1. @Digler21401

    Radio Show Design Project


    Above I have a very simple logo for the show. It is nothing special and wish I added more detail and pop to it, but nevertheless its a logo and I would probably want to see this maybe not on a promotional poster, but maybe a logo on a building. …

  2. @Digler21401

    Radio Show Progress


    The Radio Show is going very well. Each member was given specific tasks to complete before the final compilation of the show is started and being in a group in this class is really nice. It was nice to talk to classmates again since COVID kind of put a hold …

  3. @ken28410163

    Final Project Summary


    This week has been very relaxed. My partner for the final project is Hena Rashid. Our plan for the final project is to design an album cover in the Gimp program and add music in the background with small visual effects that react with the music. Hena will be designing …

  4. @effyuwawa

    Final Project


    It took a long time for me to finally settle on an idea. I was even planning on joining the group that I was with for the audio project, but we couldn’t settle on an idea that would work well as a group. So, I decided to just branch off …

  5. @designdynamics

    Progress is Progress


    (week 13) Final project report

    This week we were tasked with writing up an outline for what our project will be and what it will look like. I am aiming to connect THREE different streams of media for this project which I know is a bare minimum but what I …

  6. @sunglasses260

    Weekly Summary (4/16–23/21)


    Week Thirteen (4/16–23/21)

    Links to this week’s posts:

    Project Update #1

    The project update goes into detail about my plans for it and the content I’ll include.

    A lot has happened this week, both in general and in my planning for the project. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming and …

  7. @sunglasses260

    Project Update #1


    I’m both excited for and a bit overwhelmed for this entire project. My main element is video, supplemented by audio and visual, as well as web storytelling.

    Media Forms

    I’ve decided for sure that I’ll be making a series of videos as my primary element. In addition, I’ll be making …

  8. @TurnerM000

    Weekly Summary 13


    My plan for the final project is to document and blog/vlog my final week as a student. I am graduating this spring and all of my big assignments are due next week, and after that I am free! Free to explore the real world. I am a CDS major and …

  9. @MoB4884

    Final Project Progress


    This week I started on my final project for DS106. It was hard initially for me to choose a topic to focus on, as I had a few ideas bouncing around in my head. Initially, I wanted to do college highlights. I loved the idea of sharing stories from my …

  10. @MaddySlunt

    Final Project Part One

    Untitled Video/Music/Design/Photo Project

    Didn’t mean to flex with my title, but Rosemary, Maddie and I are a quadruple threat! I don’t want to give too much away about the final idea of our project so I will just speak on the progress I have made so far. Please go check …

  11. @Conner44769274

    Week 13: Final Project Progress


    This week, we began working on our final projects. This will be a culmination of everything we’ve learned so far regarding digital storytelling. We are tasked with creating a story related to our theme, “(Y)our Story” using three different mediums we’ve learned about this semester. As I talked about in …

  12. @Rachel91499872

    Week 13 Summary


    The weeks are coming to a close for the semester, and I could not be more excited. This week was challenging with all of the projects I had to complete and work. This project was at the back of my mind all week because I could not decided what I …

  13. @mto_morgan

    Final Project Progress


    This week I have just come up with a plan to finish up my work over the weekend and into the next week.

    My final project is going to be an interactive timeline on my AWS server that will include content from my work done this semester in this course.…

  14. @imatutu_

    Week Thirteen Progress Report


    Man, this week has been tough trying to come up with ideas for a final project that would equal the amount of work of a 30 star assignment. While I don’t think I’ll come up with anything that will satisfy all my needs and fulfillment for this project, I think …

  15. @SchallerJasmine



    I am doing a combination of audio, visual and video into one final project that will be posted onto YouTube!

    I wrote the spoken Word Poem that I want to do a video on! I have taken some videos this past week and gone through some old footage and figured …

  16. @AJSt0rm

    Laying The Framework


    What you have been waiting for is finally here! Final projects, Baby! Well… sort of. This week is all about prepping for the final project. Planning out the piece and starting work. Let me walk you through my idea.


    For my project, I chose to take one of my …

  17. @lkds106

    Final Project: The Plan

    For my final project, I decided on doing a podcast style presentation, however I want to include images throughout the presentation so I either will do a voiceover with changing images or do a podcast and then create an additional post as a resource page where you can see images…
  18. @AndrewWaite17

    My Adventure Through Week 13 of DS106


    Outline for my final project!

    For my final project, I will be doing a bunch of different things. The first part of my project will be a flashback to my first day of my freshman year at college and my first day as a senior. I remember those days and …

  19. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK THIRTEEN


    This week has been very chill! My partner for the final project is Kenneth Hargrove. The plan for the final project is to design an album cover in the GIMP program and add music in the background. I will be designing the cover and Kenneth will add music over it. …

  20. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Final Project Update


    The three different media’s I will be using for my final are video (YouTube), sounds (Soundcloud), and visual (Instagram).

    Video – many of my projects throughout the semester have been about my friends. So I am doing a huge mashup of all of my friends time throughout the year. I …