1. @katiereif6



    The original:

    It was nice to come up here to the wilderness just to take a breath. No one ever made their way up here, and when they did, they were always gone once the spectacular sunrise was over. No, these summer midafternoons were mine, all mine. I could relax, …

  2. @ChianeseCecilia

    Thank You for Being a Friend


    gif assignment !

    My roommate and I are currently watching Golden Girls together! I had never seen the show before this year but after watching it for the past couple months I can honestly say it is now one of my favorite shows! It is lighthearted, funny and overall just …

  3. @wade_764

    Feed Me More Paper – Wade


    For this assignment I was tasked with making a short song on Chrome Music Lab. The title of the song is Feed Me More Paper, and symbolizes the oppression of the Printers’ stuggle with a lack of food-supply from it’s cruel masters. The Printers are coming to take over …

  4. @JHolburd

    It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Zing


    From the Assignment Bank, I pulled “Mission:  Defamiliarize” from Visual Assignments.  The goal is to make a set of 10 photos using something familiar then defamiliarize it—make it seem foreign by using extreme closeups, changing the lighting and other effects to make the object like something you’ve never seen before, …

  5. @aislingberri

    That Bucket List Though


    “Have you ever made a mental list of things you wanted to do or try or jokingly said “That’s going on my bucket list!” Well, now is the time to stop messing around and actually make a bucket list.”

    So, a few things that would go on my bucket list …

  6. @aislingberri

    Self Wellness Check (Writing Assignment)


    Personal wellness is important because it has to do with the choices you make to thrive in your personal life. It is actively improving many areas of yourself and life such as mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

    What worries me most about the future ?

    Honestly, I worry a lot …

  7. @StarTaytu

    Mama Medusa- TDC


    Magic Realism Bot Tweeted, “A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.”

    A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.

    — Magic Realism Bot (@MagicRealismBot) January 10, 2022

    The first thing I envisioned when I saw …

  8. @CeliaSdigitally

    If I was an “Artist”…


    The statement that everyone is an artist in their own way holds some truth. Artistry comes in many different forms and transpires into the world in many different ways. I would not classify myself as a typical artist that is involved in physical art, musical art, or videography. I also …

  9. @ChianeseCecilia

    Good Bye Middle School Room


    design assignment!

    I have been dreaming of redoing my room since freshman year of high school, so this Pinterest board has been given a lot of thought. Currently, my room at home is painted pink and green and has random accents of purple in the decor… I was eight when …

  10. paul bond

    Theming theme little themes


    The question has come a few times in ds106: What is our theme? We are using The Joy of Painting as theme this semester. What that means as a theme depends on how we decide to interpret it. We may at times take it very superficially and focus on the …

  11. @erincaine3

    Artistic Thoughts


    I am a silent artist; the kind who will draw and paint but not speak or sing. I’ve never considered myself an “artist”, just someone who enjoyed art classes her whole life. I am definitely not a musician, or an actress, or a dancer, but I have never thought much …

  12. @WorldEmpress1

    Farewell Cruel World!


    So eventually we are all going to die. That sucks, right? Well, I guess if nothing else can be done to stop our inevitable demise we can at least figure out some of the things we want to do before we die. One way one can accomplish this is by …

  13. @katiereif6

    The Waitress


    For context, the following scene takes place during the events of Marvel’s Avengers.

    Sadie knew she shouldn’t have reacted how she did, but she was just so angry at it all she couldn’t help but storm out. You don’t say, “I love you,” to your ex, especially in front of …

  14. @ChianeseCecilia

    Visual Assignment


    GIF from my favorite movie!

    The first assignment I choose from the assignment bank was a visual one! More specifically, the directions were too add a gif of your most or least favorite movie!

    This was a little overwhelming for me to have to choose just ONE movie because I …

  15. @StarTaytu

    Biggest Book in the World-TDC

    January 18, 2022

    For today’s Daily Create, my answer was simple. There was a huge book. It needed a title. The only possible title that came to mind was Words Unspoken. I believe the thoughts we keep to ourselves and the words that remain unspoken are so vast that all …

  16. @StarTaytu

    BlockChain Shcmock Chain -TDC

    January 18, 2022

    The daily create for today was why a block of chains was important. The first thing that came to mind was friendship bracelets and necklaces that my best friend and I used to make as kids.

    My best friend and I have known each other since the …

  17. @wade_764

    What’s the big deal – Privacy on the Web


    I was particularly interested in this web assignment because I love technology! For the first half of the work, I was asked to count the number of open-source programs on my computer. I am a Computer science major, and I am also studying cybersecurity. The laptop I use for my …