1. @madelinek106

    Interview? Podcast? Music? Radio Show Ideas


    I’m really excited to make a radio show! I think our theme is very broad so there can be a lot of paths one could take with it. One idea could be an interview of group members to talk about “their story/experience” with COVID and ways of coping (in terms …

  2. @RMdigitally

    RM’s Radio Jingle


    Howdy, all!! For this week’s emphasis on audio storytelling, I made a short little jingle for ds106 radio as my radio bumper assignment! There really isn’t a whole lot to be said for it honestly. I was sitting at my desk thinking about the radio jingles I’ve heard before. The …

  3. @madelinek106

    Pickled Peppers!


    I decided that the “Tongue Twister” assignment looked fun so I gave it a shot!

    I found a list of tongue twisters online and picked the “Peter Piper” tongue twister:

    “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked, If Peter Piper picked …

  4. @madelinek106

    Grease Inspired Radio Bumper


    You know the morning announcement scene in Grease?

    If not take a look:

    The xylophone tune for the morning announcements inspired my radio bumper for the ds106 radio show!

    Sadly, I don’t own an xylophone so I used my uke instead!

    Hope you like it!…

  5. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Thoughts


    I listened to this audio story with my headphones in while there was a lot of noise in the rooms around me. This really helped me realize the importance of an engaging and relevant story. Now we live in a world of short form entertainment and we all seem to …

  6. @ken28410163

    Becoming a better photographer


    In this photo there are some points from becoming a better photographer that stand out in this picture I took of one of my friends. First I want to highlight the selection, in this picture I was very meticulous about where I wanted the model to stand and where I …

  7. @ken28410163

    Photo blitz 23:38


    Time: I started the timer as soon as I started the challenge and I stopped it when I finished and had most of the items on my list.

    Take a Picture of something growing:

    A photograph of something old or aged today:

    Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into …

  8. @sunglasses260

    A Very Avenger-y Bunch of Post-It Notes


    When you mix a favorite fandom with a love for world and character building, what do you get?

    A bit of daydreaming of domestic fluff that can result in creating grocery lists and post-it notes.

    I’m a fan of Marvel movies, and I find it fun to imagine what the …

  9. @effyuwawa

    Weak Phor


    I initially thought I would be a little more in my element this week, but I still learned quite a few things. I noticed that as of lately, I don’t put too much thought into my photos. I just click and call it a day. I do intend on applying …

  10. @Rachel91499872

    Photo Analysis


    I take many photos that have many faults in them.

    Take this picture for example:

    Picture of me using riding mower

    I took this photo to send to my Dad to show him that I was using the riding mower for the first time. My Dad was hesitant to let …

  11. @Rachel91499872

    Photography Experience


    My experience with photography started young. My mother likes to take many picture of what is going on in our life at the time. So I have had my photo taken throughout my whole life. Later in life. my sister decided to make photography her career choice. All throughout her …

  12. @effyuwawa

    I am not a photographer.


    I went through my camera roll and picked the ones that are my favorite. I think I do a decent job of showing the aspects of better photography. Some of these photos show depth, others have EXCELLENT lighting, and others have excellent backgrounds. I won’t say that all of my …

  13. @jclark22umw

    Weekly Summary 4: The World Through a Lens


    All posts are linked at the bottom.

    This week was definitely interesting Between the weather, my job, and other school work, I was stretched a bit thin. Nevertheless, the story continues!

    I enjoyed the reading this week and the ideas it gave me on how to better my photography skills. …

  14. @jclark22umw

    My Greatest Friend and Worst Enemy


    Spoiler alert… It’s myself.

    For this assignment, the instructions say to set up the panorama affect on your phone and move to be in your picture multiple times. I had my mom hold my phone for the panorama shot. Once the frame was completely off me, I ran around the …

  15. @SchallerJasmine

    I can’t say I enjoyed it #WEEKLYSUMMARY


    Well, this week was not my favorite. Personally, I have a pretty old phone (since I’m cheap lol) with questionable photography and storage. I would take pictures just for them to somehow get deleted off my phone, so sorry you didn’t get my hiking photos! I liked the ds106 photography …