1. @girlycurlyfries

    the final crisis


    Our superhero and super villain identities have been used to fight not only crimes but for our grades. It’s been an adventure using them as a creative outlet of inspiration to fuel some of our assignments. Now that the semester is slowly coming to an end, there is a need …

  2. @melseykooring

    Assignment Bank 2 (Week Eleven):


    Recording a Memory

    For this assignment, I was instructed to capture on video a friend, family member, or stranger recounting a favorite memory. I decided to capture my boyfriend recounting his favorite memory of us. Below is the finished product and how I created it:

    This has been one of …

  3. @melseykooring

    Assignment Bank 1 (Week Eleven):


    Create Lyric Video

    For this assignment, I was instructed to create a lyric video. I decided to use this assignment bank task and link it back to Jester. See how I made this connection and my finished product below:

    So to begin, I had to figure out a way to …

  4. @courthardy2018

    What is Your Final Crisis?


    This week, we were tasked with coming up with ideas for our final mission, adventure or crisis for part of the final challenge of the semester. I really have no idea what direction I am going to take this so it will develop as I write this post. Here are …

  5. @melseykooring

    Final Crisis (Week Eleven):


    Final Crisis

    Final Crisis you say? Well since I heavily relate to my super-villain, Jester, I thought of a two interesting ideas for our final project. See below:

    If there are an even number of students in the course, it would be cool to assign partners (i.e. pair a student…
  6. @courthardy2018

    How to Draw the Morph Mobile


    To continue video week, I decided to complete the How To Video assignment, worth 4.5 stars. To complete it, I simply was to create a video showing how to do something or a life hack. Because we have a class theme, I decided to do a video showing you how …

  7. @ashedwardz

    Final Crisis


    For the final project, I think that we should have to create a sidekick to go along with our superhero. The two characters will have to fight a crime/solve a problem together, topic at everyone’s own discretion. We should be required to incorporate several of the different categories that have …

  8. @TristenStevens3

    Another Mission


    As Mellow Man wakes up at a leisurely time of 11:45 am, he hears what sounds like a scream. Mellow man takes his long board and flies down the freeway trying to avoid as much LA traffic as possible. While he is going down the road, he notices a lot …

  9. @TristenStevens3

    Week 10 Review


    Week 10 in ds106 was a video week. I learned a lot about movies that I did not even know or did not even think about looking for.  I always considered myself to be a movie buff but when i watched the videos and learned about the different components of …

  10. @TristenStevens3

    Life Hack


    IMG_6827.TRIM (1)

    This is a quick and easy life hack! Get yiur clothes folded in half the time and continue on with your day.  This is one I saw a long time ago but it stuck with me the whole time.  I still fold my clothes like this and it …

  11. @k8lynclements

    Suicide Squad Music Change


    Video Crack – 4.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to take clips from a movie and place music over it to change the scene feeling. I decided to use Suicide Squad again because I had already downloaded clips from my video essay. I watched the clips and thought about …

  12. @KaseyMayer

    A Mile in My Shoes


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/where-do-your-shoes-take-you/ 4

    For my last assignment this week I chose where my feet take me in a day which is worth 4 stars (12 total for the week).

    A few weeks ago I did a soundtrack of my day so I thought this would be a nice pairing. Unfortunately, visually …

  13. @KaseyMayer

    Life Hacks


    For my select one assignment I chose to do a life hacks video.

    For this assignment I chose three life hacks that I actually use in my own life. While I’m sure there are other videos out there of these hacks I did not look them up and instead stuck …

  14. @Lachdown3

    Week 10 Summary


        Below is all the work I’ve completed for week 10. Playing around with video editing software was entertaining for me, once I was able to get the hang of working with iMovie.

        Life Hacks – Cheese Fries
        Cloud Delta
        Spoiling Theevan

  15. @KaseyMayer

    Supergirl Commentary


    After reading on video analysis, I decided to take a look at show I wasn’t familiar with and watch the first episode so that I could look at it with a clean slate. I ended up choosing Supergirl because I’ve been looking to start the series anyways but had not …

  16. @Ms_AmandaP

    Summary: Week 10


    Holy moly! What a week! This week was super busy for ds106 assignments. But, one must carry on…and that we did.


    First up, the daily creates! I always forget about these until the last 48 hours. Luckily, only two were required this week!


    @ds106dc #tdc2115 I’m the worst …

  17. @Ms_AmandaP

    I’ll Have Eight Egg Whites


    For my life hack video I chose to show how you can quickly and easily separate an egg yolk from the egg white. I was inspired by my boyfriend’s recent request for egg whites and the grocery budget. Egg whites in a carton are much more expensive than whole eggs, …

  18. @Ms_AmandaP

    Your move, chief


    The first task this week was to do a video essay of a scene of my choice. One of my favorite movies is “Good Will Hunting,” so I decided to roll with this option. In the movie Robin Williams plays a psychologist who is trying to help a brilliant young …