1. @A_marillo

    Twitter Polls


    I always participate in a polls on other sites but I never really made one before let alone one that was on Twitter. I was surprised how easy it was. I had several days beforehand to participate in other classmates’ polls before I did mine on Wednesday. I noticed that …

  2. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Week 13 Summary


    Greetings….fellow agents. Seeking out the double agent, I chose agentZero as my choice for interrogation…It seems too obvious that he is the one responsible for current world affairs! Something drastic has to be done about it… Although, it appears he likes Iceland more than Canada….hmm, this will take a deep …

  3. @libcal3

    The Final Mission mission idea


    For the final mission we received four missions that we could choose to take. Agent Amari contacted me to see if I was interested in teaming up again so we decided to work together to solve our final mission. We met up in a shared google doc and hashed out …

  4. @mjryanonline

    The Mission. TOP SECRET.


    Fellow Agents,

    The time has arrived. We have been hearing rumors of the events comprised in this letter for months, so those in charge have deemed it time to brief you on the current situation. As you may be aware, we have sufficient information proving a collusion between Canada and …

  5. @slotaheather

    Daily Create Week 13


    Intersting! We finally know what Professor Bonds favorite weapon is, the exploding rats. These rats are perfect for getting in to locked up places and in places a human can not get. What an intersting choice of weapon!

    Sorry I am late to the party. Here is my question, what …

  6. @rayers2umw

    Final mission progress report


    This week we were assigned to make a plan for our final mission of the semester. I looked through the files we were given and thought that they were all great but there was one that I really liked the most. To quote the excerpt from the final mission page: …

  7. @rayers2umw

    Twitter poll


    At the start of this week I was assigned to create a twitter poll about one of the class’ agents. I chose to ask a question about Agent Zero. I decided to ask what was Agent Zero doing when he left his house yesterday? The answer choices were Prague, McDonalds, …

  8. @Samantha_Levy7

    Final Mission Progress Report


    First off, I am very excited for my final mission! I have read over the information and I think this will be a fun a creative way to end the semester. I think that everything that we have worked on so far this semester has been a great way to …

  9. @Samantha_Levy7

    Polling Results


    And the results are in! For my twitter polls I asked questions about Agent Zero and Agent Kid. I used my questions to help me try to figure out how to incorporate this information into a storyline that I will later need for the final mission. The first poll that …

  10. @libcal3

    Polling Polls


    This is a post about both making and taking polls this week. I was excited about the idea of shaping narratives about the class characters with this weeks polls. I’m going to start off talking about then talk about the ones I took part it and then talk about the …

  11. @hannahbruns7

    Week 12 Summary


    So. I have had a ridiculously crazy week. Finding time between practices and games and projects and life for DS106 was the struggle this week, I’m just being real. I enjoyed the mashup assignments though; I incorporated video into most of the ones I did because I really enjoyed that …

  12. @hannahbruns7

    I’m Ready For My Closeup


    With this assignment, I took 2 unrelated images and combined them using a superimpose app. I used a picture of Kim Kardashian’s face and I put it in place of a baby’s crying face. I had to put the background up and then take the second picture, cut it out, …

  13. @hannahbruns7

    A Changing Character – The Making of a Spy



    This was probably one of my harder pieces I put together. I knew I had to have something that related to my spy and so  I decided to tell the story of how she grew up doing normal things, went to college and graduated, and then met the individual …

  14. @hannahbruns7

    Picture a day


    For this assignment, I took a picture a day from Saturday through Friday. I used imovie to then combine the images and turn it into a movie. I had to line up the faces so it looked better!…

  15. @hannahbruns7

    What Color is Your World? 


    For this assignment, I took a day walked around and photographed everything I saw that was green, outside and in my dorm room. I chose the song “In the Mood” because this sounds like a song they would play during World War II and that reminds me of the military …

  16. @TomWorfolk1

    Week 13 Summary


    This last project will be a great opportunity to use a bunch of techniques that I have been working on throughout the year. My plan for the final project is to use a bunch of assignments that we have done to piece together an opening for my agent and his …

  17. @TomWorfolk1

    Final Project Progress


    Currently still working on the story, I have gone the route of item 2. Agent Frank Underwood will be going on an undisclosed mission to the great white north in hopes of doing a little digging behind the scenes to see if the tip that the agency received has any …

  18. @NickSebenaler

    Party Rock in Reverse


    In this remix I took someone else’s video and played it in reverse. It sounds way different than the original version. This remix was a 3 star remix and thought it was a creative one. Not only can you remix your own work but you can also remix other people’s …

  19. @Samantha_Levy7

    Weekly Summary


    This week I worked on mash ups and remixes. At first it was a little hard having to learn how to use photoshop and other tools. I had to watch several video tutorials to learn how to create a photoshop picture.

    For my first assignment that I created I made …

  20. @NickSebenaler

    Cancer Awareness


    My remix was to make a specific message that supports people who have cancer. So I designed a poster with the website design tool called Canva. It is really important that we can bring hope to all people that are sick. I also think other that aren’t sick should be …

  21. @NickSebenaler

    Hmm Movie Scenes


    Here is a picture. What doesn’t belong in this movie scene? Can you figure it out?

    This assignment was fun. I am getting really good at editing layers of pictures. I am now able to use this skill in many other assignments which is great!



  22. @tmckenzierich

    Where My Shoes Take Me


    This was interesting and almost a little nerve-racking as well.  Mostly for the fact that some of my videos would not convert, but also because it was difficult remembering to whip out my camera and get a shot of my feet wherever I went.  I started out at my girlfriends …

  23. @Samantha_Levy7

    Mash up Tutorial


    For this tutorial I decided to demonstrate how to use Preview to create my movie poster mashup.

    In the first photo you can see the starting point.

    In this second photo you can see the how I annotated the photo. You go to tools and then scroll down to annotate. …

  24. @NickSebenaler

    Close Up View


    I took James Bond and superimposed him with the background of an ocean wave. That is pretty ridiculous. My inspiration for this image is of course our spy theme in the class.

    This assignment wasn’t as difficult as the last one. I am starting to get the hang of editing …

  25. @NickSebenaler

    Holiday Mashup


    In this assignment I picked three holidays and mashed them together into one picture. My inspiration for this was were are nearing Easter and St. Patrick’s day just passed. And also The Fourth of July is coming up. So I wanted to celebrate all of these holidays.

    I have to …

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