1. @imatutu_

    Special Agent Who What Now


    For this assignment I used photoshop to mix up quotes with pictures and the attribution of the quote to some third secret agent. The picture is of Jason Bourne, the protagonist in a movie series of an excommunicated CIA black ops agent. The quote is actually said by James Bond, …

  2. @TurnerM000

    Weekly Summary 4


    This week we had to complete 12 stars worth of visual assignments. I chose to do these 4 activities! The two analysis posts helped me in creating my visual assignments this week. I made an effort to incorporate ideas of contrast, lighting, and angles to each of my images. Too …

  3. @SchallerJasmine

    Let’s kick some balls!


    Camp Poster

    I love soccer and I still do! Currently I coach girls soccer team and still play on an adult League. As a child I always played soccer and went to every available camp! I used the site CANVA to create this poster, first I found a soccer field …

  4. @imatutu_

    Concert Dreams


    For this assignment I used photoshop, as well as my phone camera to take a picture of my absolutely atrocious excited face (I’m so sorry). The band is Arcadian Wild, a folk signing band that I have enjoyed quite a bit over the years. One could say it adds to …

  5. @imatutu_

    Metallic Key Edit


    For this assignment I used Photoshop to edit the blending of the key as well as using the magic wand tool to get rid of the white background and weird excess on the edges of the key. I used a crap ton of gradient markers with varying yellow/gold’s and whites …

  6. @TurnerM000

    Too Close for Comfort


    Can you tell what this super zoomed in picture is? The Story Behind the Story SPOILERS WARNING! For this assignment, I wanted to make sure that I chose something that most everyone might be familiar with. This is probably the most generic item I own in my house, and they …

  7. @TurnerM000

    Spot the Differences


    The Story Behind the Story This assignment was really fun! I chose to do this assignment because it reminded me of all of the I Spy books I used to have as a kid. My siblings and I practically collected these books, as we had probably 10 different books. I …

  8. @imatutu_

    Photoblitzer Legend


    You can find the list of photos that were randomly chosen for me to take below. This was honestly a lot of fun, but I had some limitations, that being I was confined to my dorm room on campus and the fact that its freezing cold the entire week :).…

  9. @TurnerM000

    Quarantine Quotes


    The Story Behind the Story For this assignment, I created a word cloud. While in quarantine, we have been hearing and seeing the same words and headlines every single day. It has felt like an eternity and it feels like no one talks about anything other than covid19. While it …

  10. @TurnerM000

    Many Me’s


    The Story Behind the Story For this assignment, I wanted to create an image of myself with different pairs of glasses on. While other people like to collect shoes, bags, or clothing, my favorite thing to accessorize with are my glasses. I have somewhere around ten different pairs of prescription …

  11. @SchallerJasmine



    hotoblitzer 11:50

    Take a photo of two related objects of drastically different sizes.  Tell the story of a place in a single photo Gauges, meters, and turn signals are all indicators. Take a photo that makes use of converging lines. Pattern is built on repetition, like a rhythm. A regular or…
  12. @imatutu_

    Photography at it’s Finest


    So these examples I will be using to analyze are not photos I have taken, but rather photos of myself and my girlfriend for Valentines Day. Since they are pretty good photos and likely have a lot of the techniques that make a good photo in them, I chose to …

  13. @TurnerM000

    Fast Photos


    In the 20 minute time, I was able to complete 5 out of the seven photos. Show us some food: I took an image of a giant bag of lemon cookies. They are my all time favorite and I can’t imagine the joy I’d feel if could be completely surrounded …

  14. @imatutu_

    Photographic Inexperience


    In my personal experience with photos, I’ve always seemed to shy away from capturing them and also from wanting to be captured. Now, I still do not take many photos at all, but I don’t care too much if my picture is taken or not. If I were to start …

  15. @trippthrumylife

    Collaged Up


    For this assignment, I made a collage that represents me on PicsArt. I wanted to use bright colors (especially pink because it’s my favorite) and places, people, and things, that I love.

    Throughout the collage you can see my best friends, my brother, and my love for lacrosse (bottom row), …

  16. @lucyschraff

    My Experience with Photography


    When I think about my past experiences with photography, I think of my sister. Since we were young, my older sister (who is three years older than I am) has been a really talented photographer. However, my own experience with photography is much less advanced.

    When I take photos, they’re …

  17. @jclark22umw

    A letter to my pets…


    Dear pets,

    Thank you all for making my life happier. I don’t know what I would do without either of you. Dash, thank you for the daily kisses and cuddles. Hermie, I know you’re in a tank, but I appreciate you coming out of your burrow to see me when …

  18. @jclark22umw

    A “natural” image


    For my second assignment this week, I chose to play around with photoshop. I used GIMP followed by Microsoft’s Paint 3D to create the image below.

    Final product… Took me longer than I care to admit.

    This kind of software was completely new to me. At first, I thought to …

  19. @gonedigital_LKDS106

    VSCO Made Me Think I was a Photographer


    My previous experience with photography is probably pretty typical of other young people growing up in this generation inundated with technology. That being said, my skills and knowledge with photography definitely lean more towards the side of basic proficiency, and principally consist of pictures taken on my phone. Growing up …

  20. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 1

    Reverse Audio Quiz

    1. Dilly Dilly
    2. Flamin Hot Limon
    3. ____ away

    This assignment was pretty easy after I did some research. I work on an iPad not a laptop and it was hard to find a trustworthy app to modify my audio clips because the well-known programs …

  21. @madelinek106

    Say “Cheese”… Week 4 Reflection


    Well week 4 was one of my busiest weeks yet! I took a different approach to this class than I usually do this week because of the visual assignments aspect. This weekend I looked over and planned for the assignments I would do. Then, at the beginning of the week …

  22. @mcarney__

    10-Step Photo Challenge


    This visual assignment was called “10-Step Photo Challenge” and it was worth 3 stars. The directions were to take 10 steps and for each step, you take one picture and try to capture from different angles.

    I decided to walk through the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. It was …

  23. @AJSt0rm

    Something in this Picture Does Not Belong


    It is sometimes strange for us to consider the possibility of seeing a pop star somewhere else other than the stage. We sometimes forget that they are human and need to use the restroom or go to the grocery store. Yet, there are still some places we would never imagine …