1. @BegaKayla

    A Day in My Life During a Pandemic


    Below are journal entries from Emily and I about how we have been feeling since being in quarantine:

    Next, this is a video of what a day in the life of Emily and I is like during this pandemic:

    When looking into how the world was taking this pandemic, we …

  2. @EmilyHo81494168

    A Day in My Life During a Pandemic


    Below are journal entries from Kayla and I about how we have been feeling since being in quarantine:

    Next, this is a video of what a day in the life of Kayla and I is like during this pandemic:

    When looking into how the world was taking this pandemic, we …

  3. @HidalgoUmwd

    80s Hair/Makeup

    Final Project

    I had so much with this assignment! I was able to (attempt) to recreate the 80s look for big hair and bold makeup, but found it to be more of a modern twist of the 80s.

    For this assignment, I filmed myself doing the tutorials off of my …

  4. @V20Kai

    80s Video Game Music and Their Legacy Into Today


    During this time in COVID-19, what is one pastime that not only helps pass a significant amount of time, but also keeps you actively and mentally engaged while you can relax in your comfy couch or bed? Well, video games is one of them, and it’s definitely something that has …

  5. @eamds106

    Final Project


    The novel coronavirus has taken over the world in the last four months and has even been quantified as a pandemic.

    To stop the spread of the virus, we have been having to close businesses and isolate indoors. This is no doubt something that is going to be in …

  6. @samprice_ds106

    Final Summary: Final Project


    I guess this is my last blog post for this class. It’s kinda sad. I’ve really enjoyed this class and all the assignments we’ve done and all that I’ve learned. I definitely had the most fun with this final project though. It incorporated a bunch of the skills I’ve used …

  7. @cpsc106

    Final Project – Weekly Summary


    This final is pretty open ended. My group and I decided that the most important parts to focus on were 1) making the project fit into multiple medias and 2) relate to the course theme, the 80s.

    The two media platforms we decided to post our project on were Soundcloud …

  8. @VhudschNor2

    Final Project Plan


    I’m planning that the final project will be a history documentary about an alternate dystopian future caused by the Coronavirus, where I’ll be combining video, images, and audio together to paint the future history of the geopolitical ramifications of a Coronavirus which rapidly mutates out of control, becomes significantly more …

  9. @Maeve_ds106

    Week Thirteen!


    Well, the time has come. We are officially rolling into the final week of classes. How did that happen!?!

    Now that we are nearing the end, the DS106 students are hard at work piecing together their final endeavors. For me, I have decided to dive into the the AIDs Epidemic …

  10. @lizlynnkondzel

    f i n a l countdown!


    get it? bc its the final project & also the final weeks of ds106 [ ] ! Anyways! my big big plans! So lately ive been kind of struggling with the 80s theme, even though its super big and broad & i have a lot of room to incorporate my …

  11. @V20Kai

    Preparing for the Big One


    This week I dug deep to start the groundwork of my final project. Since mine is about video games in the 80s, my first step was research, research, research! Well, I won’t deny that I got almost all of my information from Wikipedia, but I was able to find the …

  12. @abiles11

    Final Project Outline (and weekly summary)


    I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what I wanted to do for a project until I was milling through youtube the other day. I ran into a scene from the movie 127 hours. The premise of the movie is the story of a climber how got his …

  13. @HidalgoUmwd

    Drinks: Refresher

    Cucumber, Coconut, Lime and Mint Cooler

    This has to be one of the most delicious (and simplest) refreshers to make. Throughout this epidemic, it has become evident that our Summer will most likely not be spent outside, so long as the shutdown is put in place to save the lives …

  14. @HidalgoUmwd

    Recipe: Sweet Tooth

    Cookie Dough Truffles

    I used this recipe, as this is a quick and easy treat to make during this quarantine. My mom always talks about her sweet tooth as a teen in the 80s, and how she could eat so much sweets and to take advantage of our sweet tooth …

  15. @CarbonCarmen725

    Outline + Weekly Summary


    Weekly Summary:
    Thinking of ideas for this project has been very tough. All week I have been stressing over what I should do and if it’s time effective to do one thing over another. Since next week is the last week of classes, I have to turn in assignments for …

  16. @jollykyles



    Hello everyone, The final weeks are upon us. This week we are tasked with grouping together to create our final media project. This time, instead of creating a masterpiece on one social media platform, we must adapt it to multiple different social media platforms for the viewer. This means that …

  17. @ymartine4

    Final Project Outline


    Overview: For the final project I wanted to focus on the theme of pandemics as this is what we are living through now. I feel that this theme can not only be relevant to times right now but also may relate to some other people and will be a project …

  18. @HidalgoUmwd

    Quarantine Activities; 80s Styles

    What would people have done in the 80s during quarantine?

    For my final project, I decided to incorporate activities that are 80s style themed to do during this quarantine. I first began with thinking, how would someone of the 80s done during quarantine? So I based my project off this …

  19. @lgperez19

    Week 13 Summary


    This week, I posted my group’s final project progress. I’m excited to be working with them one last time. This week I submitted a new daily create, and responded to one daily create on Twitter.…

  20. @lgperez19

    Daily Creates


    I submitted a new daily create titled, “There’s no place like…” Instructions include, “close your eyes, taps your heels together three times, and share a photo, GIF, or even Photoshop yourself somewhere you want to be.” I added a photo of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.…

  21. @rachelds106

    final project plan!


    Idea: “I am Legend” approach but 80’s style

    Hey everyone, so one of my favorite post-pandemic/apocalyptic movies ever is “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. For my final project, I decided to take this movie and put a couple of twists on it. 

    First, I’m going to try my best …

  22. @lgperez19

    Final Project Progress


    For the final project, I will once again be working with James, Kyle, Lewis and Hayden. Truly the best group. Seriously, of all the group projects I’ve been a part of, no other group compares to this one. I’m glad we hit it off that during that first group assignment. …

  23. @1215007705141780482

    Final Project Ideas


    This week we came up with three ideas for our final project.

    I suggested making a sort of Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current popular songs that are remixed to sound as if they were created in the 80s. The video below is an example…
  24. @ConnorM35842492

    Final Project Outline (Week 13 Summary)


    This week, I started to brainstorm and come up with ideas for our final project. Going with the theme of the ongoing pandemic crisis right now, I decided to do a post-epidemic survival story spanning YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Here is the outline and idea that I will be following …

  25. @Laxmom07

    This Week


    80’s Pandemic

    For my final project, I’ve decided to concentrate on the 80’s pandemic specifically the measles, HIV, and pneumonic outbreak. I’ve done a little reading on CDC’s timeline of the three outbreaks and I think I have enough materials to complete my final project.

    Audio: I will record an …

  26. @radicalaurenn

    Final Project Progress Report


    Karsen and I are doing our final project together and we plan to use the video games from the 80’s, as our subject. I have always been super into arcade games, so I’m really excited and have really enjoyed the process so far. We have have talked about the media …

  27. @eamds106

    Final Project Plan


    I messed around with a few ideas as to what I could actually do for my final project.

    I really liked the idea of doing a documentary of a celebrity from the 80’s, kind of a then vs now. However, I know that I would need to use audio …

  28. @samprice_ds106

    Progress Report: Final Project


    We have finally reached the end of the class and are starting on the project we have been talking about all semester! And I am very excited.

    For my final project, I am going to be recreating part of the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Huston music video …