1. @lshaikh26

    Week 10


    I started this week’s work by doing video assignments.  The first assignment that I chose to do is about “making a paper boat”. I used to make it when I was a kid so I enjoyed doing this assignment.

    Making a paper boat

    For the second assignment, I learnt alphabets …

  2. @lshaikh26

    Moving object using vine


    To complete my 10 stars, I decided to do another assignment from the video bank which is about ‘making an object move using vine’. In the beginning, when I read this title, I thought vine is a name of name of thing but later on, I came to know that …

  3. @Ms_AmandaP

    One of The Greats


    For the second video assignment I chose to do a “highlight reel” of one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams. I thought the toughest part of this assignment was selecting only a couple scenes. Robin Williams has done so much great work it was hard to condense it down to …

  4. @lshaikh26

    Making a paper boat


    To complete the assignment of Arts and Crafts tutorial, I decided to teach how to make a paper boat. I used to make it when I was a kid so I practiced it twice before recording it. I used the free music to add to the background. I also used …

  5. @lshaikh26

    Sign Language


    To do this assignment of signing words. I watched the videos of students who had already completed this assignment to get an idea of what I was supposed to do. I did not even know that there existed different alphabets for sign language. I also watched a youtube video in …

  6. @PamlanyeJordan

    Video Essay- The Flash


    This was a challenging assignment for me. I personally have never consciously broken down a movie or tv show into such small components before. At first it was really difficult for me to grasp some of these concepts. Then the more and moreI learned about them the easier they were …

  7. @Ms_AmandaP

    Taurean Christian Easter


    For five stars worth of credit I completed an assignment that required me to make a video of someone special to me. I chose my oldest son Taurean as the feature for this project. I went through some photos I had digital copies of and used Windows Movie Maker to …

  8. @lshaikh26

    Life Hacks


    I enjoyed doing the assignment of Life hacks although it took a long time to complete it. I did not have any idea of working with iMovie so it took some time to be familiar with it. To teach two life hacks, I took help from my mom. To do …

  9. @lshaikh26

    Video Essay


    I started this assignment of video analysis by first completing all the readings and watching all the videos assigned. Then I logged into Netflix and watched two episodes of ‘The Flash’. I have never watched this show so, I liked it from its two episodes. I liked one of the …

  10. @melseykooring

    Weekly Summary (Week Ten):


    This week proved to be very time consuming, but I discovered a new hobby I want to take up – movie making/editing! Although, I spent a lot of time making and editing all the videos I created this week. I found it to be a lot of fun and a …

  11. @Maggieo_13

    Week 10!


    This week we working on a lot of different video assignments. Also we read quite a bit about film and video analysis. I struggled with this week. My working with video was minimal just the occasional Imovie. So reading about it was very interesting. I was able to do 10 …

  12. @k8lynclements

    Week 10 – Videos


    This week was not what I had expected! I expected this to be one of the worst weeks because I do not like making videos but so far I feel like it was the best. It was great to learn about the cinematic effects that film makers use. I will …

  13. @girlycurlyfries

    video week 10


    If every week was video related I would not be bothered. This form of media is one that I really enjoy manipulating and gaining more skills about so I can apply them to other endeavors related to editing. When I first started editing, it was very intimidating and at my …

  14. @girlycurlyfries



    This is my last assignment for this week and I had a lot of fun making it! I’ve made a Gordon Ramsay creation previously for this class and I thought why not continue that since he’s a person I not only look up to but laugh with. There are a …

  15. @k8lynclements

    Suicide Squad Video Essay


    For my video essay assignment I chose to use a scene from Suicide Squad that really stood out to me. It stood out the most because of the use of cinematic effects that are presented in it. At first I was worried about this assignment because I know nothing about …

  16. @k8lynclements

    6 Second Butterfly


    Six Second Art – 4 stars

    For this assignment I had to make some art in 6 seconds. I thought it would be easy but quickly realized that I was wrong. I am not good at art and it is really hard to do something in 6 seconds. Time flies!! …

  17. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary #10


    It was a new week and I was ready to CRUSH it. After a couple weeks of sub-par work (and living), I was ready to get back in the saddle as they say and hit one out of the ballpark. (I’m sensing a cliche theme here….)

    How to Read a …

  18. @ldeitrick

    Day in the life and Poetry


    Day in the life

    This was by far the most enjoyable project this week since I got to document my life experiences. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Clip, which is an awesome video editing application for your phone. This made compiling my videos and adding a soundtrack really easy and convenient. …

  19. @ldeitrick

    Video Essay


    Of course this assignment made me nervous. Would I have enough time to learn the logistics of creating a voice-over video? Would I pick a scene that had enough depth and character to analyze? Would the final product be something I could be proud of or something that would just …

  20. @ldeitrick

    Life Hack (and video lessons)


    This was my first trial and error video editing. I found Filmora editing software to be a fantastic option for video creation. It works very similarly to Audacity, so the learning curve wasn’t as rough. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the trial version of the software would apply a …

  21. @OliviaBreler

    I’m a girl


    So for the I’m a girl assignment (2 stars) that didn’t have any instructions, I decided to post a video of me and some of my friends being stupid. Cause I’m a girl and that’s what we like to do.