1. lepps2

    noir to pretty princesses? that’s right


    My cousin is planning on doing a children’s book and asked me to illustrate, so with Groom’s permission I’m doing some concept work for the book! I’m gonna be helping give ideas and input on the characters and story. The idea is that the book will be about a girl …

  2. konarheim

    What did you catch?


    Been a little absent in the daily creates….here is tdc1209

    What Did @cogdog Catch While Fishing in the Grand Canyon?

    As President of the #DS106 Athletic Club Angling Squad, @CogDog recently cast his skills on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. This photo by Todd Conaway appears to …

  3. krivera

    Final Reflection


    The semester was fun but it was a lot of work. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete everything. I was overwhelmed by all the work but throughout the semester I was able to get everything done.

    I completed 2 daily create ideas, 2 assignment …

  4. krivera

    Tutorial Links


    Here are the links to the two tutorials I did.



    I apologize. My link function on my blog doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. …

  5. krivera

    Navigating Audacity


    Out of all of the editing we have been doing this semester, I feel the most comfortable with audio editing, so I wanted to explain some basic parts of Audacity for beginners.

    The first thing that’s necessary in editing sound in Audacity is importing sounds to edit. Go to file …

  6. krivera

    How to change the color of a photo


    One of the first times I found my favorite image editor was the time I changed one of my noir safari photos to be orange and blue, so I wanted to show how to do it through that same image editor. Those who have followed my blog probably already know …

  7. krivera

    Assignment Ideas


    I created two assignments for my ideas.

    Terrible Crossover Fanfiction– There are some terrible fanfictions out there that make us question our lives and make us laugh out loud. Go to http://kaction.com/ and generate yourself a terrible crossover fanfiction idea with fandoms you are familiar with. It can be …

  8. krivera

    Daily Create Ideas


    For my daily create ideas, I wanted to do simple things that had to do with photography because those seemed to be my favorite types of daily creates.

    Color Daily Create: There is so much color all around. Take a picture of something that you normally see every day that …

  9. jnemeth

    Make a conspiracy board


    You know those conspiracy boards you see in the movies.  Well now you can make one for yourself!  Come up with a story.  It can be anything, but make sure it involves a conspiracy.  Then take all the people, places, and events in that story and make a picture of …

  10. jnemeth

    Make some spooky dialogue


    Start by recording your own voice.  You can say anything, but make it long enough to have interesting shifts throughout the clip.  I recommend using Audacity to do this, because its minimalist interface really streamlines the process of voice recording and editing.  Once you have your clip, select sections of …

  11. jnemeth

    Assignment Ideas


    My first assignment idea was an audio assignment where you put together an audio clip of you talking, but change it to make it spooky.


    My second one is that you design any kind of conspiracy board.


  12. jnemeth

    TDC Ideas


    My first Daily Create idea that I submitted was to draw a circle, then expand outward on that circle to draw anything you can think of.

    My second Daily Create was to photograph the next animal you see.  It can be anything from a pet to something random you see …

  13. shargis

    Tutorials: Emotions Through Sound


    For this assignment the main focus is audio and putting sounds together to send a particular message.  For this assignment I used audacity and a website called freesound.org as the main source for all of the sound effects used.

    In audacity each sound will be open as a new sound …

  14. bburns

    The Finale


    This post wraps up my work for the semester in ds106! I tried to get as much work done as I could these last two weeks, but between finals, baseball, and searching for off-campus living for next year, I was not able to work on a final case. I did …

  15. kbarbeelibrary

    Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post


    Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us …

  16. shargis

    Tutorials: Haiku About You


    This first tutorial is on one of the assignments I created for this class.  This particular one is for the writing assigment “Haiku About You”.

    To do this you first have to be familiar with the rules of writing a haiku.  These poems are short, 17 syllables in 3 lines.  …

  17. shargis

    Assignment Ideas


    When creating the assignments I wanted to do something similiar to the daily creates. The only exception is these require a little bit more effort and creativity.  But not to worry, the level of fun is still there!

    The first assignment uses video as the medium. The assignment itself can …

  18. amaratel

    Assignments :-)


    Assignment ideas:

    I like to move it move it – writing about freshman move in day for 2 stars

    Extra Extra Read all about it – watching a tv episode and paying attention to the extras and background actors in the episode for 4 stars…

  19. shargis

    Daily Create Ideas


    For my daily create suggestions I wanted to do something new so it took a little while to let the creative juices get ripe.  What I decided on was one for photography and the other audio.  The one for photography is called “What’s Your Best Meme Impersonation”. In this you …

  20. srechter

    Reflecting on DS106


    Well this was interesting.

    This has been more than kind of a crazy last semester of school for me, and I certainly wasn’t expecting quite the rigor or required level of involvement that this class calls for, even with the warnings. This is the kind of work I like to …

  21. srechter

    Daily Create Ideas


    Just posted a few of my ideas for the daily create, and I actually think these could be pretty fun. The first one I proposed was to record a dial tone using your voice in two octaves. This would obviously be two recordings overlapped. I was watching the awesome Spike …

  22. srechter

    Assignment Ideas


    I’ve just made and written tutorials for two new web assignments that use the online tools Kumu and Inklewriter.

    The first assignment, the Kumu map, deals with organizing relationships on a highly customizable web. I used this tool in my Adaptation class and it was very cool. It can …

  23. srechter

    Inklewriter Tutorial


    Inklewriter is tremendously easy to use, and there are excellent tutorials on the site that answer most questions, but I thought I would do a quick run through of some of the basics in case anyone is completely unfamiliar with this sort of thing.

    The first thing you want to …

  24. shargis

    O.L.D. Agency Presents…”Noir A Cheater”


    The next exciting episode brought to you today by O.L.D. Agency. Vocals by Patrick Boyle, Amanda Thacker and I (Sharla Hargis) with special help from Jacob Hargis. Sit back and enjoy a tale of love, suspicion and…..murder? Tune in to find out.


  25. mayds106

    Week 14: Tutorial


    So there aren’t really pictures for this one, as much as general advice. This assignment asked you to write about your favorite or most memorable experience from your first year move in! I’m not going to talk about mine that much, but more of the process that I went through.…

  26. mayds106

    Week 14: Tutorial 2


    This project is pretty straight forward but hopefully this makes it easier.

    1. Open up word.
    2. Write your name vertically (see picture)    


    3. Think of works that describe you. They can be big vocab words or simple words…whatever works! Type them in!

    4. Mess with the fonts so …

  27. srechter

    Kumu Tutorial


    Whatever project you decide to make using Kumu, there are a number of basic functions that are important to understand. Kumu is a fairly intuitive program. It comes pretty naturally once you get things moving.

    The first thing to do, of course, is to make an account on Kumu. This …

  28. mayds106

    Week 14: TDC Ideas


    So….no more daily creates for me? Well here a few for someone else! Both of mine were built around the idea of coming up with things I could do when I was at work or commuting. Things that wouldn’t seem strange to do in public and could almost be just …

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