1. @UMWdan

    Movie Mashup


    For this assignment, worth 4 stars, I had to choose 6 movie clips and stitch them together into a single video. Now it’s your turn to watch this and guess which movies/ tv shows the clips come from.


    —-Spoiler Alert—-

    The answers in order are:

    Hot Fuzz Top…
  2. @mingea

    Mash Up VIdeos


    For my second assignment, I decided to do The contest Nobody Could Win. This assignment was rated 4 stars. I decided to mash up different Melissa Mccarthy movies because I really like them, so why not. I started out with wanting to do spy movies but then I started watching …

  3. @UMWdan

    Close Ups Are Awkward


    This assignment, found here, is worth four stars and required me to use a dramatic close up of someone’s face, and then place it over a scene or landscape. Here is what I came up with.

    Some people may recognize this face, but if you don’t it’s ok. This is …

  4. @A_marillo

    Captain U.N.C.L.E.


    The last assignment I decided to do the assignment called Two Movies, One Line which was worth 3 and ½ stars. This assignment satisfied the 12 stars requirement of Mashup assignments. This assignment was to pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. The hardest part …

  5. @tmckenzierich

    Weekly Summary


    This week has been…a ball of stress for the most part.  I am grateful that these assignments were not too hard to complete and that I am a well seasoned veteran when it comes to iMovie and audio things such as these.  A lot of my assignments had a similar …

  6. @UMWdan

    Just Slap Two Scenes Together


    This assignment, that I found here, was to choose a movie scene and then sneakily edit in another scene, prop, or person. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

    I chose a scene here, from the movie Patriot Games, based on the the book written by Tom Clancy. This scene …

  7. @tmckenzierich

    Techno Viking Remix


    This video is pretty dope by itself but this is the video that synced up the best with the Techno Viking song…which I didn’t really know was a thing until now lol.  So I had to created the original video into an mp3 and then I found this video on …

  8. @yjangabc

    A Dog’s Life


    For this assignment, I found a clip featuring an adorable dog who seems to be quite jealous and also likes to be petted. I used iMovie to cut the part and recorded my voice over it. Enjoy!

    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments1862 …

  9. @megancarey95

    Spy Mash Up


    For this assignment, we were supposed to put two actors together that didn’t originally appear together in a background and blend it all in to make it look believable and natural. I knew I wanted this one to be spy-themed, so I used a picture of Jude Law from the …

  10. @megancarey95

    Hugh Jackman Really Hates Ducklings


    The concept behind this Ready For My Closeup assignment was to take a closeup of someone’s face and put it together with something that contrasts with what their face is suggesting. In this one, I made it look like Hugh Jackman really hates ducklings.

    I used Photoshop to paste Hugh …

  11. @megancarey95

    Jack Bourne


    For the Movie Mashup assignment, I wanted to make it spy-themed and to mashup two spy movies. Spy movies seem to kind of run together in my head, especially movies like the Bourne series and the Jack Ryan series. This mashup mashes together Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Bourne …

  12. @mingea

    Close up Tutorial


    Man, Tutorials are cool. Close ups are not.
    This assignment, while may seem difficult, its really not. I am going to write this tutorial in steps.

    Step 1:
    Find your inspiration. Since our class is spy themed, I decided to do mine on my agent, who is on her mission. …

  13. @mingea

    Pretty in Pink


    I decided to remix the assignment that I just did because why not, why make something new when you can just add on to it. My task was to make the assignment, prettier. Prettier in pink that is. 

    So I set off on the hardest task. Finding a pink spaceship. …

  14. @tmckenzierich

    New Movie Poster


    Alright, lets be real.  Lisbeth is the all time bada** warrior to ever be witnessed in film.  I really liked this movie and when I found this picture on google I knew it would be the perfect fit for a different poster idea and what not.   Although the movies are …

  15. @Samantha_Levy7

    Something Doesn’t Belong Here


    For this assignment I had to take a photo from an iconic movie and add it to another iconic movie photo in a  subtle way. Can you tell what two movies they are? Can you find the thing that doesn’t belong here?

    I created my assignment using Pixlr.com. Because I …

  16. @tmckenzierich

    Lip Read


    I had a little bit of difficulty when choosing which lip read to do for this but for some reason the first thing I thought of was Hey Arnold, and for the audio I chose one of my favorite movies, Interview with the Vampire.  The episode itself of Hey Arnold …

  17. @libcal3

    Remashmix Week


    This week was mashups and remixes! Some how it felt like even more work then other weeks have been. (Maybe because it is just that crazy time in the semester.) This week all my mashups and remixes related back to spies and our class theme, focusing mainly on action in …

  18. @A_marillo

    My twisted Vacation Room


    For my second remix assignment, I decided to do the remix on the assignment I already done, Dream Room. However, this time I was already prepared for any challenge that it would give me. The original assignment was to create a dream room by finding pictures on Pinterest. The new …

  19. @A_marillo

    Cool Name


    Whenever I am doing an assignment, I always see the remix button but I never clicked on it. I had no clue what the remix button was and at first I thought the remix button was switching the objective with another objective in the assignment bank. So, when I finally …

  20. @libcal3

    3 movies 1 poster


    My final mashup of the week was the Mashup Those Movies mashup for 3 1/2 stars. For this assignment you needed to take 3 different films and put them together in a believable movie poster. At first I started by just looking up spy movie posters to see what the …

  21. @libcal3

    How to combine video


    Tutorial Time! This is a tutorial for the mashup assignment Two Movies, One Line. I am going to go step by step with images to explain one way to tackle this assignment. (Fully acknowledging that there are other programs and options at your disposal.) I am also using a …

  22. @libcal3

    A mission bond mashup


    One of the mashups I took on this week was the Two Movies, One Line for 3 1/2 stars. I was excited by this one because it had a cool premise about combining different films. (Also I knew the person who originally put out the assignment so I thought it’d …

  23. @A_marillo

    102 Dalmatians?


    The next assignment I choose to do was the assignment called This doesn’t belong here which was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to mash-up two different iconic movie scenes by adding something like for example a movie prop to another movie scene. I decided use Alice and Wonderland and …

  24. phb256 (paul bond)

    Final Mission: The ds106 ultimatum


    For your final project, you are going to tell a story across multiple categories of media. You’ve done writing, photography, audio, video and design. You’ve remixed and mashed up. You’ve done big projects and group projects. You’ve connected different stories. Now we’re going to bring it all together in a …

  25. @tmckenzierich

    Inappropriate Laughter


    I got this clip from Skyfall and I couldn’t think of a better clip to mashup with an inappropriate laughter sequence. So first I had to download this clip as an mp4 and I left it on my desktop so I could just drag it straight into iMovie.  From there …

  26. @slotaheather

    Week 12 Summary


    This week we had to do 12 stars of mashup assignments, make a “how to” post, and do 2 remixes. This week was probably the hardest one for me. I think that my creativity is headed down the drain as we near the end of the semester with a 10 …

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