1. @megancarey95

    Week 12


    Week 12 had a lot of assignments as part of it, but it was actually fairly easy when compared to the past few weeks. At first I thought coming up with mash ups and remixes was going to be hard, but the assignment descriptions this week were very helpful and …

  2. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuth Summary 12


    This week was cool, I enjoyed the mashups. I wish I was better and more ambitious about the video mashups, but I don’t have a great grasp on it, or a great software choice. So I stuck with images, which I really enjoy fiddling with.

    My daily creates are here:…

  3. @Samantha_Levy7

    Movie Poster Mash up


    Two of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. I decided to do these two movies because I feel like Tom Hanks is compared in both of these movies even though they are completely different and he has completely different rolls in each film.

    To make …

  4. @kevinjfrance



    This remix was just really funny to me. I personally don’t like cats much, which made it cringe worthy to me, and in addition to that, I hate lime-green and sappy quotes. Not a big Shakespeare guy.

    This was really simple to make, but still fun as always. I first …

  5. @UMWdan

    How To Tutorial


    This is tutorial on how to make a product review. Here is my original product review.

    This assignment may seem a little difficult if you think you need to do everything with one take and talk in front of the camera. Good news! You don’t have to. This assignment can …

  6. @kevinjfrance

    Spy Emoji Mashup


    This photo was taken while at a top secret spy meeting. This is my colleague, Agent 00009. This shot of him is currently classified and is by no means allowed to be seen by any outsider of the organization for fear of recognition.

    During this picture, we were discussing the …

  7. @kevinjfrance

    Consumer Mashup


    These two logo mashups were great. The North Face is one of many people’s, including my own, favorite brands and is known for it’s really simple text logo. The cliff logo is from Prudential Financial and is also relatively clean and simple.

    Choosing all black made things really simple and …

  8. @megancarey95

    Movie Mashup Tutorial


    The Movie Mashup is a fairly simple assignment, but how complicated you make is entirely up to you. You can go in whatever direction you want with this assignment. With mine, I went with the theme of our semester of ds106: spies. You’ll want to choose two movies that could …

  9. @UMWdan

    Poster x Waldo Remixed


    In this remixed assignment I took an older post of mine where I made a minimalist poster and then hid waldo somewhere. The remix details can be found here, while the original poster assignment can be found here.

    Because this assignment was minimalist, it is very hard to …

  10. @NickSebenaler

    Tutorial on X-Ray Goggles


    In this blog post I will be going over how to use a neat tool called X-Ray Goggles. They allow you to edit the html and websites and edit the content to whatever you want and you can save your edited html to a local version.

    You will need to…
  11. @kevinjfrance

    Logo Mashup


    Originally, my family and I are from Cleveland and we’re all into sports. So naturally, I knew which couple of teams I could pick from for this assignment.

    This logo is the Cleveland Cavaliers sword logo, mashed up with the Cleveland Browns name and colors. Turned out really cool actually! …

  12. @Markham_McFly

    Canva tutorial


    For my tutorial, I’m presenting how to use my go-to digital design platform; Canva.

    Dubbed “the poor man’s Photoshop” (by me), Canva has many useful features and is easily accessible because it is done on the internet rather than an application. After you go to Canva.com and login using Facebook …

  13. @megancarey95

    Dream Vacation (With Some Help from Uncle Bob)


    For the remix assignment, I remixed the Dream Vacation Pinterest assignment. The remix card I got said “Uncle Bob: Introduce an unexpected character into your assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.” So, I added more pins to my board that were unexpected. My old board of …

  14. @yjangabc

    Time literally flying…


    This week’s assignments were pretty fun, especially since I now know the basics of utilizing iMovie. I did have to learn new skills within iMovie when I created the instructional video. While the process took a while to complete, they were feasible. I am really glad that I had the …

  15. @yjangabc

    iMovie instructional video!


    This was my first ever instructional video, and I must say, it turned out very well! I decided to create an instructional video by placing subtitles to the video so that the viewers can learn much easier. Seeing visual representation is very helpful for me so I figured that it …

  16. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 12


    The week has finally come to an end! Furthermore, this week was all about mashups and remixes.  I commented throughout the week on various post. This week I had to do 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. I always avoided the mashup bank in fear that it would be hard …

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