1. bbrady

    Analyzing “American Psycho”


    I looked through the list of scenes and decided on the scene from American Psycho. I’ll talk about the camera work, the audio, and how the two work together.

    Camera Work

    I just finished watching the scene with no audio. A lot of the what Roger Ebert wrote about is …

  2. bgoulet



    Today marks what may be, one of the greatest (or minimal?) days in the history of my time with digital media, because today, I have decided to make my own blog, on my own terms, without being forced by a college course to post about things that I really did …

  3. bbrady

    Wacky History Commercial


    I had to create a commercial for the radio show I’m working on, Wacky History. I chose to use Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy as the background music. I recorded my audio on my iPhone, emailed it to myself, converted it to .wav format, and opened it in Audacity. I then imported …

  4. bbrady

    Wacky History Bumper


    I forgot to create a blog post when I created my bumper for Wacky History, so here it is!


    I wanted a background song that sounded a little wacky. What’s wackier than Brazilian psychadelic rock? I used the song “A Minha Menina” by Os Mutantes. I cut off the …

  5. bbrady

    My Lucky Day. Thanks Nic!


    My daily create on October 15th. This is my third daily create of the two week period. I had to write a short story about my lucky day. I chose to keep it short so I could fit it all in one tweet.

    @ds106dc And then Nic Cage gave me …

  6. bbrady

    The Vignelli Canon


    I spent a half hour or so reading through The Vignelli Canon. I liked that the book was split into tangibles and intangibles. The organization was appropriate for a book about design.

    He first wrote about the three most important aspects of design – semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. What stuck …

  7. bbrady

    Photography Tips


    This week, I tried to follow three of David duChemin’s tips for becoming a better photography. His eBook can be found here. The tips I tried out this week were

    Get Pickier Change My Perspective By Changing Yours, and Create Depth.

    The second tip lined up very well with …

  8. bbrady

    The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword (Apophenia)


    My third and final visual assignment of the week is the required assignment, Apophenia. It’s a 3 star assignment, bringing my total for the week to 9 stars. The instructions were

    Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as …

  9. bbrady

    Artsy Photo or Not?


    My daily create on September 26th. This is my third daily create of the week. I had to create a picture in the style of Chompoo Baritone. This may be the first time in my life I’ve taken the laundry out of the basket and thrown it all over my …

  10. afanghel

    To All Who Come to This Happy Place


    Welcome to my little corner of the world! My name is Amy Fanghella, and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a Business Administration major, concentrating specifically in Marketing, and I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2017.

    Having this incredible …

  11. bbrady

    Detective Stories and TED Audio Effects Reflection


    Radio hosts use several techniques to bring their stories to life. Many were used in the Radiolab show Detective Stories and the TED audio hour episode posted in the week 4 instructions.

    Listening to the two sound clips, I was able to pick out several uses of audio techniques that …

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