1. @JHolburd

    Where’s Waldo? Remix Generator


    I clicked the REMIX IT from the Write a Movie Review, and up popped “Where’s Waldo? It.” The task is to slip Waldo’s name quickly into an audio assignment. I chose a voice-over narration that I had previously produced that also had background sound of an old airplane flying, just …

  2. @JHolburd

    Exercise and Socialize Mashup with Posters


    For MashupAssignments1864, Mash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself, I took the two pieces of work from previous assignments and added them to my Exercise and Socialize video. Surprisingly, they all worked together, basically with a common theme of getting up and moving with your people, because you’re happy! I stretched …

  3. @wade_764

    Birb Outside My Window or Week 12 Summary


    Hey there everybody! This was a fun week of assignments. I learned a lot about video editing, and I now have a better idea of what I want to do for my final project!

    My daily creates are posted below! My favorite of which is the one with my cat …

  4. @wade_764

    Remix Dos


    This was a fun remix! I had to find some mascots that I like. Unfortunately, I am not the biggest sports fan, so I just looked up some funny ones instead. The remix criteria wanted me to put a military spin on this one!

    I decided, after finding an angry-looking …

  5. @wade_764

    Remix Uno


    I was a little confused with the remix button on this assignment, but I think it works and is funny. So the assignment I am talking about is this one, and it asked me to create a mix of a store and something I like.

    The remix button …

  6. @MeMcMe3

    I’m Back For Good.(Week 11 Extension)


    Well, last week my computer gave it quits right after finishing my main assignment for the week. In the process of uploading the video to Youtube, the computer decided that the fans were going to stop functioning and the computer essentially cooked itself.

    I decided to take another look at …

  7. @katiereif6

    Remix: On Death’s Door


    Vs the original

    This seemed like an easy one to completely change the message of. I took the book cover I made for a dime-store thriller novel and changed it to an anti-smoking poster. It was a fairly easy change but it sort of reverses the message of the book …

  8. @OliviaF98845588

    A Changing Character


    I am using this assignment for my mashup. Instead of a character, I decided to to Taylor Swift album covers over the years. I didn’t include any of the extended edition album covers, but I think the 12 I put do a good job of showing how much she has …

  9. @cooper_llindsay

    Superhuman in Every Day Life


    I chose to do the superhuman in everyday life mashup. For my mashup I put the Hulk in a photo with the Geography department in the Monroe Fountain on campus. I am a Geography major and I must admit I get in a hulk like mindset when I am hangry. …

  10. @cooper_llindsay

    Music and Imagery


    The assignment was to mash up a movie scene with the best song of that movie but I decided to put my own spin on it. For the final project Cel and I are focusing on ocean conservation and I wanted to find a way to tie this assignment into …

  11. @cooper_llindsay

    Is this…. the right movie?


    This is an ad for “We <3 Oceans”. You may see the title and think that it would be a movie about how wonderful oceans are, and you’re not wrong. It is all about how great oceans are but unfortunately these oceans face a grim reality. Humans are huge polluters …

  12. @cooper_llindsay

    Remix Assignment 2


    This week we had to do 2 remixes. So for my second assignment, I decided to turn a still photo from a previous assignment that was meant to just be an image, and I made it have some audio and movement. I added these additional elements like the movement of …

  13. @cooper_llindsay

    Remix Assignment 1


    For my first remix assignment I chose to use the one that incorporated one of Bob Ross’s paintings. I found this assignment in the design section and clicked remix. I was told to make this photo as pink as I wanted so I downloaded the painting photo and got to …

  14. @ChianeseCecilia

    Week 12 Summary


    This week was all about mashups and remixes … and I really enjoyed it! I have a busy week coming up so I wanted to get this weeks work done pretty early, which is why I am finished on Tuesday!


    On Sunday I did a majority of the assignments. …

  15. @CeliaSdigitally

    Mashing Up The Week… Weekly Summary 12


    This week, we focused on mashup assignments and remixing other assignments. This was a great way to make several of the tools and topics we have explored come together. I also found that this week was a chance for my creativity to explode. It was easy for me to create …

  16. @wade_764

    You’re Welcome


    I had a lot of fun with this assignment! I looked up some videos on YouTube on how to do “picture in picture” in final cut pro. It was pretty straightforward from there.

    The clips I used are linked here and here. I was looking at everyone’s posts so …

  17. @Bendire Thrasher

    Filthy Blueberry Brow Disaster


    “Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at …

  18. @katiereif6

    X-Men: The Live-Action Series


    The assignment

    This took me way longer to do than I thought it would. I have been hyperfixated on this show for months, so of course I wanted to do something with it. At first, I was going to use my own arrangement of the X-Men: The Animated Series theme …

  19. @CeliaSdigitally

    Two Worlds Colliding…Mashup


    To be entirely honest, I am not really sure where this one came from or why this idea popped into my head. I chose to do a photo mashup as one of my assignments (4 stars). I had a completely different idea when I started and I somehow ended up …

  20. @wade_764

    Let’s Play Some Vidya Games!


    This assignment was relatively straightforward. I was asked to create a mashup of two video game art covers, and I decided to pick two contrasting genres as I intended to make something that is light-hearted into a darker tale.

    For the two games, I chose the new Kirby game: Kirby …

  21. @CeliaSdigitally

    Non-Human Perspective Story With a Twist…


    This is one of my remix assignments. I chose to do another writing assignment because I enjoy being creative with my words and coming up with new ideas. The remix calculator told me to turn my non-human story into something about a boot camp, so that is where Sergeant Sally …