1. @PamlanyeJordan

    Project Bibliography



    Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of          Colorblindness. New York: The New Press, 2010.

    AZ Lyrics. “N.W.A. – Dopeman Lyrics.” Accessed September 20,      2018. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/nwa/dopeman.html

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    Bush-Baskette, Stephanie R. “The War on …

  2. @8footbullshark

    Final Crisis Post #3


    Hello Everyone,

    I decided to combine both my third and fourth posts into one; I thought it would be easier and more effective to include the conclusion at the end of this post. For this post, I decided to focus more on the image telling aspect of our course, I …

  3. @8footbullshark

    Final Crisis Post #2


    For my second post, I made use of FMT software, free sound.org as well as other screen recording devices to develop this post. This post is centered around the audio aspect of our course but will be supported through web narration as well; just to give the audience some background …

  4. @Lachdown3

    The Day is Saved: The end of DS106


          The final week of this semester is finally upon us, and with it brings a multitude of digital works from the students of DS106: from The Beast and his crisis of losing his powers, to Weather Woman and her reports on Global Warming, the students of DS106 …

  5. @8footbullshark

    Final Crisis Post #1:


    Hello Everyone,

    For my final project, I will be focusing on my my superhero Brantford Titansworth, who I created out of inspiration earlier this semester who has been continually developing throughout the semester. Brantford will save Fredericksburg from disaster after the iconic bridge collapses after a massive earthquake shook the …

  6. @KaseyMayer

    Fighting Global Warming


    For my final assignment, I chose to focus on the real world villain of global warming. My character, Weather Woman, has made an appearance for several other eco-friendly assignments so I thought I would end with a myriad of global warming information and PSAs.


    First I completed a few …

  7. @courtkneelane

    Weekly Summary 14


    For the final project, I decided to focus my project on creating an event that introduces a new super villain. So, I used Pinterest to plan the event as my website element. I also used a design element, seen through my poster advertisement. Then, I posted 2 audio elements which …

  8. @courtkneelane

    Captain Cruelty Introduction


    My name is Courtney Owen and I am the creator of Safety Stan and his arch nemesis. In order to introduce Safety Stan’s nemesis to the world, I am hosting an event at the West Hollywood Conference Center at 7 PM on July 19, 2021 during DS106 Con. Here are …

  9. @TristenStevens3

    Final Summary


    It is finally hitting me. This is the last week of ds106. What a ride it has been.  I had no idea I was going to make it to the end but here I am.  It was extremely difficult but at the same time it was really fun. Its a …

  10. @TristenStevens3

    Final Crisis finale


    I had fun doing this.  Eric Dorman and I used audacity for the sounds, hero machine 3 to create the characters and Filmora to put the film together.  The story is about our super heroes Mellow Man and Tech and they have to go back in the past and save …

  11. @lshaikh26



    If you like to blog and love to work with different digital tools, then do not hesitate to take this class. But if you think it is an easy ‘A’ then you are not right. You will have to do a lot of work and learn so many new things …

  12. @TristenStevens3

    Advice for DS106


    To all of the upcoming students that want to take part in this super ds106 class, I have some advice for you. First, enjoy yourself and the assignments.  These assignments that you are tasked with are based off of your own ideas. You should always talk about stuff you love. …

  13. @lshaikh26

    Final Project!



    This is the final project that I have created. It have used video, audio, visual, and design media. So the goal was to tell the story using all the medias and you will definitely understand the story if you play the video above.

    I have used pixlr to edit …

  14. @Ms_AmandaP

    LAST Weekly Summary


    For this project, I chose to focus on The Beast losing his powers and how he moved on with his life. We don’t normally see superheroes as everyday people, so I thought this was a cool perspective to take. I had decided to use audio, design, and video to put …

  15. @Ms_AmandaP

    Saving The Beast, Part 2


    The Beast realized his powers were gone. He documented when he first realized his powers no longer existed and his feelings about becoming a “normal” kid in a journal entry titled Is this the end?


    Flash forward ten years and The Beast is now “just” a man campaigning against …

  16. @KaseyMayer

    So You’re Thinking of Taking DS106?


    The benefit of taking online classes is that you can generally work them around your schedule. This is especially true for a class like this one where everyone has the same standard due date each week. If you have a lot of free time in the beginning of one week …

  17. @ldeitrick

    Final Chapter….. Part 2 and Reflections



    This map plots out the first four attacks. Originally thought to be unrelated incidents, as the number continued to grow and eye witness accounts were collected, a much more sinister picture began to emerge as the world began to realize some one or something was targeting the world’s …

  18. @Hannah Woehrle

    Final Project


    For my final project, I created a Facebook page for my character Darla, and a LinkedIn for her Sidekick alter-ego Little Rascal.

    The Facebook includes basic information I filled in, pictures I took of my friends modeling as Darla and her sister Eloise, select pictures from the finsta I made …

  19. @Maggieo_13

    Recommendations for next year!


    For this class there are a few things to know.

    First thing to know is this class is a lot of work, but it id do able.

    Second this class is a lot of fun and you will push yourself to learn to use different online methods to create and …

  20. @Maggieo_13

    Final Project


    Lilah and I were able to create a multimedia final project. We first created the Youtube channel Wonder Women. Then I created a logo for it which was a design project. Next Lilah and I used our superheros from this course and created intros. In these videos we used music …

  21. @Eric Dorman

    Final Summary


    Another semester done, and not without its interesting classes. DS106 was fun but a handful. Anyway here is my advice for future newbies and my final crisis work. The final project is a reflection of what we were both good at. We both recorded on Audacity, he got the sound …

  22. @Eric Dorman

    For the newbies


    DS106 can be an easy class if you get on it immediately and plan ahead. It is a heavy workload and should not be taken alongside classes that are equally demanding (GISC 450 in my case). Browse the Internet for services that can help you get the job done. A …

  23. @edorman

    ds106 Final Crisis: Time Travel with Tech and Mellow Man


    The final result of our work concerning our story is a video using sounds recorded in Audacity, with the characters represented by their image made with Heromachine3. It is a multimedia approach to storytelling because its a video made using both design and sound storytelling. David Cherbosky is a friend …

  24. @girlycurlyfries

    The Final Week… 14


    Wow, we made it through a digitally mind blowing semester. I learned more about digital platforms and apps than ever before! I had enjoyable group projects as well and am so happy with the work we came up with.

    DISTRESS SIGNAL BACK: to create the updates on Ceto, Little Brain …