19 to the 25 of 2015


    This weeks daily create’s were sort of bland in my opinion, I waited tell Friday to start on them because I was waiting for a good one to came up but it never happens so I had to do the last three of the week so here are my weeks …

  21. kochnick

    All 3 Daily Creates


    It was an extremely busy week/weekend, so I am going to put all three daily creates into one blog post.

    Daily Create 1 can be found here

    Daily Create 2 can be found here

    Daily Create 3 can be found here

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