1. rachstanford77

    Feet in Room


    Today’s daily create prompt:

    I love taking pictures of my feet where I go. (Don’t ask why, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe because my shoes are cool) So, where are yours at?

  2. emmasaxophone

    Week 13 and 14 Summary



    This week I learned a few new facts about remixes and mashups and how they work. I always have know that it was technically illegal for everyone to sing Happy Birthday but I did not know how or who would be paid if you were sued. through watching the …

  3. emmasaxophone

    Assignment #4


    The fourth assignment of the week I had to do is called Dream it and Write it and is worth four stars. This assignment required you to write about a dream you have had or make one up and then remix it. The remix card said to translate the dream …

  4. jamesb

    Weekly Summary 13&14


    These last two weeks have been…. DIFFERENT! I just recently got my brand new Macbook Air, I am officially a MAC person now! I love it very much but learning how to do everything on here was a bit frustrating I should say, editing photos are a bit fun though. …

  5. emmasaxophone

    Whta is a remix


    I listened to the article by Laurent LaSalle called A Remix Manifesto in this article he talks about what a remixes and mashups are and how they can be created. I did not know that you cant even use a single note from an original song without the composers permission. …

  6. jamesb



    This is my remix vs mashups reflection, which took me like a million tries! I kept stuttering over and over again. But I got it done and hope you enjoy it and get what I am trying to say. If you listen you will clearly understand the differences between the …

  7. calebsnow14

    Music MashUp


    Original Assignment

    I mixed together a few songs that I thought were very dissimilar and the result was pretty cool. I just uploaded all three songs into audacity and proceeded to clip and edit tracks until I had the first part down. The last part of the song is just …

  8. jamesb

    Focus On One Color [Remixed]


    The focus on one color assignment looked really cool, and I had never done something like it this whole semester so I figured it would give it a shot. I immediately knew what I would take a picture of and I decided it would be a picture of half of …

  9. calebsnow14

    The Good Jurassic Dinosaur


    Original Assignment

    I mashed together the new trailer for the movie “The Good Dinosaur” and the audio for “Jurassic World” and the result I thought was pretty funny. I just used Windows Movie Maker and imported the audio that I had clipped in audacity to play over top of the …

  10. mmatorin

    Summary of Weeks 13 & 14


    Hello, Hello!

    Okay, barely made it through this one. The holidays are a busy time for everybody i’m sure and on top of that, we happened to get a new puppy. Our dog now is 2 years old and I kind of forgot just how much attention puppies need. It’s …

  11. calebsnow14

    But Wait There’s More!


    Original Assignment

    I looked up a cool techno beat and then let my imagination run wild with the ad. How can you resist?

    I thought the result was funny, and I liked the concept of this random assignment. I always have a hard time choosing which assignment to do so …

  12. jbrooks5

    Music Mash Up


    For the 10 Second Song Mash Up assignment, we had to take a couple of seconds from 4 or 5 songs and mash them together in a 10 second audio clip.  Here’s what I came up with:

    I didn’t want to just pick five random songs, I wanted to express …

  13. calebsnow14

    Remix Audio


    Here I try to explain what I learned abou remixing. I think it’s funny to look back on all of the work I have done in this class and then add in the concept of remixing and it seems like almost everything I’ve done has been a form of a …

  14. mmatorin



    Hello Everybody!

    This week (or two weeks) is all about remix!!

    The Assignment

    These past two weeks we needed to explore the meaning of remixing and mashing up. The biggest and main point that I understood is that almost everything is a remix or mashup of some sort. Everything in …

  15. mmatorin

    Schindler’s Shawshank



    Another mash-up assignment done!

    The Assignment

    This assignment is worth 4 stars and can be found here. It is called “This Doesn’t Belong Here” and the exact instructions are: “For this asignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be …

  16. mmatorin

    A Wedding Without Pride or Prejudice


    Hello folks!

    The Assignment

    This week was all about mash-ups. We had to use a remix generator to get a set of instructions on how to remix some suggested assignments. My remix was worth 4 stars and can be found here. The exact instructions were: “We are currently in …

  17. cmoton18

    Weekly Summary 13/14


    This week was all about remixing, the ideas behind it, One of the most important thing learned about remixing and video projects in general is dealing with copyright. I have run into copyright issues through YouTube so I know  what it’s like to have to change the copyrighted materials in …

  18. boscoe6393

    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    Here is the link to my Daily Creates:


    Here is the link to my Remix Generator assignment:


    Here are the links to 9 stars worth of Remix assignments:



    Now here is my blog post about what I think of remixes:


    We spent the last two …

  19. smorris1331

    Weeks 13/14 Summary


    This week focused on remixes and mashup. This was a tricky week as it also related to copyright and those laws associated with it. While we focused on what a remix is, what we also looked at was the legal and ethical dilemmas associated with the use/changing of someone else’s …