1. @nalujoprojects

    Battle of the Blackbeards


    I think a lot of people went through a pirate phase at some point in their life. Honestly, I never really left it behind. I’ve made other posts about Black Sails before, and it’s one of my favorite shows, but one of the best recent shows that I’ve watched is …

  2. @nalujoprojects

    Stuff Artie Says


    It’s almost a law of nature that anyone who has a pet narrates their daily lives in funny voices, probably to the never ending annoyance of said pet. I do it with my cat and, at least in part to keep from missing her too much, I decide to make …

  3. @aislingberri

    Tattoo That Describes You [Remixed]: Yo Mama


    This assignment states: “Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. If there is any thing supersticious about your tattoo, share it with us. You can hand design your own unique tattoo on a plane paper, or …

  4. @MeMcMe3

    Week 12 Summary


    This was an interesting week to say the least. I had to spend a good amount of time catching up from last week, because my computer had died and I was informed three days later that it needed to be replaced. Unless I wanted to spend $500 repairing a 5 …

  5. @MeMcMe3

    I Remix Some Things


    So I decided that with these, I was just gonna do the first thing that came up. Even if it was really dumb, or didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I felt that I would get the most interesting results out of doing it this way, instead of picking and choosing …

  6. @Tillysisland



    It seems that we’ve gotten to the point in the semester where we’ve covered most of what we’ll learn and are now being slowly let free to create whatever our hearts desire and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was hoping that we would be gifted another week to …

  7. @cooper_llindsay

    Weekly Summary 12


    I really enjoyed this week’s work. I loved being able to just have fun and do some mashups and remixes. I also wanted to make some to use for my final project so I would bend the assignment to fit my needs for that! It was really interesting to change …

  8. @katiereif6

    There’s a lot more story here now…


    The original:

    The final:

    This was another fairly simple change, but it adds a lot of depth to the original. The remix button told me to add another, incongruous character, so I did. While the last one gave edgy, I’m-14-and-this-is-deep vibes, this one seems like more of a story. Who …

  9. @MeMcMe3

    Photo Mash (4*)


    So, I don’t really pay attention to any actors or current movies. I kinda just prefer to watch older stuff, so I’m not super aware of that many current actors because I refuse to watch them.

    I decided to take Eddie Murphy, and some other guy whose name I forgot. …

  10. @nalujoprojects

    Vote Fonzie!


    Forget Uncle Sam, Fonzie wants YOU to vote in the next election cycle! This poster encouraging you to vote was styled after several 1950s voting posters I found online and incorporated Fonzie from Happy Days as a celebrity spokesperson. Many of the posters used black and white photographs with bright, …

  11. @nalujoprojects

    Party in Pink


    This poster may be an advertisement for a sauna party, but the photo used in the background is of a group of swimmers getting ready to jump into the frigid waters of Newport, Vermont this past February as part of the the annual . The photo was taken by Jessica …

  12. @aislingberri

    Photo Mash


    This four-star assignment states “Take 2 actors and mash them together into one photo. You can use Photoshop or Pixlr to do this. Make sure that they look like they belong in their setting and they look like they were actually together when the photo was taken (the colors match, …

  13. @aislingberri

    Holiday Mashup


    This four-star Mashup Assignment states “We all have favorite holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! For this assignment, use a photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop to mashup your top THREE favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. Use whatever elements you would like from each holiday, creating a character …

  14. @katiereif6

    Jurcatsic Park


    The prompt

    So I may have done this for the Daily Create originally, but I spent way too long on it and I realized it would make a good mashup assignment, so I made it one. Maybe it’s double-dipping, maybe it’s being efficient and proud of my work.

    The process …

  15. @ammmybrookeee

    Movie Mashup


    I’m embarrassed to say but the Divergent series is my comfort series, but I’ve heard many people compare it to The Hunger Games. So, this assignment was easy.

    I found photos with transparent backgrounds, and put them into Canva. I also tried adding a filter to the Katniss photo so …

  16. @ammmybrookeee

    Changing Character… Kind of


    So I attempted to include the URL from YouTube, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. But for this assignment, I didn’t necessarily choose a character that drastically changes. I did however choose a character from a show that has been on the air for a realllllly long time …

  17. @OliviaF98845588

    Another Day + Subtle Switcheroo


    This remix of a writing assignment has inspired this post.

    This morning, I backflipped out of my bed and got ready to start my day. I brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, killed my roommate, and wash my face. After getting dressed, I went into the kitchen to find …