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    Massimo Vignelli created Helvetica, originally Neue Haas Grotesk. Yes, the font! I know everything is made by someone, but why did I assume that fonts were just made by computers? When technically all the information that came and are inserted into computers are from people’s minds. I read the text

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    Hopefully They Laugh GIF


    Original DS 106 Assignment: Subtitle GIF (3 stars)

    I am starting my new job at a Marketing Firm on Tuesday (Monday is considered Memorial Day). As an associate team member, I was tasked with making a GIF that shows how I feel by the end of the work week! A …

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    We Actually Are Here!


    Original DS 106 Assignment: Are We There Yet? (3 stars)

    Step 1: Find two photos that you want to alter. I am currently in the process of switching jobs! And naturally I don’t want to work at all. I would much rather be at the beach, relaxing, sleeping… anything but …

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    That was Week 1?


    I guess… that was week 1? That felt like four weeks worth of work in one, but hey! That’s what I signed up for in a summer course. It feels somewhat better to be doing this than just watching YouTube videos all day after work. One thing I definitely am …

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    Draw It! EASY


    Original DS106 Assingment: Draw It! (2 stars)

    I cycled through some tutorials by other classmates, as well as looking at other classmates posts finding what to do. Hopefully I did not get any viruses from clicking on so many links, but I did find one that got it done quickly! …

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    My Daily Excuse- Twitter


    My daily excuse to get on Twitter and tweet meaningful things even if no one responds. This is for week 5/16-5/21, I have noted that I only need to do three per week not REQUIRED to respond to every single one, so maybe that will help me some moving forward.…

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    A Real Safari- No Sense


    I always follow the belief to look at your surroundings, because something you may need or will learn is right in your own backyard. The yard area behind my apartment complex seems like a perfect place to take these photos. In 20 minutes, I feel like I could have taken …

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    Making a Good Picture Great


    I was setting up for my photo safari and was outside with my might stead, Muffin. To get inspiration for improving a photo, there is no better focus than her. First I have a picture I took of her just within an instant.

    The tip I used was “Look to …

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    Week 14 Summary


    For my final summary for this class, I will be choosing to showcase the assignments I was most proud of this semester. I noticed a common factor among the posts I decided on. Most of them involve my dog, Colton.

    The Favorite Daily Creates

    One of my first daily creates, …

  10. @amick_hailey

    For the Joy of Love.


    Love truly is love.

    I could talk about the themes behind this post forever, but this is my final project for my ds106 class. Yep, it is being done a little late, but that is because it took me time, and it is a beautiful digital storytelling project. I not …

  11. @StarTaytu

    And that’s a wrap!


    I am so proud of my final project. My final project was a writing project. I choose writing out of the several forms of digital storytelling skills we have worked on throughout the semester because it is the way I felt like I could express myself to the fullest extent. …

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    Until then, from all of us here


    Well, this is it. The last week. Hopefully we’ve all come out a little wiser, a bit better at time management, and better equipped in the realm of digital storytelling. Of course, to fully appreciate how far we’ve come I suppose we should start in the traditional place, the beginning.…

  13. @annie_louthan

    Semester Reflection


    The past 14 weeks have flown by. It is Incredible to look back on all we have covered and learned this semester. From first just learning to make a blog too, to having just learning to make a blog to, to having a whole website up and running, to learn …

  14. @StarTaytu

    wow is this goodbye


    I came into this confused about all the things that were being thrown at me. I had to make a website??? a blog?? a twitter? what is daily create? But, I am leaving this class well-rounded in how to tell a story in so many forms with sounds, visuals, words, …