1. @Becca82037979

    Reflection of Week 4


    Hello again!! This week was super cool as I learned how to both code in CSS and HTML, which I did not even know existed. I knew of python and Java but I had no idea that there were more languages. I used the computer system called code academy to …

  2. @Becca82037979

    The Unique Life Of My IPhone


    Hello again! This week I made a timeline about my Iphone. It was actually very fun and interesting to look back on all the events that me and my phone have gone through together. I actually started to have a hard time picking out the events that I wanted …

  3. @Becca82037979

    T/F: COVID-19 came from a woman eating a bat?


    This week my fellow group members and I researched the very popular myth that coronavirus came from a chinease woman eating a bat. This myth originated from a video of a chinease woman eating “Bat Soup” and holding a dead bat with her chopsticks. This video blew up and has …

  4. @Becca82037979

    Reflection of Week 2


    Woohoooo! Another week checked off and onto a nice relaxing weekend. I hope everyone is finding some joy in the weekends as we are finally entering phase 1 and leaving quarantine.

    This week I touched on a couple things, YouTube what it is/ where it came from and what different …

  5. @Becca82037979

    What a week!


    Week one has finally come to an end! Woooo!! I hope everyone has had a great week in these weird Corona Virus times. I sure have been busy due to the fact that I am taking 2 classes this summer “minimester”. It is crazy how 1/5th of this class is …

  6. @Becca82037979

    Hello World!


    Hello! My name is Becca Pullen, I am a rising Junior at Mary Washington down in Fredericksburg, VA as well as on the Womens Lacrosse team there. I am very excited about this summer mini semester and getting to know a little bit more about what its like in the digital world.…

  7. @sincerelysterls

    Dungeon of Venom?Final?


    Welcome, traveler, to the Dungeon of Venom. Will you enter, and will you escape?

    All right guys! This is Sterling with my final project. This is based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am playing with my friends wherein my party is tasked with stopping and investigating a pandemic. …

  8. @CRLunn

    Spilling the Tea on Body Shaming (DGST 395)


    How it all started:
    First we began by finding an area we both had an interest in which was exploring and promoting body positivity online. As this project required an element of coding we were unsure how to start originally. Eventually, Mary came up with the idea of programming a …

  9. @lizlynnkondzel

    my last reflection post ever


    WILD time really do be flying when youre having fun. Meaningless platitudes aside, i really cannot believe this is it. This class, although a lot of work, has been such an overwhelming positive experience for me. I’ve gained skills i literally never thought i would have and realized that this …

  10. @lizlynnkondzel

    heathers but give them socials


    The scene opens right after JD and Veronica meet, and then, not long after their meeting, getting together as an official couple. Although her boyfriend is a generally antiestablishment with an alt aesthetic who thus Does Not like social media, Veronica, as a Heather, has no choice but to enjoy …

  11. @VhudschNor2

    Final Project, 80’s remix


    This final project was interesting to make, early on I did have copyright concerns, but after those were resolved it was smooth sailing. Lewis, Kyle, Lilian, James, and I switched to using Skype for our meetings after it was discovered that Zoom was insecure and potentially harmful to use, and …

  12. @Maeve_ds106

    Final Project!! (Week Fourteen)


    It has been a week! I just when I though my weeks couldn’t get any busier, the final week of classes hit!! Most of my classes had project based finals that were due this week so the good news is I am almost done with classes, bad news is this …

  13. @CarbonCarmen725

    Final Project + Summary


    Welp. Get ready for some horribly drawn cats and a story that really only makes sense to me (kind of). I honestly dont know when it went wrong, but here we are. I admit the story is a little odd. My goal was to have 3-5 cats from different ‘universe’ …

  14. @jollykyles



    This week my group and I finished our final project. We worked together to show the world our take on today’s songs and their 80s counterparts. Many songs included Calvin Harris, Rihanna, and many more. We broke down each song and discusses the differences between the two time periods. We …

  15. @rachelds106

    final project summary


    Hey guys, we’re almost done with this class, I can’t believe it! 

    I got the inspiration for my final project from the movie “I Am Legend”, starring Will Smith. In short, the basis of the movie follows Will Smith as he tries to survive a “zombie” apocalypse and searches for …

  16. @abiles11

    Week 14 summary


    What a semester it has been and class it has been. I have learned so much in this class. I have always thought of video editing and audio editing as very daunting but after this class I feel like I have the skills to sufficiently do those things. This week …

  17. @lgperez19

    How is it over? Final Project


    This week my super awesome team and I finished our final project this week which came out in two forms, an audio format fit for a podcast episode, and a video with images related to the topic of discussion. We created a piece that discussed two things. 1) Current songs …