1. @kevinjfrance

    Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB


    This again was a short little video that I just had a lot  of fun with. I just recorded this with my phone and edited in iMovie again. I just used a random sound effect from iMovie and it didn’t quite match up how I wanted.

    I originally thought of …

  2. @kevinjfrance

    How I Made It


    Here’s a simple video talking about some of the Vimeo shots I took here. That’s is a Flickr link to all of what I’ve posted, but there are a few in particular that I mention, such as the sunglasses shots, the bat shots and the ground-level shots. Those are …

  3. @hawkins10000

    Week 11 Summary


    Week 11 proved pretty difficult for me. Due to some extenuating circumstances, I was unable to really do the whole week’s worth of assignments, but what I did end up doing I was pretty happy with, even if it means not getting the full grade. Creating the Hugh Jackman highlight …

  4. @hawkins10000

    James Bond Chipmunked


    For the Chipmunk Style assignment, I decided to make it fit with our theme and to use a scene from Casino Royale. I wanted a scene that was pretty serious, but not violent. This was one of the most tense scenes in the film, where Bond wins a high-stakes poker …

  5. @Samantha_Levy7

    Week 11 Summary


    This week was a little stressful for me. I was in a car accident on Sunday and have been dealing with insurance stuff all week regarding my injuries, car and rental car. I know that I am missing an assignment or two, unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete everything …

  6. @UMWdan

    A New Mission


    I’m not sure where to go with this one. A new mission? I don’t want to sound rude but I’m not sure what the previous mission was.  One idea I have is based on the fact that spies are constantly trying to one up the other one, and beat others …

  7. @Samantha_Levy7

    Least Favorite Memory


    This video is a video of my roommate recalling her least favorite memory while living in our current off campus house. The incident she talks about in the video happened about 2-3 weeks ago. We have always known that our neighbor was a jerk, but never knew he would take …

  8. @UMWdan

    A Spy’s Favorite Meal


    This assignment can be found here and it was to create a “How To” video. This video describes how to make an ever so famous grilled cheese sandwich.

    I modeled my video style after one of my favorite food channels on YouTube, Binging with Babish. I don’t really have the …

  9. @NickSebenaler

    Sending Money via Phone Number


    The video below explains how to send money to another Bank of America account. My inspiration for this video is mainly because I am tired of waiting 2 days for my mom to transfer money from her account to my bank account, but she won’t take the time to learn …

  10. @k_heflin

    The Week in Review



    I started off by brainstorming ideas for a mission that the class could participate in. I wasn’t able to think of much but you can find my idea here.

    Next, 12 stars worth of video assignments. At least 6 of these stars had to involve my character for …

  11. @hannahbruns7

    Week 11 Summary


    Ok so I’m gonna be real honest – I did not do my best work last week. But this week I had an opportunity to redeem myself, so I really took it. I’m not super into movie making so of course to someone who does it all the time my …

  12. @k_heflin

    Dear Me….



    For this assignment, I had to create a video of me speaking to my 16 year old self. This was actually a meaningful assignment for me. 16 was a big year for me and really stands out because its the year I lost my grandmother. In my video, I …

  13. @NickSebenaler



    In this post I showing a video of me programming/coding. This is what I do for work and what I spend most my time doing. The inspiration for this video came from the fact that I love coding and it shows a typical day of my work life.

    This assignment

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  1. Week 1 Reflection

    This week was really interesting in regards to this class. I learned a lot of things about how to create and share media that I did not know previously, and I’m so excited to learn more! I made used accounts for this blog, for example: a new twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, …

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