1. @nalujoprojects



    This project started as a hyperlink story and ended the week as a new subdomain that I plan to turn into an open source story, with other people able to send in ideas to the email I set up for the website. I spent a lot of time on some …

  2. @wade_764

    That’s a Wrap!


    This has been an enjoyable but lengthy class! There were many moving parts, but I definitely think that it was worth all the effort in the end. My final project was fantastic! I have been learning to play the organ for a little less than a year now, and I …

  3. @OliviaF98845588

    Week 14 + End of Semester Summary


    Here we are, the end of the semester and my experience with ds106! This has been an extremely long semester for me, probably because it has been my first “normal” spring semester since COVID. I didn’t even know what to expect when this class started, and I remember feeling so …

  4. @BriannaDAlbis

    The Cast (character mockups)


    There are two main characters in this story: the protagonist and Hel. I decided to leave the protagonist unnamed for two reasons. First, the term protagonist is gender-neutral, and I figured there would be fewer unfair assumptions and requests about her character if producers were not aware of her gender …

  5. @BriannaDAlbis

    Helvíti hefur frosið yfir


    If you don’t know Icelandic (which wouldn’t be surprising given only around 350,000 people speak the language), let me translate this project’s title. For example, helvíti hefur frosið yfir means hell has frozen over. Back in January, I came up with a concept for a movie or tv show (I …

  6. @Tillysisland

    Better Days Are Coming


    While getting close to the end of the semester, I wanted to invest a lot of time into some very high quality graphic design work. While the assignment had a heavy emphasis on the idea of creating a story, I put a bit of a twist on things to still …

  7. @aislingberri

    Weekly Summary – Project Week


    This week was really stressful. I started the week with my original idea, then scrapped it halfway through the week because I realized that it didn’t mean enough to me. That meant I had to start completely from scratch in the middle of the week. But at least it was …

  8. @aislingberri

    Final Project


    After many, many hours of photo, video, and audio editing, I have finally finished my final project.

    Let me preface this by explaining myself before you watch the video.

    Initially, my final project was supposed to be about something else because I quite literally took the instructions of our original …

  9. @katiereif6

    The Unluckiest Week


    My main contribution this week was this. This project kind of felt like nothing was going right, and I got frustrated because I knew how to make it better, I just didn’t have time, and I won’t have more time to make it better until after finals are over. …

  10. @katiereif6

    In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream


    I’m not going to lie, I’m not super proud of the final product, if only because I knew what I wanted it to be, I knew how to do it, and I would have done it if I hadn’t run out of time. When making this project, I had all …

  11. @WorldEmpress1

    Behind the Scenes


    So, first off you may have noticed my final project is not on this subdomain. For it, I created a new one. It serves as the ASU blog. However, you may have noticed the mysterious link post and that plays into my final project.

    For my project, I used …

  12. @wade_764

    Bringing some joy to the close of the semester!


    Well, we have made it! What a semester, I think this one takes the cake so far! I can definitely say that I have learned quite a lot from this class! For my final project, I decided to spread some joy and play music from an upcoming audition that I …

  13. @CeliaSdigitally

    Creating My Final Project – Weekly Summary 13


    This week, we launched into getting all the materials ready for our final product and creating the narrative. My partner and I made our supplemental materials and then combined them in a blog post. I was able to reflect on what a multimedia project is and pull work that was …

  14. @cooper_llindsay

    Final Project


    For our final project, Celia and I put a lot of effort in the weeks before to make our vision come true. We decided to create a multimedia project that included some visual, audio, and film elements to create our whole message about ocean conservation. In order to spread our …

  15. @CeliaSdigitally

    Final Project


    For our project, Lindsay and I decided to create a multimedia narrative about the ocean and ocean conservation. This project is very important to both of us and we feel like it is a topic that deserves more attention. We decided to take the multimedia approach so that there are …

  16. @aliboo1432

    Final Project!


    Equality for the LGBTQ+ community has always been crucial to me because my brother came out as gay when I was super young. I always cared deeply about the community and advocated for them in any way I could, even when I was young, but having someone so close to …