1. tyowell

    Portfolio Program


    The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

    What is it?

    A repository that ASWB offers Stores all important credentials such as: Transcripts Employment History Continuing Education Certificates License Verifications References

    Why should I join?

    FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…
  2. tyowell



    First, you must be approved by your state, province or territory before you can register for the exam.

    After you have been approved you can register online or by phone.

    FEES Bachelors or Masters Exam – $230 Advanced Generalist or Clinical – $260


  3. tyowell

    License Verifications


    Here you can search our database of licensed social workers to verify:

    the license is current/active disciplinary actions against a social worker a license number…
  4. tyowell

    ASWB Mission


    To strengthen protection of the public by providing support and services to the social work regulatory community to advance safe, competent and ethical practices…

  5. tyowell

    Social Work Portfolio Program


    The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

    What is it?

    A repository that ASWB offers Stores all important credentials such as: Transcripts Employment History Continuing Education Certificates License Verifications References

    Why should I join?

    FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…
  6. jsteward

    Entry Level Hipster: Interactive Fiction


    Senior in highschool Jada: I love Neutral Milk Hotel.

    Freshman in highschool who is Jada’s friend: Oh, you’re an entry level hipster.

    Junior in college Jada:

    Inspired by Twitter accounts such as So Sad Today, Guy In Your MFA, and Brooding YA Hero,

    No matter how short a time we've …

  7. jsteward



    The Little Prince: an examination of the value of teaching children’s books to older students

    The Little Prince : an examination of the value of teaching children&#39s books to older students

    Jada Steward

    The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince, in its original language) is a text celebrated by …

  8. shargis

    Reflections on Mapping


    Even though I didn’t expect to learn anything new about maps or mapping, working with this module was a pleasant surprise. While the information from the resources on the mapping website from DGST 101 weren’t necessarily new, it was an interesting take on a now daily  necessity I never thought …

  9. levitasdementia



    Because I didn’t like the device, get it?

    ANYWAY let’s get cracking. Which incidentally was the main way to get inside this thing. PS I don’t have pictures because this nonsense didn’t deserve to be photographed. We did most of the disassembly in class when we were mostly together, and …

  10. shargis

    Reflections on Digital Archaeology


    I was very proud of how well our group worked together. We divided the work fairly and communicated often through slack. For instance, while two group members took apart the computer, the other two took pictures and uploaded them to slack so they could all be accessed easily. Even though …

  11. shargis

    Debating for Devices


    Previously in class we debated the ethics of purchasing phones and other cheap technology when their cheapness is enabled by exploitation of slave labor. For the purpose of the debate I helped with the back research but the group, primarily the speaker had all the material she needed since she …

  12. shargis

    Algorithm Reflections


    In this second module I worked with a good friend whom I’ve done previous work with before. We were able to get most of the work done together in about two days however because of our busy schedules we communicated our progress with each other rather than writing about it …

  13. shargis

    Explaining Neuromancer


    To summarize Neuromancer, the group decided to focus on the plot and story itself.  We choose to do this rather than any other direction because there are too many concepts and themes to mention and in many cases every person will decipher them a little differently. For example, one could …

  14. shargis

    Responding to Neuromancer


    Throughout a majority of the book one of the  common and almost subtle themes were good and evil.  For the most part this is addressed while an AI is present or if it’s the subject of a conversation.  Personally, I was under the impression that while the AI weren’t hated, …

  15. bbrady

    The End is Here!


    It’s the end of DS106! It’s the end of the semester! It’s the end of college! Today is a great day! Alright, I’ll get to the point. I completed the final assignment for digital storytelling 106, as well as two tutorials. I’ll post the tutorials first.

    The first tutorial I …

  16. bbrady

    256 Points – Tutorial


    This is the first of two tutorials I’m completing for the final week of DS106. The assignment is 256 Points.

    Today, we have the luxury of fast computers with lots of memory and power. However, that wasn’t always the case, and graphics designers had to make due with very …

  17. bbrady

    Week 11 & 12 Summary


    We’re at the end of week 12 of the semester, so it’s time for the summary of the work I’ve completed over the last two weeks. I’ll get started with the daily creates and then move onto the video assignments.


    I completed five daily creates over the last two …

  18. bbrady

    A Morse Mystery (Morse Code Challenge Assignment)


    This is a five-star video assignment for weeks 11/12 of DS106. That brings my total for the two-week period to…five stars so far. I’ve been busy, okay?! Here is the assignment page. I’ll include the instructions below as well.

    This challenge can either be completed as an Audio Assignment, or …

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