1. nitinbothra25

    Walking down the Streets of Hoi An


    Hoi An, the historic city, is recognized as an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. The architectural designs and streets of Hoi An reflect influences of both foreign and indidenous cultures. This unique blend is the reason why UNESCO …

  2. nitinbothra25

    Travel: My Knight in Shining Armour

    “We all struggle. Whether it be mental illness, losing a loved one, an obstacle at work or simply a run of bad luck. We’ve all been there. “   Traveling helps you overcome any disease if not can at least reduces the pain or inspires to live in peace. This…
  3. nitinbothra25

    How To Spend 7 Days In Sri Lanka


    It has become a tradition in India, newly wedded couples are bound to discuss their honeymoon plans with everyone. Discarding the suggestions of others of going to Bali, Maldives, Kerala, Paris, Thailand, etc. I chose to visit the less explored country, Sri Lanka. Everyone said, “Why Sri Lanka?”. This post …

  4. nitinbothra25

    Travel Friendly Slim Wallets For Men By Urby

    Every traveler, be it a backpacker, a shoestring traveler, a tourist, or a rich traveler, research about the money they are going to spend during their journey. The other thing that comes to mind is, how the hard currency is to be kept safely. Wallet is an essential part of…
  5. nitinbothra25

    Wanderlust Couple – Our first step


    We all wish to meet people with similar interests. Well, I met and married one. We both love traveling and we traveled to Sri Lanka recently.

    We recieved a beautiful gift from Printoctopus, Wanderlust Tshirts, which were perfect for our beach vacation. The tshirts had a soft fabric which …

  6. nitinbothra25

    7 Finger-Licking Streets Foods of Surat


    Apart from being tagged as “Diamond City”, “Silk City”, “Clean City”, awarded the “Best City”, Surat is also known for its amazing food and the way they enjoy it. There is an old saying that says, “Surat Nu Jaman Ne Kaashi Nu Maran” which means dine in Surat …

  7. nitinbothra25

    How to survive as a vegetarian excursionist


    I often think I miss out a lot of things to know culturally when visiting different places, being a vegetarian. But on the other hand, it is an adventure in itself, to find delicious vegetarian cuisines at destinations, which are considered to be the worst for vegan or vegetarian travelers.

    I …

  8. nitinbothra25

    A tribute to The (Dying) Great Barrier Reef

    Picture Source : Google

    Although everyone knew that one day it’s gonna happen , due to the exponentially deterring global climate. But, the news of the The Great Barrier Reef came out as a shock to the world. The acidification of the ocean and the climate change have killed this …

  9. nitinbothra25

    5 things that made me Love Vietnam


    Xin cha?o, I am back from my maiden backpacking trip and that too, to an amazing country, Vietnam. So here is a brief about things that made me love Vietnam. 1. Street Food Haven

    From a hygienic fruit filled breakfast to a full platter of sticky rice in lunch, …

  10. nitinbothra25


    It is that time of the year when Udaipur, the City of Lakes, blossoms with her stunning scenery. With greenery all around, lakes extravasate waters of the newly born rain and travelers ready to enjoy them.

    If extravagant palace, lavish resorts, historical museums, man-made lakes, or heritage city life allures …

  11. nitinbothra25

    Road trip to Heaven


    Heaven is not a place, but an experience of happiness, peace and joy. So is the hottest travel destination of India in the month of May-September , Ladakh. Although the term hottest travel destination sometimes for some people means amazing night life, pubs, bars, beaches etc. But for the one…
  12. smorris1331

    The Case Against Divestment


    Divestment has become a big issue. Heck, The Blue and Gray Press (and all its glory) has the word “Divestment” in big print on practically every one of its cover pages. I am on the President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS), and was also on the Subcommittee on Divestment that just …

  13. nitinbothra25

    The Revival : Aravalli Ranges


    After a long time, I am reviving the blog. Lately, I had been busy with work schedules and all the traveling. Now, I am back with all the stories of my voyages. The Aravalli Range, seen from the range’s highest point at Guru Shikhar, in Rajasthan. P.S. Click the image…
  14. mmatorin

    Summary of Finals Week


    Hey guys!

    I completely messed up and thought finals were due today by midnight…in retrospect I don’t know why I believed that to be true.

    it looks like my final has been graded so I doubt this will make any kind of difference but below is the link to my …

  15. mmatorin

    Superhero Dog!


    Hey guys!

    This is an in-depth tutorial for an assignment that I created for the DS106 assignment bank. I did want to put a disclaimer that I use photoshop for this assignment and I know that not everybody has it. As a possible photo editing tool, you could try PIXLR

  16. mmatorin

    Mysterious Super Dog


    There was once a family of three…

    Chapter 1.

    Aaron, Maryna, and their dog Reagan were living happy and busy lives. This family of three spent sunny days going on runs, doing school work, going to work, and cooking. Basically, an average life for the average folks. However, one day, …

  17. smorris1331

    Best of DS106


    With the semester done and Digital Storytelling finishing up, I figured I’d make a best of post for the class. I had a lot of products I liked, and some not so much. Here are my favorites:

    The Serious:

    The Minimalistic Poster. This one was easy to do, but I…
  18. forumwonly

    The Best of The Best


    So, how do you quantify the best of so many great entries?  I don’t want to put a winner out, just a display a few of the posts I enjoyed the most.  I eliminated anything I worked on including collaborative projects – hats off to my radio show colleagues.

    First …

  19. jbrooks5

    Tutorial for 800%


    This is a walkthrough of this assignment which requires you to slow a song down 800% too create an ethereal version.  It’s important to distinguish between expanding the song (which makes the tones lower) and slowing it down.  The process is simple, but requires an outside tool to do it.…

  20. mirandaskin

    I miss her!


    Special Persons Montage: For this assignment you are to decide on who is special to you. It could be a relative, sibling, parent, friend, mentor, celebrity, or anyone. Then you are to make a video of images or video clips of them showing all the different things that they …

  21. boscoe6393

    The Man Behind The Mask


    You may know him as the Darth Vader fanboy, but the masked man, Kylo Ren, takes his job in the First Order very seriously!

    Here is some recorded footage of Kylo hunting down a Masked Rider who is one of the leaders of the Resistance. The Masked Rider doesn’t put …