1. arunk

    Spin the Bottle


    “Make a moving object using vine.” – 4 Stars

    So I have zero idea why this assignment is worth 4 stars because it was by far the easiest assignment out of the ones that I completed, but hey, I won’t argue.I was sitting with a friend at a coffee shop …

  2. sking2



    For the Moving Object (4 stars) assignment, I decided to vine my laptop being shut.


    To make a vine, first I had to download Vine from the App Store. Then, I had to go through the “how to” steps before I could actually record a video. To …

  3. rachstanford77

    Dying Laughing


    Today‘s daily create is:

    Write a grook. The grooks are characterized by irony, paradox, brevity, precise use of language, sophisticated rhythms and rhymes, and an often satiric nature.

     Dying Laughing


     is fun

    And sometimes funny

    But you may die hereafter…

  4. rachstanford77

    Tree Bridge


    Today daily create prompt:

    About one century ago this [Bridge Over Troubled Water] was the tittle of a famous song. It needs a picture.

    This was a tree bridge I decided to climb across one day while hiking. It was 15 feet above the water so I think I …

  5. rachstanford77

    Changing the World


    Today’s prompt comes from James Popsys. Who? “After shooting photos of places and things, James uses photo-manipulation to create imaginative scenes that show strange sights that you never see in the real world.”

    Can you remix a very boring photo in a creative ways? Take one of your personal …

  6. emmasaxophone

    The Green bottle and the little boy


    The story of that remarkable green bottle that was found a month ago by a little boy and his dog in the nearby ocean in his backyard.  The little boy lives on the beach and he likes to roam the sands with his dog. They found a bottle filled with …

  7. rachstanford77

    The Green Bottle


    “The story of that remarkable green bottle that was found a month ago by a little boy and his dog in the nearby…”

    Write a story with this prompt somewhere on the interwebz (your blog or a google doc) and then tweet a link to the story as a response.…

  8. forumwonly

    Irony Has a New Name


    I’m not sure if the world of ballet is ready.  But with Christmas fast approaching a certain someone thought it best to try her hand.  If you feel yourself a bit ill watching, perhaps it’s best to just shake it off.

    Then there’s the wonderful DMCA.


  9. forumwonly

    The World Wonders


    Somewhere in the Pacific, two mighty navies clash.  The fate of the world hangs in the balance.  One man reports on his actions in that war.  Meanwhile, we hear a message echoing in his head.  A message that almost brought disaster.


  10. flear

    I love Writing


    Honestly, if it’s not clear from how many times I’ve said it, or the fact that I’m in the Creative Writing concentration: I love writing. I’ve loved writing ever since I was a tiny little elementary school kid. I had a binder with various poems that I had written, and …

  11. kstanbro

    Morse Code


    When I saw this assignment, worth 5 stars, I immediately thought of this scene from The Office below.

    The assignment is to record a video or audio of yourself “saying” a word in Morse Code. The word should be somewhat long so that it is harder for people to …

  12. mdavis101

    Daily Create Anny Cow the researcher


    Here is my poem of my purpose in life. 

    I do not know my purpose in life

    But I will live with no regrets

    I will live to the fullest

    I will smile, laugh, cry

    I will be the best

    When I die, I will know my life’s purpose.

    Here …

  13. awassenb

    Another Pug Post?- Moving Object


    Yes, I know, another pug post. But all for a good cause: spreading the love and joy of puggies all over the internet for the whole world to see! For another of my video assignments this week I decided to do Moving Object for 3.5 stars. This assignment asks you …

  14. awassenb

    A Christmas Pug Miracle!


    Another of the video assignments I completed this week was What Do You Love? for 3.5 stars. {Choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with …

  15. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 11/5/15


    #tdc1397: Anny Cow the Researcher

    For this daily, we were to create a 6-line poem about life purpose.

    Interesting, huh?

    @ds106dc #tdc1397 This life Is here for us to learn about ourselves and others and to find joy in these things around us

    — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) November 5, 2015