1. @mcarney__

    Animoji karaoke


    For my second mashup assignment, I decided to do Animoji Karaoke. I picked to sing along to the song “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler. I had my friend Kate sing with me. I am not really a singer so I wanted to disguise my voice. This assignment was worth 5 …

  2. @MoB4884

    Remix It – Commercial Addition


    For one of my two remix assignments, I chose to do a remix of my Tamagotchi commercial from our radio show. The assignment was to make it into a bad infomercial, and I thought, what better way to that than to make the commercial as annoying as possible? I tried …

  3. @MoB4884

    Daily Creates


    This weeks daily creates were fun! I think my favorite post was the poem mashup using 3 poets! I really enjoyed reading everyones poems, they were so creative!

    This class actually ended up tying into another class I am taking this semester, Digital Studies 101. In that class, I worked …

  4. @effyuwawa

    Week 12


    This week I enjoyed reminiscing. For my first Mashup, I did a lip singing video to Adele’s Someone like you. That song has always been very close to my heart, so it meant a lot to put it into an assignment. One thing I wished I could have changed would …

  5. @AJSt0rm

    Welcome To The Show, To The Historemix


    Mashups and Remixes (Do you know the difference? Neither do I). This week was a lot of fun. I think I spent most of my time on audio and video work (rather than earlier exercises to rework) because I had worked on that the most recently. Thrown in a couple …

  6. @AJSt0rm

    Spanish Music, English Video Remix


    This music video was one of my favorites to create. The powerful song paired with the two videos I chose almost made me cry every time I watched it during production. This work is based on a remix of the “Audio and Music Video Mashup” using the remix card “In …

  7. @AJSt0rm

    Hmm, I think I’ve Heard That Before, Disney


    Have you ever noticed that Disney seems to have at least one striving-for/dreaming-of/wishing-for something song in every musical movie or TV show? I was recently listening through a bunch of this kind of song and realized how many there were. To illustrate this, I created a mashup of some of …

  8. @mcarney__

    Pink banana?


    For my second remix assignment, I chose to remix the visual assignment “That’s Not What I Expected.” I did this assignment, which you can see here.

    I clicked “Remix It” and it said this:

    I was to take the image and make it pink!

    My image:

    Now in PINK:…

  9. @mcarney__

    No need to wash your hands!


    This week, we were to do 2 remix assignments. We were to find an assignment we already created, and then press the remix button. I decided for my first to do the remix generator on “Event poster” where I made a fake poster on how to make Tik Tok Pasta …

  10. @jclark22umw

    Confusing Poster


    My third mashup assignment this week is the “Is this the right movie?” assignment. My brother and I love the movie Alien, so I decided to create a poster with images an fonts that seem completely opposite of the movie plot itself. I used the collage maker app to do …

  11. @mcarney__

    If we were emojis


    Hey there! For my first mashup assignment, I decided to do Mashing Friends and Emojis which is worth 4 stars.

    I started off by texting some of my friends to see if they’d be interested in doing the assignment. They were to choose an emoji and recreate it. Then I …

  12. @Conner44769274

    Week 12: Remix it


    This week we focused on remixes and mashups. I cant really say I enjoyed the assignments this week, but I think that was mostly because I was so busy in my other classes. I think I said that last week, but the end of the semester is always like that! …

  13. @effyuwawa

    Event Poster: ‘Stache it!


    For this remix, you had to take an event poster and add mustaches to it. Since this was already an assignment that I previously did, it did not take much effort to add to it. I used Canva to edit it the first and second time.…