1. @k_heflin

    Hindsight is Always 20/20



    So for our very final assignment, we were asked to give advice for future students. Professor Bond does send out an e-mail before the semester starts warning about the amount of work and time required for the course. Definitely take that e-mail to heart, he’s serious! The work itself …

  2. @megancarey95

    Advice to Future Students


    DS106 was a really hard class with a ridiculous amount of work (for my super lax senior year schedule). I did learn a lot of cool new things though and I’m really glad I toughed it out. The radio show is the worst part. It was hard to work with …

  3. @rayers2umw

    Weekly summary/reflection


    Final project

    This week I worked my butt off on the final project. I had a blast doing it, even though it was hard work. I focused mainly on the areas of audio, video, writing, design, and pictures. The prompt I chose to use was to investigate if Canada and …

  4. @rayers2umw

    Final project


    I have noticed some weird happenings between Russia and Canada. Usually larger countries just make fun of Russia behind its back and move on, but Canada has been different. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Vladimir Putin have been buddy buddy lately from what I have seen. I, Benjamin Agos, …

  5. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuthy Summary 14


    This is it. My last sleuthy summary of the year! Kind of a sad moment if I’m honest.

    This was definitely a cool class that exposed me to many new digital studies. I also really got to explore some creativity that I never knew I was capable of. With a …

  6. @kevinjfrance

    The Final Battle.


    This is Aaron Brand. The Accountant, is what they call him.

    He says he just does people’s taxes. Last time I checked murder and theft weren’t on a W-2 form. This guy has to be stopped, and I’ve been itchin’ to deal out a healthy dose of justice. Here’s my …

  7. @kevinjfrance

    Advice Incoming!


    Heyo prospective ds106 students!

    Here’s some critical things you should know before taking this class:

    Your quality of work and pride in your work will be directly proportional to the amount of time you put into this class. If you want to skate by and not actually make anything cool…
  8. @Samantha_Levy7

    The Final Mission


    Hello agents! This is secret agent Scarlet Jones with a final write up about my final mission as a DS106 Agent. I have worked hard and endlessly on this case and am proud to share my reports and finding with you. A you all know, I recently accepting a case …

  9. @UMWdan

    Next Semester Advice


    What should you know coming into this course?

    Honestly nothing. The less you know the better and you will get the most out of this course not knowing anything coming in. If you have spent a lot of time doing image editing, audio editing/mixing, and video you will be bored …

  10. @slotaheather

    Final Mission





    This week, I decided to explore the undercover agents that were working with The Directorate to expose our agency. The agents ended up being Agent Fawn and Agent Paul Bond. This project was a lot of fun but I spent a lot of time recording and planning …

  11. @A_marillo

    The Directorate’s Spy


    Throughout the week, Callie and I had a busy schedule so it was hard to schedule a time where we could meet up to finish planning the project and then record the mission. However, we found time to meet up on the google docs to think about our other platforms …

  12. @UMWdan

    This is The End


    The end is here and I can’t believe I made it through. I tried to have fun with this project by making a short film with my character Agent Roberts.

    Project Inspiration

    It is not often that I have the opportunity to make a video, so I decided to really …

  13. @tmckenzierich

    Weekly Summary


    This week I have been writing the ridiculous story of Putin and Trudeau and I will admit that I initially struggle to find the right path to take but I am happy with where it ended and I hope some of you guys found it entertaining as well.  Unfortunately for …

  14. @wbschd

    Final Project: Final Weekly Mission Summary


    For the final week of DS106, I collaborated with Cole (“The Accountant”) to determine whether an agent, such as Agent Fawn, was working with The Directorate to gather intelligence on our agents behind our backs… as well as any possible ties The Directorate or Professor Bond had to Russia. I …

  15. @tmckenzierich

    Advice to Incoming Students


    I really did learn a lot about different areas of media and ways of creating and editing things such as audio, images, and video.  I really appreciated that new knowledge from this course.  My best advice would be to definitely stay on top of the assignments because this course is …

  16. @wbschd

    Advice for Future DS106ers


    I have seemingly disjointed pieces of advice that was nonetheless useful to me during my Spring 2017 semester: plan and outline your assignment ideas early on each week, and try to only allocate reasonable amounts of time to complete each of your weekly tasks before giving yourself an initial ‘cut-off’ …

  17. @tmckenzierich

    Mission 106


    After  long night at the office I came home to a folder waiting on my desk.  I hesitate to open it but when I do this is what I find:

    “We have unconfirmed reports that Canada is up to something, so we are looking to defuse the potential situation. Are …

  18. @Markham_McFly

    Advice for future agents


    This was my first and only online class I have ever taken or will ever take. While I did enjoy my time, it wasn’t the experience I was necessarily looking for. To learn a lot in this online class, you need to make sure you are self-motivated enough to put …

  19. @Markham_McFly



    Last week, I chose the topic of uncovering the mystery of who the double agent in ds106 is. For my final project, I went through posts from one of our classmates’ blogs to examine material that would raise flags. I used a software called Slidestory to create my work, and …

  20. @slotaheather

    Dear Future 106 Students….


    Well, there you are. You are a. thinking about taking the class or b. in the class. Well here is your warning that you will get from others, there is a lot of work. Be prepared. When he sends that email at the semester, do not take it lightly. I …

  21. @mingea

    Week 14



    We are finally done.

    My final project consisted of a really long evidence blog post where my agent mac took over the blog. She explains the situation that she was in, how it all started, and how it ended. This was really fun to do cause I got to …

  22. @libcal3

    The Final Update


    This week was the final of the final weeks of DS106. It’s been an exciting a crazy semester. My advice for future DS106 students post really captures the spirit of anything I could say about this course.

    Amari and I worked together to create a interesting and multimedia filled project …

  23. @libcal3

    Explaining Everything

    Creative Warning:

    This blog post is the explanation the full on summary of everything, and I do mean everything (or as close to as possible) that went into the creation of the final project created by Agent Amari and I. So! If you haven’t viewed our final project please go …

  24. @libcal3

    The Directorate’s Spy


    Agent Zero is on a mission. Director Bond of DS106 Headquarters asked Zero for her help in finding out who has been spying on the DS106 agents for the Directorate. The Directorate recently interviewed DS106 agents and concerns sparked that she had a secret mole among the operatives. Agent Zero …

  25. @mingea

    Advise to the newbies


    Hi Newcomers,

    Welcome to DS106, its one hell of a ride.

    My one advice to you is to be creative. The class became enjoyable once I started making all my posts funny. You dont need experience in photoshop, or any software really, but google will become your best friend. I …

  26. @libcal3

    Tips, Tricks, and How to DS106


    Advice any future DS106 student should know

    The number one advice any future DS106 student should know is that you should never underestimate this class.  Now I mean this in a few ways, in terms of time,  in what you can get out of this course at the end, and …

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