1. @kvawterds106

    Final Project Progress Report:


    For the final project Lauren Talbert and I are working together and will be going over the progression and impact of video games from the 80’s. Personally, I am kind of tired of talking about the Coronavirus so I didn’t want to use that theme. So far we have thought …

  2. @EmilyHo81494168

    Final Project Week 1


    It is so crazy to think that this is the second to last week of classes for this school year! I was really excited to start working on this project and see what I could come up with.

    For this project I will be working with Kayla Bega. We decided …

  3. @radicalaurenn

    Holiday Mash!


    My favorite holidays are the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween! I know technically halloween isn’t a holiday, but I think it counts as a cultural celebration? Enjoy!…

  4. @VhudschNor2

    Assignment Bank Website Fusion: OANUMW


    I’ve fused together the news website One America News with the home webpage for the University of Mary Washington, to create the wonderful abomination One America News of the University of Mary Washington (OANUMW). The combined website has University of Mary Washington’s main navigation bar and yellow notice at the …

  5. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summery #12


    This week was long, I’ve been up past midnight every day of the week doing something. While eating breakfast before going to sleep in the morning, I’ve watched an episode or two of the Office, a great comedy show. I spent nearly 4 hours getting the internal province reader for …

  6. @VhudschNor2

    Remix 2: Warning Label Savanna


    The warning label was from my previous assignment, making fun of those medical commercials with the strange side effects using Valve’s Portal Gun from the Portal series of videogames. We were to remix it with Savanna, but it was not descriptive in what we were to do, so I put …

  7. @VhudschNor2

    Color Changer Remix: Infomercial


    The original assignment was to change the colors, but the remix was to add a bad infomercial feeling to it. I figured the best way to do so was to make this feel like an unusual advertisement, and since the colors changed, I made it a color changer, along with …

  8. @VhudschNor2

    Assignment Bank: Superhuman In Everyday Life


    If I were given any super power, mine would be to completely warp and bend reality to my will. Coronavirus could be instantly eliminated with a single thought, or the world hunger could be wiped out with a snap of the fingers. After solving these problems, I’d likely retreat into …

  9. @lizlynnkondzel

    like a ds-106er


    okay so this assignment was fun because i’ve always kinda wanted to try it, so im glad mashup week gave me the inspiration/motivation to! the idea is to fake a text conversation between two people. I’m still kind of itching to go for the horror vibe ive seen around, but …

  10. @CarbonCarmen725

    Weekly Summary


    Today’s week was a bit more relaxing and comfy. I got a day off and it felt nice. I do have other exams and assignments to study for/finish. But I can relax for just a bit more time.

    Anyways I learned a new technique for editing: masking. I learn alot …

  11. @CarbonCarmen725

    Daily Create (4/10/20)


    I heard this last night and it scared me to death. Then I looked over to my cat (to see if he was fine) and he wasn’t there. I got the courage to get up and see what was happening, with my heart pumping like crazy. Good thing it was …

  12. @CarbonCarmen725

    Daily Create (4/7/20)


    My sister and I have become room buddies lol. We are always in the living room and both of us wont leave. I think we are used to each other now. But she has no manners and has the tv on full volume, and I dont have any earphones to …

  13. @lizlynnkondzel

    introducing: pac-tris!


    okay so this mashup assignment was really cool and also gimp and photo editing has kind of grown on me. I’m by no means an expert, but i can feel the progress and how much calmer i am while using it, which is super cool and makes me really happy. …

  14. @abiles11

    Weekly Summary


    Wow, what a week. I really liked the mashup assignments that were assigned this week. I liked how creative I was able to get while making them. The first one I did was a post where I mashed two iconic scenes

    This doesn’t belong her

    This assignment was fun and …

  15. @Maeve_ds106

    Week Twelve


    It’s time to buckle up as the craziness has only just begun! This week was a little slower in my academic world, which was much appreciated – especially as we move into the final weeks of classes (SAY WHAT!?!)! I can’t believe our semester is almost over. It has been …

  16. @jollykyles



    I, unfortunately, was not able to participate this week. I’ve been working crazy 80+ hour weeks lately and I think all of the exhaustion and stress is catching up to me. However, I was able to finish some assignments. I feel bad. But, here it goes. I started out my …

  17. @jollykyles

    Week 11 – Daily Creates


    This week I only did one daily create. I started a business and am now working two full time jobs because of school going online and life has been crazy because of it. #tdc3009 #ds106 My favorite memories are times when I would play with my neighborhood friends when I …

  18. @CarbonCarmen725

    Marine Sky


    Mashup assignment

    Not sure if this was one of the mashup assignments….

    So, I taught myself how to mask a picture/video. I’m not that good but I did something simple. It was actually fun to do and I did so many of them as practice. This technique wasn’t bad, I …

  19. @rachelds106

    week twelve


    This week was a lot easier than the past two weeks, which I’m super thankful for. I’ll start by talking about my mashups!

    So for the first mashup, I combined an audio I created weeks ago and added video clips to it to make a sort of music video/video …

  20. @lizlynnkondzel



    a remix assignment! the base assignment was a pretty straightforward one, choose a photo (specifically a bad one) and then write something in helvetica font. The remixed version had me turn it into a ds-106 advertisement! Since it was so straightforward, I decided to make a couple because I was …

  21. @lizlynnkondzel

    dream team


    my first remix assignment! since we could remix whatever assignments we wanted, I got to walk it back to my favorite media, photography & visual stuff! So I decided to remix this assignment, which said to take a photo and make it look all stiff and old-timey. The first remix

  22. @lizlynnkondzel

    12/3 [week 12, 3 daily creates]


    its a fraction! so the daily creates this week, we were to do three, and I’m Pretty Happy with how mine ended up! started off strong (and a little bit sad) with a sound review. I decided to review Willard Hall (and the rest of the dorm, i suppose)’s door …

  23. @rachelds106

    remixed poetry art


    I sort of kept to the 80’s theme by including a poet who was around in the 80’s! Charles Bukowski is a German-American writer. I’ve seen a lot of his poems and short quotes on Pinterest and I love his writing. It’s very raw and straight forward, and he talks …