1. @wbschd

    Paint Tutorial: Photo Mashup


    Using the design software Paint, commonly found on the Windows OS, I’ll show one how to complete the Photo Mashup assignment. First, select two photos you want to mash together.

    Second, open the photos in two separate Paint programs. Use the zoom feature at the bottom of the screen to …

  2. @wbschd

    Military Shakespeare Cat Remix


    For this remix assignment, I had to inject a military bootcamp spirit into a visual assignment which required I pair a cat photo with a Shakespeare quote. I chose a military-cat themed photo, and selected a quote referencing ambition from Shakespeare’s Richard play. I found the remix easy to …

  3. @wbschd

    Emotional Closeup Mashup


    For this 4 point mashup assignment, I needed to take a dramatic closeup photo and place it in an unrelated background that changes the story drastically! I took a tragic character moment from Les Miserables, and placed the scene within an upscale salon – shifting the story to possibly be …

  4. @wbschd

    Actors Photo Mashup


    For this 4.5 point mashup assignment, I was supposed to mash together two actor photos in a believable image. I used Paint to remove excessive pixels from a scene of The Great Gatsby, taking my edited image of Jay Gatsby and placing him with Vesper in a scene from the …

  5. @wbschd

    10-Second Song Mashup


    For this 3.5 point mashup assignment, I needed to take 4 songs and remix them over a 10 second time frame. Below is my result! I took the lyrics from the songs “Obsessions”, “One Week”, “Work That”, and “Froot” to create a love song snippet of a couple who haven’t …

  6. @wbschd

    Go Emo Rainbow Remix


    This remix assignment asked me to remix a visual assignment which originally wanted me to note the use of rainbow-colors in some media form, with a theme of darkness and black colors. Since this idea was broad, I decided to take the short animated film “Paperman”, and create a black …

  7. @mingea

    Remixed PhotoMash


    My first Remix assignment. How exciting.
    I decided to remix the assignment I had already done, Photo Mash. When I clicked the remix button, it told me to

    “Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. Use Arial or Papyrus fonts, green and pink colors, sappy music …

  8. @Samantha_Levy7

    Holiday Mashup


    For this assignment I used pixlr.com to create a photo combination of my three favorite holidays. In case you couldn’t tell, my favorite holidays are halloween, thanksgiving, and Hanukkah.

    At first it was hard to figure out. It took me about an hour to learn how to edit the photos …

  9. @mingea

    James Bond x2


    For my first mash-up assignment, I took James Bond and…. James Bond and mashed them up in one photo for the Photo Mash Assignment.

    I changed it up in this assignment though, and instead of using canva, I used pixlr. I know truly a shock. This was my first …

  10. @kateybug17

    Growing Up With Jason Segel


    Jason Segel is my all time favorite actor/celebrity crush so of course I had to choose him for this grow-up montage. I picked his audition tape for “Freaks and Geeks”, an interview with the cast of “How I Met Your Mother” where he sings with NPH, the Dracula Song from …

  11. @slotaheather

    Holiday Mash-up


    I guess you could say Santa and I like the same holidays. I chose to put Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter all together. I used paint to do this and had to edit the backgrounds out from the turkey and bunny then I had to go into another paint doc and …

  12. @kateybug17

    Making a Song


    For this assignment, I picked 5 of my favorite most current songs and combined them based on the themes. The song begins with talking about facing all your problems alone and trying to impress an ex, next it’s about being comfortable on your own without them, then it’s about not …

  13. @Markham_McFly

    I’m Ready For My Closeup


    In making this assignment, I learned more about Canva that I didn’t know about. I wasn’t aware I could crop and alter the transparency of images, which was exactly what I needed to do for this assignment. I took one of the most iconic spies of our generation, Carmen Cortez …

  14. @Markham_McFly

    James Panther, or Pink Bond?


    Below is a mashup of the James Bond and Pink Panther theme songs. I used the Youtbue doubler machine, which I had a lot of fun playing around with and will probably use more often. I wish I could clean it up a bit or add an ending time to …

  15. @mjryanonline

    Weekly Summary


    I really liked the materiel and assignments that we were required to accomplish for this week. I think I spent way too much time looking through everyone’s assignments and trying to figure out which one to do my tutorial on, but in the end I think I picked a good …

  16. @slotaheather

    Remix #2- Uncle Bob


    For my second remix I used an image from the assignment where I was asked to create a Pinterest board of somewhere I want to travel, which I picked Greece. My “Uncle Bob” recently went there to go open up a restaurant and he sent me a picture of him, …

  17. @slotaheather

    Remix Assignment 1


    This was hilarious and fun! The first remix I had was to put Fonz from Happy Days in a assignment from previously. I chose to use the assignment from my very first assignment when you take a image from a movie and a quote and put it together. I did …

  18. @slotaheather

    Mascot Mash-Up


    Ever since I moved to Virginia, I fell in love with the hockey team, Washington Capitals, and the baseball team, Washington Nationals. I also kept some love for NY when I stick by the Buffalo Bills side. I still have to rep NY in VA. I used the Bills logo, …

  19. @slotaheather

    Movie Mash-up


    This was lots and lots of fun! I had to pick two movies that were similar and create one mashup poster. I thought that the perfect two movies would be Cop Out and The Other Guys. This was the perfect combo in my head because they were both movies that …

  20. @slotaheather

    How to: Create a Movie Mash-Up

    First thing is first. You need to decide what movies are similar enough or have been compared to. For example the movies that I chose were Cop Out and Other Guys. They are both movies that are about cop buddies working together. Use this link to help you if you…
  21. @slotaheather

    007 – Talky Tina


    Since I could not relate this particular assignment to my secret agent so I dedicated this one to our theme. The project was to get a picture of Talky Tina’s head, which required a lot of editing. Talky Tina, for those of you that do not know, it a talking …

  22. @rayers2umw

    Week twelve summary


    This week was so much fun for me. We focused on a completely new format that I really enjoyed- mashups. This was very interesting because I really haven’t seen much like it unless I go on twitter or tumblr and someone has made something of their own. I really got …

  23. @rayers2umw

    Favorite teams machup



    The last mashup assignment I did is called your favorite team mashup and is worth 4 stars which brings me over the 12 star minimum. For this I had to make a collage of the logos for my favorite sports teams. It was hard to pick which ones made …

  24. @rayers2umw

    Movie poster mashup



    This assignment is called movie mashup and is worth 4.5 stars. For it I had to take a poster from a movie I like and mash it up with a movie it is often compared to. One of my favorite movies is Love Actually so I decided to go …

  25. @rayers2umw

    Closeup mashup



    The first assignment I did for the mashup category was called I’m ready for My Closeup and is worth four stars. For this assignment I had to layer two images over each other and one had to be a closeup of someone and the other had to be a …

  26. @yjangabc

    Because I’m happy!!


    For this remix assignment, I had to do the following:

    Mood Swap

    Flip the mood of the assignment. If it’s light, make it dark. If it’s sad, make it happy. If it’s exhilarating, make it not so exhilarating.

    I also used the previous clip I worked on from one of …

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